Jaw dropper at the local Volvo dealer

Discussion in 'General' started by ALS, Jun 16, 2017.

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    Stopped in to pick up a couple parts for the 960 this afternoon. A head light switch, two parking light bulbs and check valve for the head light washers.

    So while I waiting at the customer parts counter for the employee to retrieve my parts I noticed a new XC90 SUV behind me so I decided to check it out. As I'm reading the window sticker laying out all the standard equipment and fuel mileage including "electric only" range I realize it is the new Hybrid version.

    I wondered why there wasn't a price on the window sticker? I turned around and asked the service writer sitting behind me why there wasn't a price on the vehicle? He says look at the top right hand corner of the window sticker in very fine print.

    Yep it was there and fine print was right, in maybe 6 point font was the MSRP.

    $105,675.00. I couldn't believe any dealer outside a wealthy area of the U.S. would have been dumb enough to buy one of these hybrid vehicles for their showroom floor.
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  2. xcel

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    Hi Al:

    Absolutely and totally ridiculous. :(

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  3. bestmapman

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    WoW that is a shocker.
  4. jcp123

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    Man I knew these were pricey but $105k?!

    The V90 will be my preferred Volvo anyway, though I fear pricing on the S and V both will be steep as well. Volvo's been slightly upmarket for a while, guess the Chinese money is setting them free to design the stuff they'd really like to have and it's priced accordingly.

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