Ford May 2017 Sales Up 2.2% with 241,126 Vehicles sold

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    [​IMG] F-Series, Explorer, and the Fusion Hybrid standout.

    [​IMG]Wayne Gerdes – CleanMPG – June 1, 2017

    2017 Ford Fusion Hybrid S trim (PHEV shown) – It retails for $26,170 to start incl. the $875 D&H charge and provides owners with a 43/41 mpgUS city/highway rating. Ford has $3,500 on the hood and a quick check across the country indicates the S trim can be picked up for around $21k + TTL.

    The 2017 Ford Fusion Energi SE PHEV-22 starts at $31,995 including the $875 D&H charge. With a $6,500 Ford incentive, the new MSRP is just $25,488. Subtracting the $4,077 Federal Tax Credit – if you qualify – and $1,500 in state incentives for California, Massachusetts and Rhode Island residents plus a grand or two off retail, take home minus tax, title and license is just over $20k. The only loss would be the trunk volume. That is a damn hot deal in my book!

    The Fusion Energi is is rated for 22 miles of all-electric range thanks to its 7.6 kWh Li-Ion pack – approximately 5 kWh usable, 97 MPGe combined EV/HEV rating, and 43/41 mpgUS city/highway as a straight hybrid. This is competitive with the Sonata PHEV-27 in the midsize segment.

    Ford May 2017 Sales Overview

    In May, Ford sold 241,126 vehicles, up 2.2 percent above the 235,997 sold in May of 2016. On a daily selling rate basis, April sales were off 1.9 percent.

    YTD sales of 1,073,123 vehicles was down 3.6 percent below the 1,112,939 sold through the same period of 2016.

    Retail sales of 158,282 was down 0.8 percent compared to May of 2016 while fleet sales of 82,844 vehicles was up 8.4 percent compared to May of 2016. 34 percent of your sales totals being fleet is way up there.

    Average transaction prices were increased $2,100 per vehicle. Ford did not state what the increase period was however.


    Ford stated that its SUV/Crossovers set new May and YTD records for both total and retail sales.

    In May, F-Series sales of 76,027 was up 12.8 percent over the 67,412 sold in May of 2016. On a Daily Selling Rate (DSR) basis, sales were up 12.8 percent. Ford stated that F-Series average transaction price was up $3,300 per pickup over May of 2016.

    Ford SUV/CUVs set May sales record with 74,910 vehicles sold, up 4.2 percent versus May of 2016.

    SUV sales were led by the Escape with 27,830 sold, down 9.8 percent below the 30,861 sold in May of 2016. YTD sales of 129,805 is up 2.7 percent over the 126,375 sold through the same period of 2016.

    Explorer sales of 22,715 was up 20.7 percent over the 18,813 sold in May of 2016. YTD sales of 97,157 are up 2.3 percent over the 94,981 sold through the same period of 2016.

    On the electrified vehicle front, Ford’s Fusion Hybrid continues to shine with sales of 5,671, up 230.5 percent over the 1,716 sold in May of 2016. YTD sales of 25,840 are up a stellar 188.9 percent over the 8,945 sold through the same period of 2016.

    The U.S. Automobile May 2017 vs. May 2016 Market Share results.


    To begin, Ford outselling GM in May and gaining 0.5 percent market share was the big news. Both Hyundai and FCA lost .6 percent market share.


    The Accord broke back into the Top 10 last month and this month moved to number 5. I have not looked up incentive addons but there appears to be a hard push to move Accords at Honda dealerships nationwide. Not a bad car to be pushing either.


    Segment Items of note

    Despite the large incentives, both the aging Focus and Cruze outsold the Elantra.

    Sonata sales are slumping. The Tucson at 10,600 units in May is closing in on making Sonata the number 3 seller in the flying H lineup. Something that has never occurred before.

    CUVs are still hot.

    In the pickup truck segment, for the second month in a row Ford’s F-Series has outsold the entire GM pickup truck lineup, RAM outsold the Silverado for the third month in a row and Nissan's Titan appears to be leveling off near the 5k mark with Ridgeline hovering around 3k/month.

    When it comes to Hybrids, the Prius lineup is beginning to feel competitor’s offerings with the Kia Niro and Hyundai Ioniq together taking 4,487 sales that may have went to the Prius or possibly the hot selling RAV4 Hybrid previously. Kia’s Niro achieved sales of 2,660 and its monthly sales volume for the first time since its intro has fallen below the prior months result. Prius c is way off the mark and if there was ever a time to see a second gen, now is that time.

    In the Electric segment, Toyota's Prius Prime for the second month outsold the Volt while the Bolt picked up quite a bit from last month’s sub 1k/mo sales result.

    U.S. May 2017 Sales vs. May 2016 Sales Ranks and Results for the top 18 Automobile Manufacturers
    In May, Ford moved ahead of GM as the number one U.S. Auto Manufacturer. This is a May anomaly but one we will be watching going forward. Mitsubishi moved ahead of Jaguar/Land Rover for the 15th spot.

    On a volume basis, May 2017 U.S. auto sales were up 4.1 percent. On a Daily Selling Rate (DSR) basis, May sales were up 0.05 percent.

    2017 YTD sales of 6.97 million vehicles is down 1.6 percent from the 7.08 million sold through the same period and same number of sales days in 2016.

    There were 25 selling days in May of 2017 vs. 24 in May of 2016 and 125 days in both 2017 and 2016 as described numerous times above.
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    [​IMG] Like its May sales performance in the U.S., Ford takes the sales lead in Canada as well.

    Ford of Canada experienced strong truck, SUV, CUV and car sales which saw it achieve its best May since 1989. May sales of 34,486 vehicles were up 17.3 percent over the 29,400 sold in May of 2016.

    YTD sales of 127,591 was up 5.3 percent over the 121,224 sold through the same period of 2016.

    Ford of Canada Sales Highlights

    F-Series achieved a record May for a second year in-a-row with sales up 12 per cent. SUV and CUV sales were up 22 percent. Ford Transit Van achieved its best month of sales in history with sales up 23 percent.

    Ford of Canada trucks sales totals reached 28,876 vehicles, up 19.5 percent over the 24,163 sold in May of 2016.
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    Ford continues its sales lead in the U.K.

    [​IMG] Ford continues its sales British leadership through May with the largest sales totals of total vehicles, cars, and commercial vehicle (CV).

    Highlights of the May sales figures issued today by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) include:
    • Ford Fiesta is the UK best-seller
    • Transit Custom and Transit first and second in CV sales
    • Transit CV range is second in UK total vehicle sales
    Ford has four models in the UK Top 20 – Fiesta (1st), Focus (4th), Transit Custom (9th) and Kuga (19th)

    Six Ford models lead their respective segments; Ford Fiesta, Fiesta Van, Transit Custom, Tourneo Custom, Transit and the Ford Ranger.

    The official figures released by the SMMT show that U.K. industry car sales in May were down 8.5 percent to 186,265 units, compared with May 2016. Ford car sales were 20,514, 4,858 registrations ahead of its nearest rival. YTD total UK car sales of 1,158,357 were down 0.6 percent compared with the same period in 2016. Ford car sales for the period of 141,221, were down 0.2 pe cent, 49,715 registrations ahead of its nearest rival.

    Ford is also the clear leader in retail car sales. In May, Ford’s retail car sales share was 10.8 percent, 2.7 percentage points ahead of its nearest rival, and YTD, Ford’s retail car sales share was 11.9 percent, a lead of 4.8 percentage points.

    The Ford Fiesta is the UK top seller and in May it recorded 7,617 sales, 2,168 sales and 1.2 percentage points of share ahead of its nearest rival. With total registrations of 50,779 YTD, the Ford Fiesta is the UK best seller by a significant margin. 19,017 sales and 1.8 percentage points of market share ahead of its nearest competitor.

    UK light commercial vehicle (LCV) sales in May were down 5.3 percent at 26,982 compared with May 2016. Ford LCV sales were up 2.3 percent at 9,433 registrations, up from 9,218 in the same month on 2016.

    For the year to date total UK LCV sales were down 5.0 percent at 147,577, compared with the same period in 2016. Total sales of Ford CVs for the year to date were up 1.6 percent at 59,779 compared with 2016.

    Demand for pick-up vehicles grew 26.2 percent and the Ford Ranger, with segment leadership, recorded sales of 1,169 and 29.9 percent market share, 445 registrations and 11.4 percent ahead of its nearest rival.

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    And China?

    [​IMG] Ford of China sold 87,733 vehicles in May, down 3.3 percent from the 90,628 vehicles sold in May of 2016.

    YTD Ford Chinese sales of 436,961 are down a rather steel 10.8 percent below the 90,628 (to be fixed) sold through the same period of 2016.

    Ford's best seller in China is the Escort with 19,288 sold in May, down 5.2 percent below the 20,351 sold in May of 2016. YTD sales of 87,733 vehicles is down 16.6 percent below the 105,186 sold through the same oeriod of 2016.
    • Monthly sales for Changan Ford Automobile (CAF) totaled more than 59,000 vehicles, down 12 percent compared to the same time last year
    • Jiangling Motor Corporation had its best-ever May, selling more than 22,000 vehicles, a 15 percent increase compared to May 2016
    • Lincoln, which also had its best-ever May, sold 4,112 vehicles in May, a 73 percent increase compared to May 2016. Year-to-date Lincoln vehicle sales in China have doubled

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