A new journey with my 2005 Prius

Discussion in 'General' started by Ophbalance, Jan 18, 2017.

  1. S Keith

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    Yep. Drop-in battery is the source of the $5000-6000 claims of battery replacement costs. Computer alone is about $1000. A drop-in battery assembly is over 2X the cost of the actual part of the battery that's just a battery.
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  2. Ophbalance

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    Yeesh. Well, I'm glad that's a thing I'm able to do. The dealer in Cary was actually wonderful to work with. To the point that I'd go back and buy a car from them, which is saying something for me. But man... I don't think the battery in my car was ever "normal". It was doing recals pretty frequently early into my ownership. Now? I can leave my house and not have it dip down to 1 bar in the quarter mile to the main road. Nor does it hit all bars in the next 4 miles to the next stop sign. I got it in 2009 with 32k on it which is about 8k a year. I truly believe that sitting for these gen 2 Prius is a death knell for the pack.
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  3. S Keith

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    Completely true. We picked up a 2008 in 2019 with 55K on it... failed pack. Many sitting Prii experienced battery death due to COVID.
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    Yeah…..all those Chevy Bolt EVs, even if they get new battery packs, have been sitting in the weather & will have many problems(electrical, weathering & mechanical), other than the battery pack.

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