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  1. Jurgis

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    Hi folks,

    I'd like to present my self.
    I've been introduced to this site by Felix Egolf, a Swiss flight pilot, who met Wayne in reality. Felix is a famous hypermiler in Europe.

    I'm living in the very north of Germany, close to the Scandinavian states, started driving more than 30 years ago.

    Since Spring 2016 I'm the owner of a Ford Fusion 1.6 TDCi.
    The European Ford Fusion is comparable to the Brazilian edition of the 10 years old Ford EcoSport and has nothing to do with the US-version of the Fusion. This car was built in 2007.

    Manufacturer: PSA (Peugeot/Citroen)
    Type: common rail diesel /w turbocharger
    Size: 95.1 cui / 1560 ccm
    Power: 89 hp / 66 kW (native), 108 hp / 80 kW (modified)
    Torque: 150 ft-lb / 204 Nm (native), 182 ft-lb / 248 Nm (modified)
    Transmission: 5 manual gears

    Two sets of wheels (Summer and Winter) with fuel economy E (could be better) on 15" aluminium rims

    Air Pressure:
    instead of 32 psi / 2.2 bar (Ford recommodation) I drive the car at 44 psi / 3.0 bar.

    Average fuel consumption: 52 mpg / 4.5 l/100km (due to Ford)


    My modifications to save fuel:
    - bluefin chip tuning (modified Power / Torque)
    - engine heater with electrical wall plug to prevent cold starts in winter
    - higher air pressure (44 psi)
    - avoiding to use the brakes
    - prefer highway at max 50 mph (80 km/h)
    - pulse and glide with engine off coasting

    best results I reach when I'm on my own so that I can use pulse and glide without irritating others:
    5th gear, 40 to 50 mph, 84 mpg (65 to 80 km/h, 2,8 l/100km)
    4th gear, 31 to 40 mph, 94 mpg (50 to 65 km/h, 2,5 l/100km)
    3rd gear, 22 to 31 mph, 102 mpg (35 to 50 km/h, 2,3 l/100km)

    I try to reach my destination in time. That's why I'm mostly pulsing up to 50 mph. Since I drive my car it has an average fuel consumption of 65 mpg (3,6 l/100km). In the future I try to improve as far as possible and payable.
    The summer wheels will reach their end of life in two years. Then I will get some better ones (economy A or B).

    I hope to get some more input in the future.

    Bye for now,
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  2. BillLin

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    Welcome, Jurgis! Nice car, and you seem to know and drive it well for top efficiency. I like the 2400 lb curb weight.

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  3. xcel

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    Hi Jurgis:

    Wow, great introduction!!!

    Felix is a great guy and I cannot wait to catch up with him again. :)

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  4. EdwinTheMagnificent

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    Welcome to , Jurgis. That's a great car you have. I have a question. Is that 65 MPG an annual average , meaning , does it include summer/fall/winter/spring ? I'm guessing you have some pretty cold winters. Very impressive number. Also , what do you use for gauges ?
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  5. Jurgis

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    Thanks guys :)

    I try to pack toys and luggage into my car if needed to keep the weight as low as possible. It's really a smart car.

    I never met Felix but he invited me to Swizzerland. Sure it will happen one day. There is so much to talk about.

    I bought this car in March, 2016. Until now there were a few days with frost only. So 65 MPG is the total average for 11,500 miles since I have it. I started my first experiments with pulse and glide two months later and from time to time I tried to improve it. So within this year I expect to reach 70 MPG or even more.
    Obviously we will get a few weeks that will be pretty cold.
    Since the end of December I have an engine preheater that heats the cooling water up to 140 °F within 45 minutes. That really saves fuel at the beginning of a trip.
    As gauge I bought the scangauge-eco right after I've got this car. In fact I can say that it was the best investigation and I can complain that it's responsable for that I started to save fuel ;)
    As I note every gallon that flows into my tank the scangauge is pretty good calibrated today and there's a difference of 2 MPG max.
    The real MPG values are better. When driving I need to stop the engine twice a mile switching it off for 2 seconds only. Within this time the car keeps on rolling but the milage is not counted then. Compared to my GPS the trip is 5% longer than the odometer got it. In fact the MPG is even 5% better than written here.

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  6. Gord

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    Hi Jurgis, I'm another European hypermiler (since 2008)!

    Sounds like you've honed your technique well already.

    Nice to see you posting on the daily grind thread :D
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