New 2017 Road King

Discussion in 'Street and Performance Bikes' started by psyshack, Dec 31, 2016.

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    rk123016.jpg Bought a new 2017 Road King today. Got it for $18.300 OTD, plus TT&L. It rides good, pulls like a train with almost 100 ft/lbs or tq off idle. Should get good mpg If I don't warm it up to much. Then somethings in my head says a blue NOZ bottle would look good on the rear fender,,,, No NO NO can't spray the new Harley. :)

    A side bar. That is the 09 HCHII setting there. The Harley dealer use to be my Honda dealer. I bought that HCHII in 09 setting in the same parking spot after it's test drive. Never would have dreamed I would be buying a Harley at the same location years later.

    I think the Harley Truck is just a tad upset that it didn't get to be a brute in the Harley parking lot.
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    Those Fuel Injected big harley's don't get great mpg. i have an 04, carburated superglide and i got a consistant 48mpg.
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