Week of December 26 to January 1 (Nat'l Avg price $2.287)

Discussion in 'The Daily Grind' started by Gord, Dec 27, 2016.

  1. Gord

    Gord Super Moderator Staff Member

    Welcome back to the grind :) and Happy New Year (for Sunday) - have a fantastic 2017 fellow grinders :D. Hope y'all had a great Christmas!

    The national average gas price has jumped 4.5¢ to $2.287 - it's now nearly 29¢ more expensive than this time last year.
    Diesel has gone up 2.1¢ at $2.466. It's now 19¢ more expensive than this time last year. Diesel is at a reducing 7.8% premium to regular.

    Still no commute for me this week, still on vacation :cool:. I haven't driven my car for 6 days, had a short run out in the Jazz/Fit to a nearby lake for a dog walk and a bike ride for youngest, 39°F:
    49.2 / 8.2
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  2. Die2self

    Die2self Saving more by using less!

    thanks for starting the thread Grod. I can't believe it is the last week of 2016.

    Last Thursday night:
    52.4 / 12.9 miles (40F ENE1)
    FCD = 49.1 (=)

    Christmas day here we had a new high record temp of 71F as apposed to the week before when it only got up to 12F, and we had a severe Thunderstorm warning issued at about 8 PM when a line of storms pushed through the area. Crazy.

    weekly results: 107.3 miles / 2.17 gals = 49.45 MPG

    this morning:
    52.2 / 13.1 miles (26F SE@1)
    FCD = 49.2 (+0.1)

    10.75 gals converted
    528.6 miles
    F_____|_____E (needle is just about to exit the bottom of the E line. Time to fill up for the last fill of the year on the way home)
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  3. EdwinTheMagnificent

    EdwinTheMagnificent Legend In His Mind

    I think we had a high of 54 deg here Monday. This morning when I came to work , 25 deg F , wind W11. 35.0 miles , 58.31 MPG. Tank is at 185.3 miles , 62.12 MPG.
    Most of our snow melted , and with a high in the mid-40's Wednesday , the rest might go away , too.
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  4. TheFordFamily

    TheFordFamily Well-Known Member

    Hope everyone had a nice holiday! I had numbers of up to 45.5 MPG on the way down. Decided to go around 75-80 miles per hour to get home after the long day dropping my tank average on fill-up to 34.8! Average for the month is 32.6.

    My landlord is insisting that the Speedway nearby is ethanol-free because they don't have any labels on it (even though not required!) so I'm experimenting with the gas for awhile to see if there's any difference.
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  5. I'd be willing to bet your fe will go down if it's anything like the stations around here.

    And it's rare to see any ethanol content number on a pump in Michigan - not required to post it so they don't. Unless it's E0, they put that on the pump.

    Every station I've checked (Mobil, citgo, shell) has shown 11% on my truck
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  6. EdwinTheMagnificent

    EdwinTheMagnificent Legend In His Mind

    Today , 24 deg F , wind SE6. 16.2 miles , 56.92 MPG. Tank is at 219.2 miles , 60.82 MPG. I work today and Thursday , off Friday but I WILL make my weekly pilgrimage to Two Bros Taphouse( 17 mile round trip).
  7. Gord

    Gord Super Moderator Staff Member

    No driving for me today only cycling, 37.6 miles and 30F at start, brrrr!

    Enjoy the Taphouse Edwin ;)

    No problem Josan :p
  8. Die2self

    Die2self Saving more by using less!

    Sorry Gord, I didn't look at the post before saving it. I looked after seeing your funny and sure enough there it was in the post :confused::oops:

    last night to GS
    53.5 / 11.2 miles (45F E@3)
    FCD = 49.3 (+0.1)

    11.412 gals may not have been completely full as I couldn't see to well with the over head lights
    539.8 miles
    47.3 MPG bah!

    74.3 / 1.6 miles
    FCD = 80.6

    this morning with no school drop off:
    55.1 / 13.1 miles (49F S@11, warmer temps and a tail wind helped out)
    FCD = 58.8

    0.24 gals
    14.6 miles
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  9. Die2self

    Die2self Saving more by using less!

    here is this years data from Fuelly
    Total Fuel-ups: 11
    Avg Miles/Fuel-Up: 604.0
    Avg Price/Gallons: $1.85 (Cheapest since tracking this car)
    Total Miles Tracked: 6,644
    Total Gallons Fueled: 122.40
    Avg Price/Fuel-up: $20.65
    Total Spent: $227.13
    Avg Price/Mile: $0.03
    Avg MPG: 54.3
  10. EdwinTheMagnificent

    EdwinTheMagnificent Legend In His Mind

    I know I make typo's sometimes. My tired old eyes don't function perfectly in the wee hours when I usually post. Today , 31 deg F , wind W14. That western wind helps a lot in the in the approx. 4 miles before and after the highway portion that are prime P&G areas. 35.0 miles , 59.89MPG. Tank is at 288.1 miles , 60.26 MPG. Let's see if I can keep this tank on the correct side of 60 MPG. Yesterday that same wind held me back to about 57 MPG on the trip home. Today , I will take the scenic route home , but still into the wind.
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  11. TheFordFamily

    TheFordFamily Well-Known Member

    Here is this year's data from Fuelly:

    Total Fuel-ups: 43
    Avg Miles / Fuel-up: 305.1
    Avg Price / Gallon: $1.91
    Total Miles Tracked: 13,121
    Avg Price / Fuel-up: $17.49
    Total Spent: $716.99
    Avg Price / Mile: $.056
    Avg MPG: 33.8

    My price per mile is looking to be around $.40 after everything ;) at least if everything holds up. She's being a bit noisy in the right front.
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  12. EdwinTheMagnificent

    EdwinTheMagnificent Legend In His Mind

    I probably should have started a log on Fuelly long ago. Silly me , I thought the mileage logs here were permanent. I don't have complete data anymore. I'm about 97% complete for the Prius, but missing a few tanks. I have no idea what my lifetime average is. I'm guessing 60 MPG for a full 12 month period.
  13. Die2self

    Die2self Saving more by using less!

    Edwin, never to late to start. Just put in what you have, its the best you can do.

    last night:
    57.4 /12.9 miles (52F NNW@7) still a little light when I got out the door so I had more NICE off at the start of the trip, which always helps.
    FCD = 58.8 (=)

    this morning with NO drop off:
    53.9 / 13.1 miles (32F W@7 cooler this morning)
    FCD = 56.9 (-1.9)

    0.71 gals converted
    40.5 miles
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  14. Gord

    Gord Super Moderator Staff Member

    No problem Jason, it just made me laugh! I've done the same myself many times and then corrected it later when I've spotted it!

    Bit of driving yesterday, 4UP to a garden centre, 37°F:
    40.4 / 12.2

    Then on to mother's house to see her new dog, 40°F:
    45.3 / 15.8

    38.0 / 4.4

    Tank up 0.1 at 41.1 (FCD 43.4) / 490.9 / Range 50 . Guess gauge F____|___«E . UG up 0.1 at 42.3 / DTE80

    LFL @ 486 miles (lowest ever!)

    I don't think I'm going to refuel this year even though Low Fuel Light has come on so here's my Fuelly Stats for 2016:

    Total Fuel-ups: 12
    Avg Miles/Fuel-Up: 584.6
    Avg Price/US Gallon: £4.04 / $4.99
    Total Miles Tracked: 7,016
    Total Gallons Fueled: 151.25
    Avg Price/Fuel-up: £50.93 / $62.85
    Total Spent: £611.13 / $754.15
    Avg Price/Mile: £0.087 / $.1075
    Avg MPG: 46.4

    2015 (partial) I managed 43.7 over 3424 miles
  15. Die2self

    Die2self Saving more by using less!

    last night:
    56.7 / 12.9 miles (44F WNW@8)
    FCD = 56.8 (-0.1)

    this morning with NO drop off:
    52.9 / 13.0 miles (27F S@9)
    FCD = 55.9 (-0.9)

    1.20 gals converted
    66.5 miles

    have a safe new years, and may your next year be a good one for all to enjoy.
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  16. EdwinTheMagnificent

    EdwinTheMagnificent Legend In His Mind

    We were en route to our NYE festivity on I-88 near Lisle IL when the car started to rumble and slow down. It took me about five seconds to determine that I had a blowout ! In the 47 years that I've had a driver's license , this was the first time that a tire went flat, at speed , in a car. It did happen once on a motorcycle , which is another (fun) story.
    So I am in the process of taking the flat off , but wrestling with the cheap-ass Toyota jack and having a tough time with it. Looking back , maybe the jack isn't so bad. But without light to work with , the jack may have gotten a bit cocked , which is a very unsafe condition. While I was doing this , a truck pulled up behind me and stopped. It turns out he was with the Illinois Tollway Authority and he offered to change the flat tire , for FREE. Since he had a much better jack , I was happy to let him do it so I could get back in the warm car with Kelly. It was about 25 deg F at the time. About 7 minutes later we were motoring again with the temp spare in place. But I noticed right away a lot more road noise and lower instant MPG. I'm probably guilty of not checking the pressure on the spare, but I don't think that's the issue. Anyway , I needed to drive about another 120 miles since that happened to get home Sat night and come to work Monday. I didn't drive Sunday. I'm pretty sure the original tire is destroyed , I didn't get a good look at it. Today I have the joy of finding a new tire after work. That 80-ish mile trip (with one stop) ended up only being about 59 MPG (fcd) even though I avoided highway as much as possible.
    Do you think it's normal to get more road noise and fuel consumption with a temp spare ?
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  17. RedylC94

    RedylC94 Well-Known Member

    What fun! Considering the temporary spare wasn't designed with low noise and rolling resistance as a high priorities, is a bias-ply, and may have been underinflated ...

    Somewhat similarly, in even more years with a license, I've experienced only one flat at speed in a car. I failed to realize what was wrong until much too late to save the tire.
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  18. EdwinTheMagnificent

    EdwinTheMagnificent Legend In His Mind

    Yeah , five seconds worth at around 58 MPH ( downhill ) probably destroyed my tire. I was afraid to look at it , lol. I will go out now and check all the tires for pressure.
  19. EdwinTheMagnificent

    EdwinTheMagnificent Legend In His Mind

    I still didn't look at the bad tire , but the temp spare is at 34 PSI. Yota says 60. Side wall says 60 max. Not good. But I'm only driving around 8 miles and not on the highway to get to the tire store. Maybe I'll find one that's closer. Discount Tire is not my first choice , but they do have a lot of stores. I've never been in this position before.
  20. Carcus

    Carcus Well-Known Member

    If you go for a used tire (craigslist, etc...) to match/run out your original set, .. make sure you check the date (indicated by sidewall DOT code), DT will not install anything past 6(?) years

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