06 Civic Hybrid PCV Valve Replacement

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    Our 06 Civic Hybrid is well over 200,000 kms, thought I'd treat it to new PCV Valve and air filter.

    I'd done an earlier, exploratory attempt, found I could "reach" the PCV Valve from below, with the engine splash shield front end lowered, more easily with loosening of the frontmost splash shield and removal of a bracket attached to u/s of intake manifold: could actually get a 17 mm closed-end crescent wrench on it. But not a ratchet and deep socket, the latter banging into the adjacent intake manifold, groan...

    The Shop Manual step one of the procedure is actually "remove intake manifold". And step one of that procedure is "drain coolant", double groan...

    Anyway, decided with some trepidation to invest $40 (Can) in this:


    And lucky lucky: it's the right tool for the job. Still not that easy, and you have to wing the 33 ft/lb torque, no chance of getting a regular torque wrench and socket in there.

    Now maybe with a crows foot attachment...

    Anyway, a sweet toy:

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