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Discussion in 'Fuel Economy' started by alster, Sep 20, 2016.

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    I believe that the EPA has changed their testing for 2017. I noticed the 2017 Malibu Hybrid drops to 43 mpg Hwy from 46 MPG.

    Here is another question, as we all know here in the U.S. 95 % of all gasoline be it regular or premium
    contains about 10% Ethanol.

    Now in the past the EPA conducted their test with 0% ethanol in gasoline fuels. Why, is beyond me, when 95+% of all drivers fill up with ethanolized gasolines that, at least in the past, 2016, they used gasoline with no ethanol, which we all know will give you 3-5 % (at least) more mpg's. Our 2010 Prius gets at least 5 mpg more with the 0% Ethanol which always cost more than 10% Ethanol blend when and if you can get it.

    Hard to believe that the EPA forced us to use Ethanol blended gasoline while the EPA test are conducted with pure unadulterated gasolines.

    Perhaps being a student back in the 1950-1960's attending public school I just can't figure this one out....
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    Hi Alster:

    There was some changes for hybrids in particular for the 2016 and 2017 MY.

    For example, from the 16 MY to 17 MY Malibu, the highway FE went from 46 to 43 mpg while the city went from 47 to 49 mpg. It took a whack on its highway results and someone screwed that one up. :(

    Another is the 16 MY to 17 MY Sonata Hybrid SE. It went from 40/44 city highway to 39/45 mpg city/highway.

    Regarding spec test fuel, the EPA and everyone else wanted to keep the tests std. and they incorporate offsets to make up for higher speeds, much wider weather conditions, non-ethanol laced fuel and A/C use.

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  3. alster

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    Thanks Wayne. That pretty much explains it.
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