238 Mile Range Chevrolet Bolt: $37,495

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    2022 Chevrolet Bolt Teaser


    At CES 2021, Chevrolet shared a preview of the steering wheel in the 2022 Bolt EUV equipped with Super Cruise, the industry’s first true hands-free driver assistance system for enabled roads. The Bolt EUV will be the first Chevrolet to offer Super Cruise.

    The Bolt EUV and the refreshed Bolt EV will be revealed next month and go into production this summer.
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    Hi All:

    GM is voluntarily expanding the current Chevrolet Bolt EV recall to cover the remaining 2019 and all 2020-2022 model year vehicles, including the Bolt EUV. In rare circumstances, the batteries supplied to GM for these vehicles may have two manufacturing defects – a torn anode tab and folded separator – present in the same battery cell, which increases the risk of fire. Out of an abundance of caution, GM will replace defective battery modules in Chevrolet Bolt EVs and EUVs with new modules, with an expected additional cost of approximately $1 billion.

    After further investigation into the manufacturing processes at LG and disassembling battery packs, GM discovered manufacturing defects in certain battery cells produced at LG manufacturing facilities beyond the Ochang, Korea, plant. GM and LG are working to rectify the cause of these defects. In the meantime, GM is pursuing commitments from LG for reimbursement of this field action.

    This new recall population includes:

    9,335 (6,989 in the U.S. and 1,212 in Canada) – 2019 model year Bolt EVs that were not included in the previous recall
    63,683 (52,403 in the U.S. and 9,019 in Canada) – 2020–2022 model year Chevrolet Bolt EVs and EUVs

    To provide customers peace of mind, batteries with these new modules will come with an 8-year/100,000-mile limited warranty (or 8-year/160,000 km limited warranty in Canada).

    GM is working aggressively with LG to increase production as soon as possible. GM will notify customers when replacement parts are ready.

    Until customers in the new recall population receive replacement modules, they should:
    1. Set their vehicle to a 90 percent state of charge limitation using Target Charge Level mode. Instructions on how to do this are available on chevy.com/boltevrecall. If customers are unable to successfully make these changes, or do not feel comfortable making these changes, GM is asking them to visit their dealer to have these adjustments completed.

    2. Charge their vehicle more frequently and avoid depleting their battery below approximately 70 miles (113 kilometers) of remaining range, where possible.

    3. Park their vehicles outside immediately after charging and should not leave their vehicles charging indoors overnight.
    Customers can visit Bolt Recall or contact the Chevrolet EV Concierge 1-833-EVCHEVY (available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m.–midnight ET; Saturday and Sunday from noon–9 p.m. ET) or contact their preferred Chevrolet EV dealer.

    Canadian customers can visit the Chevrolet Owner’s Centre or contact their preferred dealer.
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    I hope GM gets a handle on this. The Bolt was a great step forward.
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    I was interested in the Chevy Bolt, except it didn’t have the 4.5 inch X 5 bolts, with 67mm centerbore wheels, which are standard for lots of cars. Also wished Chevy had made their own cells or took far better supervision for the battery packs, like Tesla. It’s too bad, because it appears now, those defective cells could have been found out & replaced with good quality control, BEFORE the battery packs were constructed. Also, liked the Hyundai Ioniq(with 4.5 inchX5 bolt, 67mm centerbore wheels). But it wasn’t a from-the-ground-up EV & needed a bigger battery pack. The coming Ioniq 5 is too big, inefficient, & has some problems already. The Kia EV6’s just don’t make it, either.
    Yeah, hope the Tesla Model 3 gets 4680 cells in Standard Range, & will have the potential to go 400- to 500,000+miles. I’m hearing tho, that the Tesla, Model Y has double pane windows & the Model 3 doesn’t, which will be a big let-down.

    Plus, I’m still looking for the money to pay for the Model 3!
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    Chevrolet Bolt EV Battery Production Resumes

    LG battery cell and module production resumes with updated manufacturing processes

    GM outlines its comprehensive action plan to ensure that customers can safely and confidently drive, charge, and park the Chevy Bolt EV and EUV. The action plan includes both hardware and software remedies, some of which are in place with immediate effect.

    New Battery Production

    LG battery plants in Holland and Hazel Park, Michigan, have resumed production. In addition, LG is adding capacity to provide more cells to GM. As a result, replacement battery modules will begin shipping to dealers as soon as mid-October.

    The root cause of the rare circumstances that could cause a battery fire is two manufacturing defects known as a torn anode and a folded separator, both of which need to be present in the same battery cell.

    LG has implemented new manufacturing processes and has worked with GM to review and enhance its quality assurance programs to provide confidence in its batteries moving forward. LG will institute these new processes in other facilities that will provide cells to GM in the future.

    Prioritized Battery Replacement

    GM will continue to prioritize Chevy Bolt EV and EUV customers whose batteries were manufactured during specific build timeframes where GM believes battery defects appear to be clustered. The company has established a notification process that will inform affected customers when their replacement modules will be available.

    The new batteries will include an extended battery 8-year/100,000-mile limited warranty (or 8-year/160,000 km limited warranty in Canada).

    New Diagnostic Software

    Within approximately 60 days, GM will begin launching a new advanced diagnostic software package that will increase the available battery charging parameters over existing guidance.

    The diagnostic software will be designed to detect specific abnormalities that might indicate a damaged battery in Bolt EVs and EUVs by monitoring the battery performance; alerting customers of any anomalies; and prioritizing damaged battery modules for replacement. It is GM’s intent that further diagnostic software will allow customers to return to a 100 percent state of charge once all diagnostic processes are complete.

    This new software, which will be provided to all Bolt EV and EUV owners, requires dealer installation. Owners will be able to start to schedule installation at their Chevy EV dealer in approximately 60 days.

    Updated Guidance on Parking

    If customers are following GM’s instructions issued below, they can park in a location of their choice. In an abundance of caution, GM recommends customers leave ample space around their vehicle wherever they choose to park. GM is not aware of any fires that have occurred where customers followed this safety guidance, in parking decks or otherwise.

    GM’s Instructions Remain

    Set the vehicle to a 90 percent state of charge limitation using Target Charge Level mode. Instructions on how to do this are available on chevy.com/boltevrecall. If customers are unable to successfully make these changes or do not feel comfortable making these changes, GM is asking them to visit their dealer to have these adjustments completed.

    Charge the vehicle more frequently and avoid depleting battery below approximately 70 miles of remaining range, where possible.

    Continue to park vehicles outside immediately after charging and do not leave vehicles charging indoors overnight.
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    Chevy is talking a good line, trying to relieve its tragic PR crash after Chevy Bolt battery pack fires. We’ll see if their belated better battery builds (maybe?) will halt battery fires into the future.
    Monitoring & warning equipment for EACH battery pack CELL for temperature & performance anomalies, MUST BE INCLUDED to EVERY EV & battery pack owner & operator. Such equipment is available.
    Fires are the most painful & instantly destructive assaults to the human body. The best cause-preventitives must be included to owners & operators, dealing with such powerful & intimately close electrical operations.

    Thousands of owners & drivers have reported excellent performance from the Chevy Bolt & other brand EV’s. It must be mandatory that intimate detailed monitoring & warning for battery pack AND CELL equipment is INCLUDED for OWNERS & OPERATORS.
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    Hi All:

    GM and LG Reach Agreement on Bolt EV Recall Costs

    GM announced it has reached an agreement under which LG Electronics Inc. will reimburse GM for costs and expenses associated with the recall of Chevrolet Bolt EVs and EUVs due to manufacturing defects in battery modules supplied by LG.

    As a result of the agreement, GM will recognize an estimated recovery in its third-quarter earnings that will offset $1.9 billion of $2.0 billion in charges associated with the recalls.

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    Well……a new U-Tube report indicates that Fed rebates on EV’s may start up again for manufacturers that have passed their 200,000 EV limit & the US gov’t took another step toward that reality. In addition to the possible returning $7500 EV rebates, an extra $4000 rebate may occur for Union-Made EVs (I strongly support Unions). I hope the Bolt battery fire possibilities are being cured. What say you…..Wayne, Gord & everybody else?
    I never heard whether contributing factors to the Bolt (& Hyundai Kona) fires was possible, due to extra battery stress by leadfooted EV drivers, too much L3 fast charging AND strong re-generative braking. All 3 factors individually sometimes can add or extract energy from the packs at 200 to 300+ kWs! PR advertising likes to portray all this power as a good thing, But that kind of stressing additive or subtractive electrical power are detrimental to packs. To the battery pack, 200 kWs of power is the same as two hundred, 1000 Watt heaters given the ability to flow one way, then immediately, the other way. The Chevy Bolt power meter shows this power, shuttling back & forth. With heavier EVs & now 350 to 450 kW chargers, the worst case scenario becomes even ……worse.
    Anyhow, the cheapest Chevy Bolt has dropped to $32,000 (when the stop-transactions are lifted). That price is way under the Hyundai Kona price & the Tesla Model 3 has jumped to $42,000 (with higher prices coming in 2022). If & when the Fed gov’t rebates return, the Chevy Bolt will have a possible price advantage of $14,000 to $16,000 less than the cheapest Tesla Model 3. If it takes a year plus, to get 4680 batteries into the Tesla Model 3 SR, I could be driving an EV almost a year sooner. At my age, 1 year extra EV driving would be sssswwwweeeeeettttt! Also, a Washington state EV purchase should give me $1800 STATE TAX reduction. My county also as a cost reduction for installed EVSE panels (which I am trying to avoid). My purchase price for my 2016 Hyundai Elantra was under $13,000. Big, big savings on the Chevy Bolt. I’m going down to my local Chevy dealer & take a look at the Bolt. Maybe, there will be a color I actually like.
    PS…..I did see a color I liked! It was called Cherry Red. It was a rich deep red with reflective highlights & a trace of metal flake. Could have had more metal flake. Oh, oh, it cost $500 extra. However, Cherry Red doesn’t need any other “improvements”. It’s similar to an extra cost Tint-Coat Red, Chevy had from the Eco-Cruze.
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  9. EdwinTheMagnificent

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    Chevy Bolt. Hmmmm. From the company the Killed The Electric Car.

    I'd rather have the Hyundai Kona , but with the choice of different-capacity batteries.
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  10. BillLin

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    There were manufacturing defects that were identified as the root case of the fires.

    Note that I never was able to fast charge the 2018 Bolt EV at a higher power level than about 40 kW at a 50 kW charging station, though the "fast" charging occurred mostly at the middle part of the pack capacity so 40 kW isn't the design limit when the pack is empty. Also, the Bolt EV will not exceed the 150 kW ish power rating no matter how lead footed you are, and you're not likely to be doing that for very long before exceeding "lock him up and throw away the keys" speeds. Regenerative charging would be a significantly lower power number.

    There are plenty of new Bolt EVs priced under $30k before tax incentives. Great deals abound right now. Don't limit yourself to your local Chevy dealer. There are also reports of existing Bolt owners getting replacement packs.

    What's holding you back? ;)
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  11. litesong

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    Actually, I would love an Hyundai Ioniq 38kW-hr car, but was EV from the ground up with 65kW-hr battery. All my 114.3mm X 5bolt X 67mm centerbore wheels & tires would fit….yeah, lots of different looks & spare tires, too! The new Ioniq 5 is too big & inefficient.
    If the Union Shop $4000 rebate starts up tho, I think I’d have to go with the Chevy Bolt, even tho the Bolt tech is old……AND NOT Tesla with the new 4680 batteries(I drool for the 4680’s). Seems like a major problem with the Bolt may be the same problem Sandy Munro found in the Ford Mach-e…..too many bolts, nuts & fasteners…..all parts that will NOT stay screwed together for 500,000 miles.
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  12. litesong

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    I hate all fast chargers. I will not use any fast charger. My limit? The 2022 Chevy Bolt is said to have an 11+kW charger, up from the 7+kW charger. Is that true? There ya go. Let me charge from L2 charger from 30 to 45MPH…..max! I think the Tesla Model 3 SR has a 7+kW charger. The LR & Model Y have the 11+ KW chargers.
    Stronger EVs than the Bolt, can get into the 200+ kW battery pack power & drain ranges, both in acceleration AND RE-GENERATIVE BRAKING. AND I don’t like the Bolt to over-tax itself, either.

    Where’s all the Bolts for less than $30,000, before rebates?

    What’s holding me back? The re-pubic-lick-uns in Congress are nixing President Biden’s necessary Infra-structure legislations, which will help millions of Americans, roads, bridges & will upgrade support for clean EVs with better tax incentives.
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  13. litesong

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    Wow! The House just passed Biden’s Infra-structure Bill! If the included EV tax credits hold up in Arbitration, big money will be taken off the cost of EVs, if the EV manufacturers don’t start rapidly raising their EV prices. Tesla already has wildly raised their prices. It appears that Ford Mach-e, KIA, Hyundai have powered up their money-making machines too, such that even with tax credits, their prices will be more than I can swing. If GM & Chevrolet can get their Chevy Bolt back to sales & fire-worthiness, I might get a Bolt. & a big PLUS for the Bolt is, you can get it with an 11.5kW charger, not the 7+kW charger of many other EVs. My contention is the L3 DCFCs in the long run takes a lot of the longevity out of battery packs. & I have said I will only charge on L2. So the 11.5kW charger is mandatory for me. With my hope to do most all my charging on FREE chargers, there are some FREE charger sites with 11+kW output in my wide region. Anyone else know of EVs with 11kW chargers, besides the Bolt?
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  14. EdwinTheMagnificent

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    Same place as all the Leafs for $28,375 or other unicorns.
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  15. BillLin

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    Re: discounted EVs

    You just have to look in the apps or web sites that cover the entire US, and you have to be willing to do some checking for availability.

    I made the earlier statement after doing a simple search. Color and trim level were irrelevant to my search. I suggest leaving those factors out for the most possible matches.
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  16. litesong

    litesong litesong

    Yesterday, I went to some new car dealers, looking for EVs. Not much info, but I met some sales-people that I actually liked. So, I’ll develop those contacts with Theo at Nissan & Ali, at the Everett Chevrolet dealer. Also, met a fella I liked at another Chevrolet dealership. He WASN’T a salesman, but had hopes to be such. I’ll go back to & tell the dealership, I would work with that person for a possible sale. Also, saw Jeff at the Everett Hyundai dealer, WHO REMEMBERED ME from many years ago. Yeah, I always liked the sales-people from Hyundai.
    The big development is the passage of the Biden Infra-structure Bill. We’ll see if new car manufacturers will now raise their prices in anticipation of large increases of customers, attracted by the big gov’t rebates! I know I am one of those potential customers.
    Finally, the really big, big piece of information that dove-tails with my ideas of treating battery packs properly, is the possibility to get an on-board 11kW charger in the LOWER PRICED models of the Chevy Bolt! THAT is imperative to me to get the 11kW charger. Again, development of contacts with good sales-people, could be instrumental in tracking down a lower-priced Chevy Bolt with the 11kW charger. I’ve read 2 or 3 reports that such is possible. So we’ll see if I can make it reality for me.
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  17. litesong

    litesong litesong

    That is why you want to BUY the Chevy Bolt (after the battery problems get solved). Then, Chevrolet won’t be able to take the Bolt back if its leased. Plus, I’m going to drive the Bolt a lot. Whatever Chevrolet is able to do after I put 200,000 miles on it, I don’t care.
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  18. litesong

    litesong litesong

    Trying to determine what problems I’ll have after buying the cheaper 2022 Chevy Bolt, since the Tesla Model 3 powered its price out of my reach(actually, it was always out of my reach). Do you think the fire problems with the Bolt will be in the past? I’ve heard that the rear sway-bar is giving problems? Anyone hear of other significant problems? My Chevy dealer is two miles away from me, so there should be less problems getting work done……ha ha……just call it litesong’s follies!
    PS….Watching Prof. John Kelly of Weber State University dis-assemble the Chevy Bolt battery pack. First, my concern is keeping the pack balanced for 300,000 miles, Second, I just can’t believe 10 liters of coolant, all those coolant tubes, connectors & pumps won’t need careful maintenance & replacement, during decades of ownership & 300,000 miles. Some owners report the Bolt is good. Would take scientific priorities, equipment & careful technicians to perform such……”maintenance”. Even Prof. Kelly admitted to mistakes he made & lack of pieces of knowledge that would have made the dis-assembly better. Ordering any replacement parts would also delay the re-assembly…..by a bunch!

    I truly understand why Nissan relied on air cooling for their Leaf, despite world driver demands for faster & hotter charging that absolutely needs liquid cooling. I wonder if my resolutions to use only L2 charging at slow rates, drive slow & accelerate slowly would be enough to mitigate the “rapidgate” heating problems with Nissan Leaf? The big problem with depending on Nissan air cooling will be my need to ascend mountain passes……lots of them! Then, I really need liquid cooling. Kelly stated that Chevrolet had many years of experience with the Chevy VOLT, which had an ICE engine & lithium battery that was also liquid cooled. From an old Consumer Reports, engine cooling & electrical systems on the Volt were very good. Would engine cooling relate to battery cooling in the hybrid Volt? That VOLT experience was valuable to construct the Chevy Bolt, giving increases to longevity.
    Now that Biden just signed his Infra-structure legislation, I’m increasing my interest in getting the Bolt, when everything gets squared away. Big, really big savings are coming, if GM doesn’t power up the price of the Bolt, like Tesla did to their cars. Still may have to do some hard deals with new car dealers to get a Bolt I can pay for. No matter what, I’ll be paying far more for the Bolt, than I have ever paid for a car.
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  19. litesong

    litesong litesong

    Oh, oh! My wife just said if I buy an EV (Chevy Bolt?), I’m going to have to sell the Hyundai Accent. Gee….I just got the Accent the way I like it. The new clutch that works better than the OE clutch only has about 25,000 miles on it. Plus, 3 of the tires are very nice. I’ll have to put lots of miles on the Accent…..get more wear on the clutch & tires before we sell it…..& I don’t mean peeling out.
    PS……Even my plans to drive the Accent a lot before we sell it, gets bull-dogged. With the rain & now all the snow, the Accent is getting little driving. Someone’s going to get a nice Accent with good clutch & tires, that they won’t pay much money for.
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  20. litesong

    litesong litesong

    It does appear that sacrificing new constructions of 2022 Chevy Bolts (till at least the end of January 2022 or later), gives priority to those who bought recalled Bolts with defective batteries, so GM can replace their battery packs sooner. That is nice…… I think. But, GM may forego making any more 2022 Chevy Bolts. When GM does start building Chevy Bolts again, they will just name them 2023 Chevy Bolts & slap a much higher price on them, taking advantage of the big gov’t rebates starting in 2022.

    Yea….it is still in doubt if I will be able to afford a good 2022 Chevy Bolt!
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