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Discussion in 'General' started by Ec031299, Sep 9, 2016.

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    I am a California driver, and could t find any information about a lower speed limit. I know cops can pull you over for going too slow, but what is that speed? Could you be pulled over for coasting to a red at a slow speed? I guess this would depend if there was traffic at the time.
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    Hi Ec031299:

    Given the truck limit while towing is 55 mph across much of California, you do not have to really worry about it on the Interstate.

    You will not be pulled over for coasting to a Red Light.


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    I may be off base here, but from my understanding, there is no minimum speed limit in town (unless otherwise posted). However, if you are impeding the flow of traffic that can get you some trouble.

    Now on highways and interstates, you may see a Minimum speed limit posted under the Maximum Speed limit sign. This is the lowest that you should go on this type of highway, as the spread is usually 15 MPH from Max to Min which is a big difference when someone is coming up on you at 70 MPH and you are only going 55 MPH.

    Hope this helps guide you.
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    Hi Die2self:

    A 15 mph differential is the same as someone driving through a parking lot with people walking around. That differential is also the same as the truck to car split on the Calif. Interstates outside of the urban areas. When coming down some of the steeper mountains of California around Los Angeles, truck PSLs are dropped to just 35 mph with the car PSLs still at 65 and 70 mph.

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    I've seen a fair number of 45 and 40 mph minimums posted on Interstates.

    Around town, there can't be a minimum. People need to pull out of driveways and parking lots and slow down to turn into them. Especially if there is a red light ahead, do what you do and don't worry about it.
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