Is it safe to force EV mode and quickly accelerate out of EV ?

Discussion in 'Toyota Prius Family' started by Ronn82727, Aug 5, 2016.

  1. Ronn82727

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    Does anyone know if it's 100% safe to force EV mode ( by pressing the ev button) and repeatedly accelerate out of EV mode quickely?

    The reason I ask is because where I live people on the highway accelerate quickely. I try to stay in the eco EV range up to 15 mph, but when I do someone is up my rear end.
    However, when I force EV mode I can accelerate up to 25mph with the flow of traffic. Then I use the ICE to accelerate up to 60mph.

    My concern with forcing EV mode and repeatedly accelerating past 25 mph is it will be harder ( lessen the life ) on the battery or the transmission or the electric motors or the inverter.

    And yes I know the electricity has to come from the ICE, but when I force EV I can get 2-4 mpg more. Now if I was staying under 45mph would not force the EV and save the battery for crusing at 45mph. However at 60mph I hardly every use the battery. So, to me it seems more prudent to force EV past 25mph and then use the ICE up to 60mph.

    However I do not want to force EV if it shortens the life of anything.
  2. brick

    brick Answers to "that guy."

    Regularly maxing-out current from the battery will shorten its life, though how much I couldn't tell you. Forcing EV for acceleration like that wouldn't be my choice.
  3. Ronn82727

    Ronn82727 New Member

    Roger that. I like trying to max out mpg but not if it hurts the hybrid system.
  4. S Keith

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    Any effort to keep a hybrid in EV mode ALWAYS shortens the battery life.

    I have evaluated many packs. The cars with a selectable dedicated EV mode always have cooked batteries (all modules within the pack are uniformly and severely deteriorated). Gen2 Prius (no selectable EV mode) regularly have packs with the bulk of all modules (>75%) performing very well even after 200K miles.

    The worst I saw was a 2012 Camry with 124K miles. The owners tried to keep it in EV mode as much as possible. Not a single module of the 34 was worth saving.

    Max out your mpg by driving conservatively, not by putting greater strain on your battery. Remember... every inch of forward motion of a hybrid is ultimately provided for by gasoline (backwards inches too). The more you discharge a battery, the more you have to charge it, and the faster it wears out.

  5. EdwinTheMagnificent

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    That's why the car has an ICE. For when you need to accelerate hard. Use gasoline !
    I have never used EV mode. Sure, I have prevented the engine from firing up when traversing a long(slow) parking lot , but never EV mode. Power mode only once for 5 seconds.
    No thanks.
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