New USPS First-Class Stamps: 38 International, 48 Ford, 53 Chevrolet, and 65 Ford are Now Available

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    [​IMG] Anyone interested in an iconic Ford truck can now buy their very own for just pennies.

    [​IMG]Wayne Gerdes – CleanMPG – July 22, 2016

    The 1965 Ford F-100 Commemorative Stamp.

    Just two weeks ago I walked into a local USPS office and saw the new Commemorative Pickup Truck stamps highlighted on the board. I asked the desk employee if they were available and he said just over a week from now. That time has arrived.

    Remember our CleanMPG Previews the All-New 1948 Ford F1 Truck Lineup write-up from 1948? This story is another extension of the same. ;)

    Commemorative Stamps

    A commemorative stamp is a postage stamp issued to honor or commemorate a place, event, person, or object with the subject usually spelled out or depicted in print. These stamps are usually printed in limited quantities and sold for over a short period of time until supplies run out. And just like any other stamp, Commemorative stamps can be used right alongside any other.

    Fans of the Ford brand or simply pickup truck fans can now buy stamps to send their first-class mail with stamps featuring the Ford 1938 International Harvester D-2, 1948 F-1, 1953 Chevrolet, and the 1965 Ford F-100.


    The U.S. Postal Service is now selling four new stamps that celebrate the history of pickup trucks, the rugged and reliable work vehicles Americans have driven for nearly a century. Two of the stamps feature Ford trucks – the 1948 Ford F-1, the first-ever F-Series truck, and the 1965 Ford F-100, which debuted breakthrough twin I-beam ride comfort technology.

    1948 Ford F-1

    Two trims, Real and Stamp. ;)

    The USPS art director Antonio Alcalá designed the stamps with original artwork by Chris Lyons.
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    Why two Fords, no Dodge?

    Wheels should be black, as in the '48 photo, not body color!
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    Hi RedylC94:

    Artistic license I assume?

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  4. Early Platinum edition concept. White walls. Color matched wheels. Wood bed rails. Chrome bumper. Front plate delete
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