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    Hi All:

    It was just announced that Verizon will begin notifying users who have been flagged as using an “extraordinary” amount of data via mailer and through bill messages explaining to them the loss of their unlimited data and their options to stay with Verizon (VZW). Verizon is forcing these “extraordinary” data users out of their contracts with options to move to a Verizon Plan (a tiered plan) by August 31 or they will disable the line/account. If they don’t take that option by August 31 and their line is disconnected, they will have up to 50 days to re-activate, or switch over to "The Verizon Plan."


    No details were provided about the new plan specifics were announced.

    Other providers with Unlimited Data

    T-Mobile: $95 (26GB deprioritization)
    MetroPCS: $60 (26GB deprioritization)
    Sprint: $75 (23GB deprioritization)
    Cricket: $70 (8mbit LTE speed cap, unknown deprioritization)
    Boost: $60 (23GB deprioritization)
    AT&T: $100 (w/ DirecTV contract, 22GB deprioritization)

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    My Google Fi with two gb's is coming in $15 cheaper than what I was paying for the absolute cheapest Verizon plan on my LG Flip phone with no texting or data.
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    I pay only $45 for unlimited everything at T-Mobile ($50 without corp discount and 2nd account even %10 less). First 2GB is LTE I believe and then lower speeds. Enough for me since typically use WiFi anyway.

    One downside with T-Mobile is obviously coverage which is probably why Verizon is asking bit more. I do have a Cellspot tower and is working great so far.
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    I'm a grandfathered VZW unlimited customer but don't get near the usage that would trigger them to go after me. I've been using Google Voice as my number, which then forwards to my real phone number since the Grand Central days. Switching would be easy, just forward the GV number to my new phone and nobody will be any wiser. You'll still dial my GV number and it will go to the new phone.
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