Okmulgee to Phoenix and beyond

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    Ive started this thread in hopes of sharing the Phoenix trip.

    We will be pulling out of Okmulgee, Ok. at 5am 4/15/06. Hope to be pulling up to my mothers home late pm of the 15th or early am of the 16th. The wife and I are really excited about this road trip. It is our first road trip together ever. We have been married for many years and have never done anything like this. Im a seasoned road warrior. The wife has never been to the SW. I think this will be a very good shake down trip for the Civic.

    Goals of this vaction:

    Have one hell of a good time!
    Vist family and friends in Phoenix.
    Soak up some of the local culture and color.
    Go to Fry's and pick up more ram for my new lappy.
    Have a good time on the road.

    I hope to have some hypermiling success. I will be frank in the fact we do have to make good time. I will employ FAS, DWL and Draft as my tools of choice and work hard to stay 5mph under to speed limit. Im going to try and drive steady and conserve.

    We will have the lappy, digicam, tripod, SG and there support systems with us. So hopefully I will beable to doc. this trip mpg, photo's and maybe some short video clips.

  2. Chuck

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    Are you going to be going on I40 along the old Route 66?
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    I-40 from Henryetta, Ok. to Flagstaff, Az. We wont be doing any of the old road.

    We are lucky to have so much of old 66 still intact here in Ok. Oklahoma is very proud of there part of the old road.

    If one has the time to do a Route 66 journey, its well worth the time.

    If Im doing a shorter 2 to 4 hour drive I much prefer the older two lane hwy's. Hwy's, 33, 62, 64, 66, old 71 in Arkansas and old 59 in Arkansas and Oklahoma are two of my fav's. There is some wonderful driving found in Americas back roads. :)
  4. psyshack

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    Got off work today and finished prep. for the trip.

    Checked all the fluids, rotated tires, checked psi. Gave the car a nice bath. Put a coat of NXT on it. Cleaned the inside up. Dressed the tires and cleaned the glass. Its road trip ready. :)

    Got a pint of Segrams 7 and my Soma script refilled. The back is going to be hurting at the end of this drive. Picked up a inverter for the lappy and other last min. items. Put the Accord to sleep in the garage and gave the Ranger its once a month work out, then parked it.

    I filled the Civic up today. A full top off. Wayne would be proud. I would think near tears of joy. Man do I have a pump at my station good for top off. Heaven sent it is.

    350 miles, 7.9 gal, = drum roll > 44.3 mpg. SG had the tank at 46.7 mpg. The wind is killing me. We have had 3 months or better of daily 15 to 30 mph southern winds. I head south into that head wind every darn day for 30 miles!!! Its awful. I get a tail wind in the am two times a week if Im lucky. :(
    Oklahoma is in trouble. its as dry or worse than the dust bowl days in many parts of the state. Our lakes are droping really fast! It was 93f here today with a steady 20 mph wind with higher gust. We be drying out at a alarming rate.

    My cell number is 918-527-3212 if anybody wants real time stats.... LMAO
    AZxxxx if you would like to meet use the number. My mothers place is on E. Mcdowell. She lives in a retirement park. I think we will be doing a hamburger thing on Sunday. Your more than welcome to stop by.

    Have a good Easter!

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    Hi Psy:

    ___I hope you don’t mind a phone call later on today as it sounds like you are doing great! Keep up the excellent FE and don’t let your wife tell you to do anything like speed up or run the A/C when its 75 degrees F or below outside during the evening and night time hours!

    ___Oh, and one other thing … Enjoy your trip too ;)

    ___Good Luck

  6. Chuck

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    I've driven thru Arizona a couple of times - once on I10 - another on I40. I40 was more scenic and did not require as much A/C. :)
  7. psyshack

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    Hello all

    I have no mpg calc's yet. I can share with you mpg out was very bad. We had 20/30 mph head winds with 50 mph gust in Ok, Tx, and Nm. The worst I-40 trip Ive ever had.

    We have driven all over the valley. The place is ate up with ugly at biblical levels. Miles and miles of ultra ugly ranch style homes. Running red lights is a passion here. And watch those Mexicens! They dont know how to drive and they have death wish's when on foot. Ive lost count on how many times a mex. has ran out in front of my car and caused me to go into panic brakeing! Im done with that. The next on that runs out in front of my car is going to get hit!

    We went to Sedona and the Grand Canyon yesterday. Will go to Mexico today or tomorrow.

    My hat is off to AZxxx and others that drive out here. Hypermiling is a real chore. People here have no idea that turn signals are built into there cars and no respect for traffic lights. Speed limit signs are a suggested min. speed. Its nothing to see cars running twice the posted speed limit.

    Its been a intresting vaction to say the least. Im looking forward to getting back home. :)

  8. Chuck

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    Sorry to hear the trip did not go that well. On long trips, it's hard for me to hypermile the entire run, due to time constraints....
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    We are running down to Mexico today. Should be a fun trip.

    Yesterday we hung out here in the city. Went to Fry's to get some ram for my new laptop. This was the second time in a Fry's out here. Both times it was a bad deal. No help, bad product and stupid employee's. Thank god there is New Egg or Fry's Outpost. :) Had dinner at a Mexicon joint lastnight. Was the best food Ive ever eatin. Wonderful dinner.

    Ive noticed Prius is KING here. They are everywhere, in every trim level. Ive only seen one HCHI. Ive not seen any HCHII's at all. And only one 8th gen Civic. It was a LX sedan. It would look like Honda isnt doing well at all in the Valley of the sun.

    I drove by a Yota dealer the other day in Snots,,, I mean Scottsdale and they had Yaris on the lot. Havent seen one on the street yet.

    Ive also been told the Smart is here. Havent seen one of those insect looking cars yet. It would stand out like a sore thumb here.

    Need to get on the road.

  10. psyshack

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    We Are Home!!!!

    It was a great trip! We really needed it. Enjoyed ourselfs and had a great time. :)

    Our mpg sucked. Just plain old sucked. :mad: The winds going out on I-40 where the worst Ive ever seen and a road stay open. At that point I lost all intrest in hypermiling and foucused on survial. It was a real battle. Then to top it off when we got to Flagstaff and turned south, I had to stay on the gas to make the car go down hill. The drive from flag to phx is straight down. A fas dream. But nooo the winds from the south ruined that. :(

    Heres a short and nasty break down on the tanks.

    1st 476 miles - 13 gal. fillup, 36.6 mpg, Tucumcari, NM
    Wind just beat us to death. Head winds of 20/30 mph with gust to 50 mph.

    2nd 484 miles - 13 gal. fillup, 37.2 mpg, Flagstaff, AZ
    Wind just like 1st tank. Got better in AZ. The damage was done. I couldnt even get good FAS from Flagstaff to Phx. South winds saw to that. I'd lost all intrest in hypermiling at this point.

    3rd 423 miles - 11 gal. fillup, 38.4 mpg, Valle, AZ
    This tank had brought us into Phx. Ran us around town <<< which wasnt fun at all with the red light runners and the mexicons that leap out infront of cars like deer. This tank also took us up out of the valley and into Sedona and on to near the Grand Canyon.

    4th 488 miles - 12.1 gal, fillup, 40.3 mpg, Tubac, AZ
    This tank was fun! It took us along the south rim of the Grand Canyon. A site every person on earth should see. There was a controled burn going on when we where there and it kinda messed up the view. None the less it was still soul stirring to see. Drove this tank along the GC, then back to Phx. and then on to Mexico.

    5th 485 miles - 12.9 gal, 37.5 mpg, Gallup, NM
    With this tank we made our last climb out of Phx. for Flagstaff and headed back east twords Oklahoma.

    6th 523 miles - 12.2 gal, 42.8 mpg, Shamrock, TX
    We still have gas in the car from this fillup.

    Average mpg for the trip turned out to be a low 38.8 mpg thus far. :(
    I cant fault the car one darn bit. It was mother nature and my doing. I quite honestly put the car on the CC at the speed limit and let her go. I was sick of battleing winds on the highways and traffic and mexicens in Phx. The car managed EPA at any given speed and driving style. Im very pleased with its mpg given all the issues involved. The car was very comfy, easy to drive and never lacking for power or the will to go. Some of this was done with the AC on. That huge windsheild is a big no no in the desert southwest where the sun is king. The Navi threw up on its self afew times. It got confused at Flagstaff and wanted to send us back home on the trip in. Also when we went to Mex. and then when we left for home it didnt want to figure total miles or time. Had the routes right. But again it was confused. I had once thought all cars bought from this point on would have Navi. Ive now changed my mind. For the cost of the Honda Navi I could have installed a great sound system, with Navi and tinted the windows. Hondas Navi has proven to me its about $1300.00 bucks over priced. O well.... The scangauge had been right on. It went haywire on the trip. Showing about 3 mpg more than hand calc's. I have no idea what caused this. The car didnt seem to like being at higher altitudes as mpg seemed to suffer alot above 3k feet or so. No lack of power at 8k feet. Maybe if driven at higher altitudes more the computer would have adjusted for it and mpg would have been better.

    Anyway,,, It was still a fun trip. The Southwest is a wonderful part of the USA that all should see. The wifes eyes and neck are sore from all the looking. I think we both ate afew flys from our jaws droping at certin points.

    Here are afew pics.

    Didnt know we had a wind farm in Oklahoma.

    The Cross at Groom, TX.

    The Civic stradling two land mass's :)

    Sedona, AZ was wonderful.

    Oak Creek, Just outside of Sedona

    South Rim of the Grand Canyon
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    Very nice. Thanks for posting the link.

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