The Honda Accord - 40 Years of Greatness and Counting

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    [​IMG] Meet the 2017 Accord Hybrid $30,440 to start incl D&H while offering owners a 49/47 mpgUS city/highway.

    Wayne Gerdes – CleanMPG – June 30, 2016

    The Accord mashup with Steve and James. The outtakes at the end are priceless. ;)

    This is a straight up C&P as I am on the road and did not have time to add Accord Hybrid details. :( Maybe tomorrow when I get back home.

    In June 1976 Americans were gearing up to celebrate the Bicentennial and pick a new President, singing along to the number one song on the radio, Silly Love Songs and paying just 59 cents for a gallon of gas. Along came the Honda Accord, a fun and fuel-efficient three-door hatchback, beginning a four-decade long American success story.

    Over 40 years and nine generations, Accord has consistently set the benchmark for the U.S. auto industry, earning the trust of more American car buyers than any other car during that period – with sales of more than 12.7 million Accords, the vast majority produced in Honda's U.S. plants. Through continuous improvement and innovation, Accord has earned a reputation as a segment-defining product, delivering class-leading reliability and durability with outstanding fuel efficiency and low emissions – along with refined and responsive driving dynamics and top-class safety performance.

    The Accord built its success through the loyalty of the baby boom generation, its popularity continues with younger buyers as the top-selling midsize sedan and number two overall (to the Honda Civic) in sales to under-35 car customers for five of the past six years.

    Accord was the first Honda model and first vehicle from a Japanese automaker to be manufactured in America and has been in continuous production in America for nearly 34 years, since the start of Honda's U.S. automobile manufacturing at the company's Marysville, Ohio auto plant on November 1, 1982. Through the years, it also has been produced in the company's plants in East Liberty, Ohio; in Birmingham, Alabama; in Alliston, Ontario, Canada; and in El Salto, Jalisco, Mexico. In total, Honda has produced more than 10.7 million Accords in North America for both local and global markets.

    Accord was also the first U.S.-made automobile from a Japanese automaker exported overseas, beginning with the shipment of Ohio-made Accords to Taiwan in 1987, followed by the landmark export of the U.S.-made Accord Coupe to Japan in March 1988.

    From its humble roots as a hatchback with a smaller wheelbase than today's subcompact Honda Fit, to today's full lineup of engines and body styles – including the Accord Sedan and Coupe and just-launched 2017 Accord Hybrid – Accord has a legacy of leadership unique in the industry. Accord's ongoing success includes three consecutive years (2013-2015) as the top-selling car in America to individual car buyers.

    A core element of Accord's enduring success is the ability to adapt to the changing needs of customers, including younger buyers, which today means meeting demand for advanced connectivity technology. The 2016 Accord, which received a major refresh in the fall of 2015, is one of the first high-volume models in the automotive industry to provide support for both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, seamlessly integrating the core features and functions of customers' smartphones.

    In the area of safety, Accord also was among the first Honda models, along with the CR-V, Pilot, and Civic, to apply the Honda Sensing suite of advanced safety and driver-assistive technologies, which can help prevent or mitigate the severity of a collision and which also serve as both a technological and perceptual bridge to the highly automated vehicles of the future.

    The name Accord was derived from Honda's unremitting effort to achieve "accord" between people, society and the automobile through advanced technology. The introduction of the first Accord in June 1976 was significant for both American Honda and the automobile industry as a whole. For Honda, then known mainly for its motorcycles and its economical Civic, Accord was the first step toward becoming a full-line automaker and a major presence in the U.S. automobile market. For the industry, the Accord defined a new kind of car - a practical automobile that combined economy and value with sporty style and spirited performance.
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    I am curious to see a comparison of the dimensions and weight of the 1976 and 2016 Accord models.
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    I might be wrong , but I think they were building the Gold Wing here since 1980. The Gold Wing is a vehicle , right ?

    Still , 34 years of American-built Accords is a long time.

    I remember the first Accord hatchbacks as being VERY tiny. But they still had the Caprice and Grand Vic on the roads then.
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    I remember during the 1979 gas crunch the local Honda dealers were slapping on $1,000-$1,500 surcharges on their cars.
    Yep ticked off a whole lot of people back then. Lucky for Honda that most people have short memories.
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    Would that be the Crown Victoria/Grand Marquis? (Crown Marq?)
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    Great car. Really enjoyed the '16 on the NW Challenge.

    Just wish the back seats would fold down.
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  7. EdwinTheMagnificent

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    yes. My bad. My selective memory deletes unpleasant memories.
  8. EdwinTheMagnificent

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    I remember in 1985 Honda dealers doing the same thing , no gas crunch that time. But the Accord SE-I ( I think that's what it was called ) was the first fuel-injected Honda sold here , I believe, and it was red-hot. People weren't thrilled with dealer tactics , but bought lots of them anyway.
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    Tiny? No that was the Honda 600. The Civic CVCC was small, but I am 6'-4" and I fit just fine. The Accord was the largest Honda at the time.
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    I had a full-size Dodge pickup at the time (I'm embarrassed to admit) . so the Accord did seem tiny. The next vehicle after the truck was a 1981 Mazda GLC. NOT embarrassed about that one.
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    The original Accord was significantly larger than a Civic of its time, and slightly larger in most respects than the GLC. Also generally more refined---but had less durable fenders and engine. Yes, dealers gouged a lot on the early Accords, even in between gas shortages; they were much in demand.
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