2016 Range Rover Sport HSE with the 3.0L Td6

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    An iconic SUV from Land Rover that can take on any terrain the world has to offer has become civilized in this iteration. Although I will not be taking it off-road, tackling the monster called 405 and 5 in Southern California is about as bad as it gets.

    Why would I want to be in a 2016 Range Rover Sport HSE with the 254 hp and 443 lb-ft of torque 3.0L V6 Turbo Diesel with Auto Start/Stop mated to a smooth shifting 8-speed?


    This pic could be one reason. ;)

    This week's beauty arrived loaded for Bear! As in ... Well, just look at the Monroney for more.


    $71,450 to start with 18-way power front heated and cooled seats, Adaptive Xenon headlamps, auto high beams, auto dimming side views ($2,620), all the latest driver assistance safety gear incl. Perpendicular and parallel park assist ($2,900), Terrain HW ($1,750), Tow pkg. ($900), 825 W Meridian Audio ($1,850), Power Panoramic roof ($500), Adaptive RCC ($1,295), black roof, 20" wheels, heated windscreen and wood trim ($650) + $995 D&H for a total of $84,910.


    She Is topped off, displays and Garmin are reset, and we are ready to roll...


    A great week is about to be had by all.

    2016 Range Rover Sport HSE

    Extremely efficient 3.0L Turbo Diesel mated to an 8-speed AT makes this monster more than noteworthy.​

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    Before the 2016 #RangeRover #Sport HSE with the 3 0L #Turbo #Diesel calibration drive was complete...

    The snake called the 405 and her sister the 5 had their damn fangs out today.


    95.3 miles between a Shell in Torrance along the 405 and my std. calibration fill Shell in Del Mar on the San Diego border saw 33 miles of F'n stop and crawl. And this is not even Rush Hour!!! Oh the poor bastards driving this witch during rush hour are going to be so screwed this afternoon. :(

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    Why a #RangeRover #Sport HSE with the 3.0L #Turbo #Diesel again?


    Oh boy this is only one of the reasons...

    Wait until you see what comes next. ;)

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    Third times a charm. ;)

    Range Rover Sport HSE with the 3.0L Turbo Diesel


    Why again?

    Let's just say the Germans have nothing on the Brits when it comes to designing a proper turbo diesel drivetrain.




    48.3 mpg over 93.1 miles indicated. 95.3 actual miles with 33 of them driving in totally whacked out stop and crawl nightmare traffic as shown above. 95.3 actual miles on 2.116 gallons for a 45.03 mpg actual result.


    Not bad for a world class off-road monster with 20" #Goodyear F1 Sport SUV tires. Kind of like driving off-road vs proper low rolling resistance all-season 17 of 18" #Assurance #FuelMax radials on smooth concrete. ;)

    If this powerful 3.0L Td is this good in a monster 4WD SUV, the 2.0L #Ingenium Td in the XE sedan is going to be over the top!

    Now time to go back out and fight this Calif. Rush hour traffic. :)

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    2016 Range Rover Sport HSE with the Td6


    A very enticing vehicle along the majesty of the #Pacific at #sunset.

    The puddle lamps are pretty cool too.


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    Hi All:

    Why a #RangeRover #Sport HSE with the 3.0L #Turbo #Diesel again?

    First and foremost, this vehicle was designed with the luxury buyer in mind. Meaning no compromise in the design details.


    This picture is looking up at the A-pillar/headliner/door edge junction. The #woven #cloth textured and tightly wrapped A-pillar, soft backed cloth textured headliner, and what is truly a class above full #suede strip of #material between the pillar/headliner and window frame.

    Most vehicles use an off-colored interior or black soft pliable rubber insert to cover this edge of the door frame or in the worst case, a body colored metal door frame exposed with the headliner fabric - some even use a heaven forbid mouse fur like headliner material - rolled around the edge of the flexible headliner backing material. Not Range Rover.

    Sweating the details and it shows.

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  7. xcel

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    Hi All:

    Last day with the 2016 Range Rover Sport w/ the Td6.

    Why Diesel again? Prius like efficiency from a world conquering 4WD SUV.

    The 22/28 mpg rated 4WD 2016 Range Rover Sport with the 254 hp and 440 lb-ft if torque 3.0L Td6 spells it out.

    Only 5 miles of the heavy stuff on the 405 just outside of LAX, between the John Wayne and Irvine and a nasty 2 miler through Oceanside.

    Turbo diesel power and efficiency.

    #Efficient #long #distance #traveler #CleanMPG

    FB_IMG_1466733883161.jpg FB_IMG_1466733889870.jpg
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    Nice to see that a good diesel (and not just the cheating ones) can still blast through the EPA ratings.
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