VW May 2016 Sales Down 17.2% with 28,779 Vehicles Sold

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    [​IMG] Tiguan achieves its best result in history.

    [​IMG]Wayne Gerdes – CleanMPG – June 1, 2016

    2016 Tiguan S in FWD spec – 21/26 mpgUS city/highway rated with the 2.0L TSI retails for $25,755 incl. the $865 D&H charge to start. TrueCar shows it can be purchased for just over $20k on the East coast and $21k on the West.

    Combining a 200 hp and 207 lb-ft of torque direct injected and turbocharged 2.0L I4 with a 6-speed AT, the Tiguan is a solid package with premium appointments.

    Tiguan - New for 2016

    The base Tiguan is almost $1,400 less than the 2015 model with new standard features including V-Tex leatherette seating surfaces, heated seats and Keyless access with push-button start.

    The addition of a new infotainment system for 2016 provides new connectivity. VW is one of the first in the industry to support all three available connected car systems: Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and MirrorLink. The new MIB II system offers USB and VW-Car Net App-Connect, allowing owners with these systems to access select apps from their smartphones directly through the vehicle’s head unit. VW Car-Net’s connected vehicle services umbrella also includes connected car services, advanced telematics, and enhanced navigation available by subscription.

    2016 VW Tiguan Interior


    The Tiguan R-Line has a lower price point between the S and SE trims. The trim order is now S, R-Line, SE, and SEL, all with more standard content across the model range.

    The entry-level S trim line adds MIB II infotainment systems with 5” touchscreen and USB, Keyless access with push-button start, V-Tex leatherette seating surfaces, heated front seats, power driver’s seat recline, heated washer nozzles and automatic headlights with rain-sensing wipers and auto-dimming mirror.

    R-Line and higher trims receive MIB II infotainment with a 6.3” touchscreen, USB and VW Car-Net App-Connect.

    A panoramic sunroof is now standard on the SE, along with 18” alloys; Bi-Xenon headlights with LED DRLs and the Adaptive Front-lighting System (AFS); LED rear license plate lights; foglights with cornering function; full power driver’s seat, power passenger seat recline; and chrome interior switches, exterior door trim, window surround, and roof rails.

    The SEL model is equipped with 19” alloys, sport suspension; leather seating surfaces with dual full power; memory driver’s seat; power folding door mirrors; Bi-Xenon headlights with LED DRLSs and the Adaptive Front-lighting System; LED rear license plate lights and automatic headlights with rain-sensing wipers and auto-dimming mirror.

    VW May 2016 Sales Overview

    With two fewer selling days (24 vs 26 in May of 2015), VW achieved sales of 28,779, down 17.2 percent below the 34,758 vehicles sold in May of 2015. On a daily selling rate (DSR) basis, May sales were down 10.3 percent.

    Year to date sales of 125,205 are down 13.1 percent below the 144,006 sold through the same period of 2015. On a DSR basis, YTD sales were off 12.4 percent.

    VW May 2016 Sales Highlights


    Tiguan SUV sales were notably strong as the model achieved its best May sales on record with 4,394 sold, up 42.7 percent over the 3,079 sold in May of 2015. On a DSR basis, sales were up 54.6 percent. YTD sales of 17,490 were up 58.0 percent over the 11,073 sold during the same period of 2015. On a DSR basis, YTD sales were up 59.2 percent.


    Market Share Detail

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    In May, Hyundai and Nissan each picked up 0.5 percent market share while GM took a hit losing 1.6 percent vs. April of 2016.

    On a volume basis, May sales of 1.53 million vehicles was down 6.1 percent below May of 2015s 1.63 million vehicles sold result. On a DSR basis however (24 vs. 26 days), May sales were up 1.7 percent.

    2016 YTD sales of 7.08 million is up 0.7 percent ahead of the 7.03 million vehicles sold through the same period of 2015. On a DSR basis (126 vs. 127 days), U.S. 2016 sales were up 1.5 percent.

    U.S. May 2016 Sales vs. May 2015 Sales Ranks and Results for the top 14 Automobile Manufacturers

    GM May 2016 Sales Down 18.0% with 240,450 Vehicles Sold
    Ford May 2016 Sales Down 5.9% with 235,997 Vehicles Sold
    Toyota May 2016 Sales Down 9.6% with 219,339 Vehicles Sold
    FCA May 2016 Sales Up 1.1% with 204,452 Vehicles Sold
    Honda May 2016 Sales Down 4.8% with 147,108 Vehicles Sold
    Nissan May 2016 Sales Down 1.0% with 133,496 Vehicles Sold
    Hyundai May 2016 Sales Up 11.6% with 71,006 Vehicles Sold
    Kia May 2016 Sales Up 0.8% with 62,926 Vehicles Sold
    Subaru May 20165 Sales Up 1.1% with 50,083 Vehicles Sold
    BMW May 2016 Sales Down 8.8% with 33,612 Vehicles Sold
    Mercedes-Benz May 2016 Sales Down 1.9% with 32,567 Vehicles Sold
    VW May 2016 Sales Down 17.2% with 28,779 Vehicles Sold
    Mazda May 2016 Sales Down 4.3% with 28,328 Vehicles Sold
    Audi May 2016 Sales Up 1.6% with 18,728 Vehicles Sold

    In May, BMW moved back ahead of Mercedes-Benz. Ford was just 4,453 units off of overtaking GM as the number one OEM in the U.S. sales tally and Mazda was just 451 vehicles from taking over VWs 12th position.

    The seasonally adjusted annual selling rate (SAAR) for light vehicles in May was approximately 17.0 million vehicles. Calendar-year-to-date, the light vehicle SAAR was 17.2 million vehicles.
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    The Tiguan needs an switch to the MQB platform and the 1.8T (Reg Unleaded) ASAP. The 2.0T is good but drinks premium fuel which is 15% more expensive here in Canada. I had a 2011 Tiguan and liked it, but the new Golfs on the MQB platform feel a decade newer. The 1.8T would be totally sufficient especially in FWD configurations.
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    Hi Josh:

    Totally agree about the 1.8L and the MQB platform for the Tiguan. The elephant in the room however is the TDIs. The upcoming all-new Tiguan with the latest 2.0L TDI like Europe has would be a rip roaring success here imho.

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    VW Group Delivers 4.2 million Vehicles Worldwide Through May

    Despite the TDI emissions setbacks in Europe and in particular, the TDI stop sales in the US and Canada, the iconic German Marque is on track to be the number one automobile maker in the world through 2016.

    VW Golf GTE Sport Concept


    VWs global May sales of 871,500 vehicles was up 1.6 percent over the 858,000 sold during May of 2015. Year to date sales of 4,233,500 is up 0.8 percent over the 4,198,900 sold through the same period of 2015.

    VW continues to experience considerable variations in growth and decline between regions with both Europe and Asia-Pacific being the growth areas.

    In May, the Group delivered 369,500 vehicles in Europe, up 4.6 percent over the 353,400 sold in May of 2015. Year to date sales of 1,796,500 is up 3.7 percent over the 1,732,500 sold through the same period of 2015.

    Even in Russia, VW sold 13,200 vehicles, up 7.5 percent over the 12,300 sold in May of 2015.

    VW in North America is relying on the non VW brands for its overall sales result. The Group achieved sales of 83,400 vehicles, down 3.7 percent below the 86,600 sold in June of 2015 .Year to date sales of 367,200 is down just 1.0 percent vs. the 370,900 sold through the same period of 2015.

    In South America, 38,100 vehicles were sold in May, down 20.4 percent below the 47,900 sold in May of 2015.

    Brazil accounts for just over 60 percent of VW sales on the Continent and with sales there down 31.1 percent in May, you can see where the large falloff is occurring. Year to date sales of 187,700 is down an even steeper 24.4 percent vs. the 248,300 sold through the same period of 2015.

    The Asia-Pacific region continues to be VW Groups growth story. In May, the Group delivered 341,600 vehicles, up 4.1 percent over the 328,100 sold in May of 2015. Year to date sales of 1,708,400 vehicles was up 3.3 percent over the 1,653,600 sold though the same period of 2015.

    China which accounts for over 90 percent of all VW Brand sales experienced May sales of 311,600 vehicles, up 4.9 percent over the 297,000 sold in May of 2015. Chinese year to date sales of 1,562,400 is up 4.8 percent over the 1,490,400 sold through the same period of 2015.

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