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    I really want to thank your community for its forum and the driving techniques i discovered about a month ago.

    Since, my MPG has done some impressive progress. I'm not sure i will become a "true" hypermiller because 50/55 mph on the higway is too slow for me as i use highways for long trips. (i dont want to go too slow)

    My car is a 2003 "peugeot 307" using diesel. It's a manual transmission.
    It's a 4,3/5,2/6,9 l/100km , 54/45/34 MPG car road/mixed/city (european NDEC cycle, your EPA is more severe)

    I used to practice what we call "eco driving" and my average was 6.06L/100km - 38.8 MPG. (all type off roads)

    My first tanks with "hypermiling" :
    - 4 L/100km - 58MPG on country road
    - 4,9 L / 100km - 48MPG in city

    I've inflated my tires at 2,7bar / 39psi for years (36psi is recommended on my car, i discovered the max on my tires is 51). Maybe i should inflate more ?

    My favorite technique in city :
    - pulse
    - glide engine on
    - drive whthout break
    - a few engine off coasting if i anticipate a long red light (or downhill)
    - a lot anticipation and red light timing

    So my question :
    What would be your advice to improve my MPG in city ?
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    Good work, Jean-Pierre. I'll let the experts assist you with city driving techniques. I myself have to learn how to drive more efficiently in the city in a car with a standard internal combustion engine. The Prius and C-MAX (hybrids) made it too easy. The Crosstrek is a challenge for me.

    Good luck and continue the great progress!

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