May 22, 2016 - Pacific Ocean Sunset off the Southern California Coast

Discussion in 'Weather' started by xcel, May 23, 2016.

  1. xcel

    xcel PZEV, there's nothing like it :) Staff Member

    Hi All:

    Anatomy of a ‪#‎beautiful‬ ‪#‎sunset‬ over the vast expanse of the ‪#‎Pacific‬ this evening...

    ‪#‎California #Dreamin‬.


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  2. jcp123

    jcp123 Caliente!

    I miss catching views like this from Santa Cruz and Point Reyes...eternally grateful I was able to grow up out there. Absolutely stunning, and I fully appreciate how much better this vista must have been through your own eyes.
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  3. BillLin

    BillLin PV solar, geothermal HVAC, hybrids and electrics

    I especially like the lone UFO (er... cloud) hovering in the right third, much closer than the horizon hopefully. :)
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