Hyundai April 2016 Sales Down 8.5% with 62,213 Vehicles Sold

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    [​IMG] Tough month for the Elantra and Sonata while Tucson metal is moving briskly.

    [​IMG]Wayne Gerdes – CleanMPG – May 3, 2016

    2016 Hyundai Tucson Eco - $25,045 to start incl. the $895 D&H charge offers owners a 26/33 mpgUS city/highway rating.

    Let me see… A Top Safety Pick+ rating by the IIHS, perfect 5-star crash test rating from the NHTSA, one of the best efficiency labels in the segment, segment leading infotainment, tilting 60/40 rear seat backs, 31.0 cu. ft. of cargo volume with the rear seats up, rigid chassis with over 50 percent high strength steel, lower NVH and better road feel. And that is just the 10,000 ft. view. ;)

    Hyundai April 2016 Sales Overview

    Hyundai reported it sold 62,213 vehicles in April, down 8.5 percent versus a record-setting 68,009 sold in April 2015.

    Year to date sales of 235,543 vehicles is down 1.9 percent vs the 240,038 sold through the same period of 2015.

    Hyundai April 2016 Sales Highlights


    Standouts in April include the Accent and Tucson.

    The Accent was picked up by 12,933 new owners in April, up 57.6 percent over the 8,208 sold in April of 2015. Year to date of 30,759 is also up a healthy 23.0 percent over the 25,007 sold through the same period of 2015.

    The hard charging Korean brands ace in the hole however is the Tucson with April sales of 7,718 vehicles, up 92 percent over the 4,020 sold in April of 2015. Year to date the Tucson is doing almost as well with 28,102 vehicle sold, up 85.5 percent over the 15,147 sold through the same period of 2015.


    April 2016 Market Share and Industry Sales Detail


    In March Honda picked up significant market share. On a volume basis, March sales of 1.50 million vehicles was up 3.4 percent over April of 2015s 1.45 million vehicles sold result. 2016 YTD sales of 5.55 million is up 2.8 percent over the 5.4 million vehicles sold through period of the same 2015.

    U.S. April 2016 Sales vs. April 2015 Sales Ranks and Results for the top 14 Automobile Manufacturers

    GM April 2016 Sales Down 3.5% with 259,557 Vehicles Sold
    Ford April 2016 Sales Up 4.0% with 231,316 Vehicles Sold
    Toyota April 2016 Sales Up 3.8% with 211,125 Vehicles Sold
    FCA April 2016 Sales Up 5.6% with 199,631 Vehicles Sold
    Honda April 2016 Sales up 14.4% with 148,829 Vehicles Sold
    Nissan April 2016 Sales Up 12.8% with 123,861 Vehicles Sold
    Hyundai April 2016 Sales Down 8.5% with 62,213 Vehicles Sold
    Kia April 2016 Sales up 6.1% with 56,508 Vehicles Sold
    Subaru April 20165 Sales Up 6.6% with 50,380 Vehicles Sold
    Mercedes-Benz April 2016 Sales down 0.4% with 32,291 Vehicles Sold
    BMW April 2016 Sales Down 8.3% with 29,747 Vehicles Sold
    VW April 2016 Sales Down 9.7% with 27,112 Vehicles Sold
    Mazda April 2016 Sales Up 8.6% with 26,195 Vehicles Sold
    Audi April 2016 Sales Up 5.8% with 17,801 Vehicles Sold

    In April, Honda and Mercedes-Benz moved back ahead of Nissan and BMW respectively.

    The seasonally adjusted annual selling rate (SAAR) for light vehicles in April was approximately 17.6 million vehicles. Calendar-year-to-date, the light vehicle SAAR was 17.4 million vehicles.
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    Hyundai Canada Reaches 2 Million Cumulative Sales Milestone

    [​IMG] Hyundai Canada revealed that it has achieved 2 million cumulative vehicles sales since the company began selling cars in Canada in 1983. This announcement comes just one month after Hyundai Motor sold its 500,000 Elantra in Canada.

    It took 24 years and 3 months for the first million Hyundai’s sold, but just a third of that – 8 years and 1 month – for the company to reach the two millionth sale.

    Hyundai is one of the country’s highest volume automotive brands with 461,778 passenger cars sold between 2011 and 2015 which is more than any other single brand in Canada.

    Later this year, Hyundai Motor will be releasing its IONIQ, the world’s first platform with three alternative powertrains: hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and battery electric in Canada and the U.S.

    April and 2016 YTD Global Sales

    Hyundai Motor achieves global sales of 412,626 units in April, a decrease of 5.5 percent below the 436,742 sold globally in April of 2015.

    Year to date sales of 1.52 million through April 2016 is down 6.2 percent from the 1.62 million sold through the same period of 2015.

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