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  1. psyshack

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    Being fully disgusted with Honda and our 09 HCHII after the battery pack replacement and over priced service I paid to have done because health issues won't let me do myself that was not done right. I bit the bullet and went to a local Yota dealer.

    With a clear title in hand I was ready to dump the HCHII and get a Prius. I did all my research and was in polite pit bull car buying mode. If I could pull it off. Get the car at my price and a good trade value I would own one.

    Pulled up and parked the HCHII. Met a salesman and told them I wanted a TWO or TWO Plus. No dealer adders no BS. How much? To my surprise it was lower than my working price! It went down hill right after that.

    He started to show me cars with white dashs. No Sir a white dash will not do. I then found out that was the cars he gave me a sale price on. A proper dash was just under msrp. Then the spare tire issue and then and then and then. I asked the sales people, because now I was being assaulted by 3 or 4 members of the sales force as they were tearing at me like a shark pack. How about the Camry Hybrid. The steering had started. They were desperate for a sale. I then asked how much the 1960 Cadillac rear fin option would cost, because that's the only design cue I don't see on the little ugly car. That got rid of them all.

    I then spent about 30 mins looking at it from every angle inside and out. They left me alone. God I hate Yota Dealerships. They had a dark silver on gray Two Plus with a proper dash color. After looking at a higher trim level car with fog lights it became clear the fog lights on or off make the ugly front end look much better.

    I had made my mind up. I walked over to the HCHII gave her a pat on the ass and told her I would not trade her off and reassured her she would stay in the family. Wasn't her fault Honda had treated her so poorly. Looked up and 15 people,,, yes 15 people had been watching me look over this car and make a few phone calls. I then walked up the holy steps of this dealer. It's like climbing the hill to the pearly gates. They work all the angles at this Yota dealer.

    I got in the holy hall of Yotadome and told the salesman I started with what my offer was including the installation of fog lights. On there fax they would find ins. verification for the car I was interested in for that vin number. The info needed for a wire transfer, I have the pin. Accept the offer,,, I will test drive and then you call when the fog lights are installed and I will pick the car up.

    They had a little huddle, I was surprised they didn't break the huddle like a football team and pat each other on the butt. The answer was a firm no. I thanked them for there time and walked out LMFAO and shaking my head.

    Got back to the poor HCHII, slid in and patted her dash. I decided to take a drive around the lot. Which I should have done first. I broke one of my own rules by not doing so. On the rather large back lot I found at least 40 new Prius of every trim and color in the book. They had them all surrounded by Tundras and Tacomas. They had them caroled and hidden away. The whole time leading me to believe they only had the 10 or so up front and they are selling like crazy. Can't keep them on the lot BS.

    While on the back lot I came across a very nice young man. I stopped and asked him how long they had all these Prius hidden away. He looked around in a I spy way, ( all I could do to not laugh ) and told me they had only sold to date 6 of the new Prius that he knew of. The old style were selling great. He then looked around in the I spy way,, I lost it this time around. I apologized to the young man. He started laughing. He told me he had given his notice and was going to work at another dealer in two weeks as a jr. salesman. I wrote down my contact info and what I had offered for the car and how the deal would go down. He thanked me. I thanked him for the laugh. He said the only time they laugh at this dealer is when they rip somebody off.

    I look forward to hearing from this young man in a week or two. There is hope yet. :)
  2. xcel

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    Hi Jeff:

    Great story as always!

  3. psyshack

    psyshack He who posts articles

    Wayne I really do hope the young man contacts me. If he doesn't I will follow up with the same offer at other yota dealers.
  4. EdwinTheMagnificent

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    I found the most of the local Toyota dealers to be pretty decent. The one exception ? Lombard Toyota in Lombard IL. They employ very deceptive tactics , including outright lying to the customer. Never again.

    Toyota of Naperville , where I bought my current Toyota, is fantastic.
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  5. jcp123

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    My local dealer is notoriously stingy with trade-ins. We probably would have had a brand new Corolla for my Ma several years back had the Ford dealer down the road not coughed up $1500 more for the trade-in on the first round of negotiations.
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  6. brick

    brick Answers to "that guy."

    I wish you luck. I've been trying like hell to like the new Prius. On paper there is absolutely nothing that beats it in terms of practicality vs. TCO. Plus I was really psyched to find out that Toyota has mostly sorted-out the ergonomic issues I had with the 2G. (People on PriusChat still seem to be whining about hard/uncomfortable seats, though.) But I'm still struggling horribly with the styling. It doesn't help that my wife may or may not have threatened...uhh..."marital consequences" if she ever finds one parked in our garage. I have no counter argument except that all the really good cars these days seem to be ugly as sin. I could play the "but...you drive a minivan!" card if not for the fact that it would go really, really, really badly for me.
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  7. jcp123

    jcp123 Caliente!

    Most of that post contains stuff I might have said, lol.

    But yeah. Toyota dealers seem to have a level of hubris approaching that of the GM boardroom in the 70s and 80s.
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  8. rfruth

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    I have to remember the 1960 Caddy fin line ! :)
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  9. ALS

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    I know when I bought mine the general manager told me that the car was so hot he couldn't discount it more than $100.

    Last time I was in the selling dealer they asked me why I take my Prius to the other dealer except for my lifetime free state inspections.

    I told the service writer well if you'd taken $500 off the car instead of $100 I'd spend a lot more money here.
    Pretty much told him that your sales manager pissing me off cost your dealership money over the long haul because he just had to squeeze every customer for every cent he could.

    The only reason I bought it there was they were the only ones that had a number of Prius on their lot. The other two dealers were sold out of threes and only had fully loaded up fives. I found out the dealer ended up firing the token black guy that sold me my Prius. He was a really good guy to deal with.

    I can say both dealers have always been really nice to me since I've owned my Prius.
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  10. psyshack

    psyshack He who posts articles

    Every Prius I've ever seen was ugly. Well except the first Gen. It's cute if your into that kind of thing. :) My wife kind of laid the law down on me concerning the Gen II. She told me if I brought one of them home plan on parking it in the back yard and covering it with a tarp when I wasn't driving it. And she would not be driving it period! As that car matured,,, or as I matured the V and even the want to be Prius don't look as bad as they use to. They don't look like they should have a pull string on the front and filled with popper balls with a Fischer Price windshield sticker across the top. They had a design that had came into it's own.

    The new one is without a doubt the ugliest car I have ever seen in my life. Looking at the front end from straight on I see a Asian Darth Vader with bug spats for headlights from Amazon Jungle Bug Hits. The addition of fog lights help a lot. The side from straight on is just insane. Part of the Darth Vader face juts out and then sticks it's chin out like a upset little kid. And follows no design cue. Then they make good until the c-piller/rear door line. Then they called the idiots back in and put Bat Mobile fins on it. Then lopped of the fins and left a but ugly chisel line. The rear,,, it has some art deco lines in,,, but none of them work together and the ass is tall! Then they put the best design element on it the tail lights. Then they have this hood that really does try to work and they give Darth Vader a freaking Flat Top. You look at the poor thing at angles and nothing works, Nothin. Were is the Dramamine and barf bags. I know at times aerodynamics have concessions. But this was not all work for cd. This was a hint of one hell of a bad acid trip at Haight - Ashbury.

    The interior is standard Yota we don't get it anymore. Hard plastics at levels that would make GM proud and the cyclops crap dash. It works,,, nothing here move on please,,, move on,,, wheres the barf bag. Getting into my HCHII is like getting into a lux mini boat compared to most yota products.

    All that a side and while gas prices are cheap I'm down and want the new tech. And that means Yota. The work under the skin is what matters to me in the daily drive. My HCHII sick,, with a dead pac starting on the lead acid would still give me a easy 60 mpg no problem on my daily 90 mile hwy grind. The day I took it to a dealer the SA did not believe 60 mpg over 45 miles one way was even possible. He looked at the dash and said,, well your a hyper miler. And the poor car hasn't produced better than 54 mpg since. Honda needs to be beat with a bag of dicks for what they did to our cvt ( sucks ) HCHII. I was recovering from my third massive abdominal hernia surgery all bills and wages paid after starting with a new company after being off over 2.5 months. I would have been better off shipping the car to PHX or elsewhere or paying some body to drop a revolt pac in it or buying the batterys from a buddy in Houston and redoing it myself. I just couldn't physically do it. So Honda ruined the HCHII and I let them do it. :(

    For some damn reason,,, lolollololol I want my baseline mpg back and more. I want to report back to Wayne,,,,, dude I just ripped a Insight class tank out of this ugly damn car while folks are paying $7.00 a gallon,, it's coming,,, you can bet your kids on it! Just like I'm going to tell Wayne now... Dude I inherited a 2002 Ford F-150 Harley Edition Super Charged Crew Cab truck. 12 city 16 hwy epa. I'm at 16 city 22 hwy.... lmfao. And it trys to super fas. :) Work it Baby!!!!
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  11. Prozac

    Prozac Well-Known Member

    It's ugly, but it's not Aztek ugly.

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  12. BillLin

    BillLin PV solar, geothermal HVAC, hybrids and electrics

    I don't know... the Aztek does not seem so out of place these days. It looked okay in "Breaking Bad." I thought the original Murano looked a little odd, too, but look at it now. Even the little, frog-like Juke. I hated the Leaf's headlights; I got over that... They all start to blend together to me. Hmmm, I'm noticing a lot of Nissans in my list of vehicles that I thought were ugly.:) See, I'm not so shallow that looks matter. :) Perhaps the Gen4 Prius is the way it is to stand out, though unfortunately not it a good way visually for a lot of vocal people.
  13. EdwinTheMagnificent

    EdwinTheMagnificent Legend In His Mind

    The Aztek would be right at home in a world of ugly-mobiles. And it's still homely and thirsty. But it WILL give people that "king-of-the-world" feeling with it's high seating position. Americans need that in order to feel good about themselves.

    Not to worry though ; plenty of school-bus-type vehicles available from EVERY manufacturer.
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  14. jcp123

    jcp123 Caliente!

    The Aztek was only ugly until I saw the Scion toaster. Heck, only a few years ago we had a whole crop of those things, the Cube was a visual mess. They plumbed the depth of ugly, but what really sucks is the breadth of ugly these days. Most of what manufacturers are churning out these days is unattractive to my own eyes. And what's interesting is that most of the vehicles of the last, say, 10 years which I like, were vehicles I found unattractive until several years after they were out of production. Not, I am sure, what manufacturers want to hear. Wonder how I get in a focus group...
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  15. BillLin

    BillLin PV solar, geothermal HVAC, hybrids and electrics

    Not sure who got into the Prius focus group and "liked" the white interior pieces, but it wasn't me. I do take the surveys.
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  16. EdwinTheMagnificent

    EdwinTheMagnificent Legend In His Mind

    If you mean the original xB , did you ever drive one ? It was a great car. The BEST manual trans I've ever shifted , and I've owned Honda and Mazda manuals.
    The styling was , well, functional. That's all I want. Function.
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  17. jcp123

    jcp123 Caliente!

    Nah never drove one. I guess it was the xb? Never could keep track of their names lol. I did drive a Nissan Cube and I'll admit it had its merits. So I can't really bag on em for that.
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  18. Prozac

    Prozac Well-Known Member

    I had a friend that had and Aztek and actually loved it for the utility. I will agree that it seems that every manufacturer has an abomination of the visual sense. Lexus may be a great manufacturer, but some of their vehicles not only got hit by the ugly stick, they got hit by the whole tree!
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  19. Die2self

    Die2self Saving more by using less!

    Now that's funny right there, I don't care who ya are!:D But oh so true.
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  20. brick

    brick Answers to "that guy."

    The Aztek may be ugly but at least it's ugly in a cohesive sort of way. The front and back clearly belong to the same car. I don't think I can say that about the 4G Prius. It's like they took two or three completely different vehicles and jammed them together.

    Oh well. Just keep staring at it and wait for an epiphany...
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