Survey reveals above average snowpack in Sierra

Discussion in 'Weather' started by ALS, Dec 31, 2015.

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    I have heard that it will take three winters like this in a row to break the drought.
  3. phoebeisis

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    Sure hope CA's drought lifts.
    Slight aside
    I picked a nice ripe tomato yesterday 1-3-2016
    from one of my OUTDOOR cherry tomato plants that have lingered on
    INTO THE WINTER.I bought the plants-4" tall-way back Feb 1 2015-11 months ago-transplanted them into me garden immediately.
    Now this isn't unheard of in south louisiana-
    but we also have monarch caterpillars and new butterflies(seen them come out of "cocoon" sit around for hours-wings drying.
    We have milkweed-but still no migrating to Mexico for these guys-some will make it thru winter(eventually)
    Good thing because the habitat and numbers in Mexico have dropped a lot.

    I suspect the climate is changing a bit
    and we are doing it-CO2
    But warming isn't all bad-
    which is what the Republicans SHOULD be arguing
    instead of the " Human caused CO2 Climate change is a -Demo-Progressives PLOT- SCAMMING the world to install ONE WORLD GOV -with Sharia law-with foreign born Obama(muslim) leading it"
    Instead of"almost all climate scientists are lying."
    They-science types-of course can be wrong-and can be waaaay off in predicting what will happen
    but they aren't intentionally lying.

    The Republicans should suggest it will be NET GOOD- (no way of knowing if that is how it will turn out-but so what….)
    more CO2 can mean better crop yields
    Warmer temps-mean longer growing season-
    who cares if NOLA MIAMI NYNY slowly have to move inland and upward??
    That could be a jobs program-
    So could massive WIND TURBINE program

    Oh well-I am a crank!

    PS Al- My Crosman/Benjamin 1377 pump pellet pistol-is soooo much fun-and even a bit of exercise.
    I lock the cats and dog out of the hallway-15-30 foot shots-
    and have at it-safe cheap fun not much noise-
    heck you can even SEE the slight muzzle flip-physics in action
    Soon I will get one of those German RWS pellet rifles-maybe a RWS 34 ( break barrel about $250) I prefer under lever cocking but the RWS 460 is $450 and so powerful it will probably destroy my lead free(hard enough to re-use) pellets(plastic retained sabot-zinc aluminum alloy) I don't think they could survive 1100 FPS the way they do the 300-fps pistol or 500 fps chinese rifle

    Of course I am already planning to tinker-modify-kits etc-the 1377- better sear 1st order of business
    I don't hunt-but I love to target shoot-and tinker
    and self defense-is a USA thing to some extent-
    cops can't on site protect you-they suppress crime-
    but they can't rescue you
    and Humans are a violent bunch-always have been
  4. EdwinTheMagnificent

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    I spend a lot of time on my bike in the forest preserves and I have witnessed the return of the Monarch to this area. When I was a kid, Monarchs ( and milkweed ) were there in big numbers. Everywhere.
    Then , for some reason . milkweed mostly went away , and the Monarchs with it.

    Is that 1377 a spring-action ? Meaning, you just pump it once ? I would like a toy like that for wintertime plinking.
  5. phoebeisis

    phoebeisis Well-Known Member

    No it is a pump action
    up to 10 pumps in stock form
    but 3 pumps-is plenty enough for hallway shooting
    Just like the old time Benjamin pump rifles.

    Just for you I Tested it
    One pump-pellet won't clear barrel
    2 pumps-hits the target ok
    3 pumps-not much effort-and no risk of not clearing the barrel-I usually use 4 pumps-maybe 5
    No big deal if the pellet doesn't clear the barrel-just give a few pumps-refire
    Not as if there is enough energy to "blow it up-or bulge barrel"
    besides $49 pistol-so…

    It is FUN and pretty quiet-no ear muffs required(and I am noise sensitive-so if there was much noise-I would whine about it)
    Arty and the cats can hear it-but it isn't loud enough to startle them
    3 pumps are plenty for 15-30 ft plinking-I will test it on a can sometime soon

    The box proudly states "Built in America" asterisk-ed-"Made in USA with globally sourced components"- better than most
    I will soon add a $30 completely made in USA sear to get a better than I need trigger pull(which isn't bad-not horrible-just a little stiff)
    Yeah tinker's toy-lots of inexpensive somewhat pointless upgrades-but FUN!
  6. ALS

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    Hi Charlie,

    I bought an Anschutz 54 sporter .22 over the weekend. It was one of those you have a what, can I see it ? The gun is super clean a 95% or better condition example. One look and I threw it on layaway since I won't be able to shoot it until the weather warms up some, 8 degrees this morning. :rolleyes: Where is that global warming they keep talking about ?

  7. alster

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    Anschutz 54 sporter .22 one of the rifles I lusted for in my younger years. You don't see many and about as rare as a Winchester model 52 sporter bolt action in .22lr. You scored....
  8. ALS

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    I'm still looking for a Remington 40X in .22, talk about rare. Winchester 52 is another keeper if I could find the right one that (A) hasn't been abused plus has the correct sights and (B) isn't ridiculously priced. Some of the people who have them must be smoking some really good weed for what they are asking. The worst of the bunch is the Colt Python owners. Ever since the Walking Dead where Rick's stainless steel 6 inch Python has been featured, the prices are outrageous. Anyone that pays the price these people are asking needs to have their head examined.

    Back to the thread California looks like they're going to be getting upwards of fifteen inches of rain, and the higher elevations could see another two feet of snow over the next two weeks. I can't post the story or link since it's an AP piece. If you want to Google it

    El Nino storms slam drought-parched California

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  9. phoebeisis

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    Al-it was here-south la-until about 4 days ago-80 degrees humid dreary-mentioned that tomato-didn't I
    Slight aside- the river is high here-?? odd in winter-- because of the midwest rains last month-El Nino

    -poor CA drought-now floods and landslides-and the prediction is the heavy rains will just "dent" the drought-drained reservoirs/lakes.

    Python-in 1975 I sold a 4" nickel python-perfect-for$250-then paid $300 for a S&W Model 59 - with a truly crummy trigger pull….
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  10. ALS

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    I bought mine new, a six inch blue for $600 about twenty years ago. It might have had at most 50 rounds through it, Only 10 357's the rest 38 wad cutter target loads. Right after I bought it I sent it up to the Colt Custom shop for a trigger tune. It has one of the smoothest trigger pulls you can imagine. It resides as a safe queen as they say.
  11. phoebeisis

    phoebeisis Well-Known Member

    Wonder what
    1974 vintage 4" nickel
    1978 vintage 6" nickel
    1979 vintage 2.5" blue
    would be worth?
    Best not to dwell on it I guess-sold them all when wonder 9's and wonder 40's were in ascendancy(sic)

    Onto weather-my bad sending this sideways to my second love-after mpg-efficiency-
    News last night showed CA being pounded
    one area-had a wildfire 10 days ago-now it is FLOODING- bare slopes not holding water-so it is racing off-road street flooding
    with landslides to follow.
  12. alster

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    Lets not forget the .22 lr Colt Diamondback revolver. Prices for New In Box, blue finish, start at $2,000 plus. Expect to pay $4,000 or more for
    the nickel finish.
  13. ALS

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    Hi Charlie,

    Check out Gun Broker for pricing you would be floored by what some are asking.


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