Toyota Nov 2015 Sales Up 3.4% with 189,517 Vehicles Sold + RAV4 Hybrid First Drive

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    [​IMG] RAV4 sales are on fire. Just look at its 3 month trend!

    [​IMG]Wayne Gerdes – CleanMPG – Dec. 1, 2015

    2016 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid – $28,370 for the AWD XLE and $33,610 for the AWD Limited plus a $900 D&H while owners receive a 34/31/33 mpgUS city/highway rating.

    The 2016 RAV4 Hybrid brings the number of Toyota hybrid models to eight.

    2016 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid Drivetrain

    The 2016 RAV4 Hybrid is equipped with an All-Wheel-Drive System with intelligence (AWD-i) using a third electric motor to drive the rear wheels - MG1 and MG2 are still located within the hybrid transaxle - when needed for additional traction.

    The 2016 RAV4 Hybrid uses the Camry’s Atkinsonized 2.5L I4 and HSD for a combined 194 horsepower allowing a dash to 60 to occur in just 8.1 seconds. Like the 3.5L in the RX450h and Highlander, the 2.5L Hybrid and quicker than its gas only counterpart!

    And like all Toyota hybrids, the hybrid will bury the EPA with any city driving as this first drive did over a 20 mile drive while climbing over 220’ from Point A to Point B.


    Inside the RAV4 Hybrid

    The RAV4 Hybrid provides 35.6 cu. ft. of cargo volume behind the 60/40 split reclining rear seats. When folded down, owners receive a massive 70.6 cu. ft. for those trips to Home Depot or for the Christmas Tree.

    The RAV4 Limited uses my favorite leather like synthetic SofTex material in the seats, dash and door inserts. The driver seat is an eight-way power seat with memory and lumbar adjustment while both front seats are two-stage heated. The excellent Toyota Proximity Key system, remote power liftgate, a frameless <-- This is really cool! - auto-dimming rear-view mirror with Homelink and SofTex-covered sliding center armrest with a console storage compartment round out this comfortable fuel saver.

    During the introduction presentation, Toyota touted the cabin quietness through use of additional sound insulation in the rear cargo area, floor pan, and side and rear doors. After driving it, there is no mistaking the fact it is quieter than the previous RAV4 around town or on the highway. The rear cargo hatch bomminess has been reduced to the level of a sedan in fact.

    2016 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid

    Ready for the wild you want to visit as well.​

    Toyota November 2015 Sales Overview

    Toyota reported November 2015 sales were up 3.4 percent with sales of 189,517 vehicles over the 183,346 sold in November of 2014. More interesting is that this sales volume was achieved with 2 fewer days in November of 2015 than November of 2014 and the Japanese juggernaut sales surpassed Ford in November.

    Year to date sales of 2,260,963 is up 4.7 percent over the 2,158,714 vehicle sold through the same period of 2014.

    Lexus reported November 2015 sales up 6.8 percent on with sales of 29,340 vehicles. This was the luxury brands best November sales in its history. For the year the brand is well on its way to achieve its best-ever calendar year sales.

    Toyota November 2015 Brand Sales Highlights

    Camry posted sales of 30,945 units, up 7.3 percent

    Toyota light truck sales were up 5.5 percent and achieved a best-ever November sales result.

    RAV4 sales were up almost 30 percent; a best-ever November sales result as well.


    November 2015 Segment Sales Totals


    U.S. November 2015 Sales vs. November 2014 Sales Ranks and Results for the top 14 Automobile Manufacturers

    GM November 2015 Sales Up 1.5% with 229,296 Vehicles Sold.
    Toyota November 2015 Sales Up 3.4% with 189,517 Vehicles Sold.
    Ford November 2015 Sales Up 0.4% with 187,794 Vehicles Sold.
    FCA November 2015 Sales Up 3.0% with 175,974 Vehicles Sold.
    Honda November 2015 Sales Down 5.2% with 115,441 Vehicles Sold.
    Nissan November 2015 Sales Up 3.8% with 107,083 Vehicles Sold.
    Hyundai November 2015 Sales Up 11.8% with 60,007 Vehicles Sold.
    Subaru November 2015 Sales Up 1.8% with 46,070 Vehicles Sold.
    Kia November 2015 Sales Up 1.4% with 45,553 Vehicles Sold.
    BMW November 2015 Sales Up 1.2% with 36,447 Vehicles Sold.
    Mercedes-Benz November 2015 Sales Down 11.7% with 33,475 Vehicles Sold.
    VW November 2015 Sales Down 24.7% with 23,882 Vehicles Sold.
    Mazda November 2015 Sales Up 7.0% with 22,732 Vehicles Sold.
    Audi November 2015 Sales Up 0.4% % with 16,700 Vehicles Sold.

    Toyota moved past Ford to become the second largest volume seller in the U.S. in November.

    The auto industry posted strong November sales of more than 1.32 million vehicles, up 2.3 percent over November of 2014 despite just 23 selling days this November vs. 25 selling days in November of 2014. For the year, light duty sales are trending to finish off the year at approximately 17.4 million, the highest since 2000.

    November was the third consecutive month in a row with a SAAR above 18 million. The six-month moving average for the SAAR is quickly approaching 18.0 million. Placing this number into perspective, the industry’s best U.S. sales year ever was 2000, when 17.8 million light duty vehicles were delivered.

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    Re: Toyota Nov 2015 Sales Up 3.4% with 189,517 Vehicles Sold + RAV4 Hybrid First Driv

    Wow. This is the type of SUV I've been waiting for! Too bad I'll have to wait another 3-4years before I can get a used one for a decent price.
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    Re: Toyota Nov 2015 Sales Up 3.4% with 189,517 Vehicles Sold + RAV4 Hybrid First Driv

    Interestingly, the '16 RAV4 Hybrid is showing up in many dealerships now (and 54 have sold according to the chart above), but there's still no configurator on Toyota's site which still refers to it as an "Upcoming Vehicle".
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    Re: Toyota Nov 2015 Sales Up 3.4% with 189,517 Vehicles Sold + RAV4 Hybrid First Driv

    They have Rav 4 on the Canadian site , but they are not at the local dealer yet
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    Re: Toyota Nov 2015 Sales Up 3.4% with 189,517 Vehicles Sold + RAV4 Hybrid First Driv

    They seem to be arriving at US dealers quickly. In fact several locals have the one I want already, but without the build/price tool I'm still unsure of certain options or why the price differs by about 2k on the same trim.
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    I spent most of my time with the Prius during the short lead but like any of the HSD equipped hybrids, the RAV4 Hybrid with the Camry Hybrid drivetrain proved itself.

    Larger, quieter and the latest "stuff" make it a heck of addition to the RAV4 family.

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    Toyota Canada sales of 15,830 Vehicles in November was up 5.8% Over November of 2014

    [​IMG] Hi All:

    Truck sales of 10,147 was up 33.8% compared to November of 2014. This result was the best November for Canadian truck sales in history plus it was the eleventh straight monthly record. With sales of 107,650 year-to-date, Toyota Canada has already set an annual sales record for trucks with December still to come.

    At a divisional level, Toyota and Scion reported November sales of 14,016 units, up 3.4 percent over November of 2014. IT was the best November ever for Scion. For Lexus, it was a fourteenth consecutive monthly record with sales of 1,814 luxury cars and SUVs, up 29.4% over November of 2014. A new annual sales record had already been established in October and that record total sales result grew to 20,359 through to the end of November.

    Vehicle highlights included the RAV4 with 3,722 vehicles sold, up 22.4 percent over November of 2014 results.

    The RAV4 also set a new annual sales record with 39,297 RAV4s sold year-to-date and December sales still to come.

    Tacoma 4X4 sales of 1,183 in November were up 58.4 percent over November of 2014 and has already set an annual sales record of 10,305 vehicles sold with one month remaining.

    Toyota (including Scion) sales highlights for November 2015

    Toyota sales: 14,016
    Yaris sales - 648
    Corolla sales - 2,710
    Camry sales – 954

    Truck sales - 8,806 (up 29.1% over Nov. of 2014) and a new November record. Eleventh straight monthly record with 94,640 year to date, also a new annual record

    RAV4 - 3,722 (up 22.4% over Nov. of 2014) and a new November record. Second straight monthly record with 39,297 year to date, also new annual record

    Tacoma 4X4 - 1,183 (up 58.4% over Nov. of 2014) and a new November record. 10,305 sold year to date is new annual record

    Toyota hybrids - 738

    Prius family sales - 428
    Prius v - 177 (up 25.5%)
    Prius c - 125 and 2,951 year to date, a new annual sales record.

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    Got one! Woo! ;) Said goodbye to my 2006 Tacoma last night.:( I really liked that plucky pickup but with only two seats (and the CR-Z only having two seats as well), I needed something with more flexible utility.
    I wish there was a better pic, but just got it home last night and haven't even seen it in the daylight myself. rav4.jpg

    Maiden-trip to the office, about 70% highway (rain/fog/3-5MPH head-wind), tires at 45 PSI:
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