October 2015 Temperatures Break Southern California Records

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    October heat breaks Southern California Records

    Hans Laetz - LA City News Service - Nov. 5, 2015

    October 2015 will go down as the hottest October ever in most of Southern California, as the average high temperature was 4 degrees hotter than the previous hottest October.

    A large pool of unusually-warm water off the Pacific Coast brought the warmest October nights to Southern California.

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    On the warm Pacific Coast earlier this afternoon.​

    The warm water caused record high daytime readings along the coast. Unofficial readings of 95 degrees were recorded on two days at normally-cool Malibu.

    The average high temperature last month at the official Downtown Los Angeles measuring station, at USC, was 75.6 degrees, 7 degrees warmer than the next-hottest October, back in 1983, which also was an El Nino year.

    Twenty-five days last month saw highs of 80 or above at USC, which set another record. And on seven nights last month, the mercury downtown did not drop below 70, and yes, that’s another record.

    At LAX, next to the Pacific Ocean, the average high was 74 degrees. That’s 8.1 degrees above the previous record October, in 1958.

    Burbank was even hotter: its October average high was 76.2 degrees, 9.3 degrees above the record set in 1991... [rm]http://www.dailynews.com/general-news/20151101/october-heat-breaks-southern-california-records[/rm]
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    West Coast, El Nino :eek:
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    Because of global warming, we have greater evaporation, which means that we will see more precipitation. And sometimes that means more snow.
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    Hi All:

    Well fortunately there is a reprieve as temps the last few nights in Southern California have been wonderfully cool. When performing the 2016 Prius Calibration drive the other night I saw 39 degrees F right across from the Mormon Temple on the 5 in San Diego. Low 70s in the day and high 40s/Low 50s at night. Finally.

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    Hi Wayne,

    Looks like the mountains north east of you got a good amount of snow.

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    Hi All:

    Just when I thought we would receive a little relief in Southern California, the temps rise again.

    Third week of November and this was yesterday morning. High of 84 predicted today. :(


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    Want to trade? I'd be fine with another drive through California this time of year ;) We had a very warm first half of November, but now we're back to typical temperatures.


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