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    I've started a new mileage log, and I'd like to see how I compare against other Mazda drivers, but I see no easy way to do this. Am I missing something?

    Also, how is % of EPA computed? I'm doing mixed driving, so I would expect it to use the combined EPA number, which is 33 mpg for my car. If you go with % city/highway, I would expect the comp value to be well under 33 (based on 29-city, 40-highway). But it seems to be going with 34-something. Not a huge issue, but since many of us here are probably engineers or math nerds of some kind and the logs use 3 digits of precision, I would expect that to be pretty accurate.

  2. nerfer

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    Maybe the mixed EPA is just the halfway point between city and highway. That would work out nearly right, mathematically. Maybe I should just say 100% city instead of 90% or whatever, then my numbers for beating the EPA would probably be more impressive.
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