My New Car Wish for high MPG!

Discussion in 'Fuel Economy' started by billy, Jul 15, 2015.

  1. phoebeisis

    phoebeisis Well-Known Member

    When I started to get up-nice soft grassy ditch
    I fully expected "something" to not work or be broken
    But I got up
    and NOTHING but a minor scape on my left elbow-
    it was a very pleasant surprise to find everything OK -
    the driver said "I didn't see you" -cell phone didn't come up-but bright day-wandering onto shoulder-his age group-30 or so-99.9% texting-frankly I just wanted to head to the levee and get in my ride-the bike was OK-surprise also(except for a snapped screw that heal the older generation left shifter-XTR but I got it used years ago-so no big deal-it was my 2nd string bike-but it was ok also)
    I wear long sleeved shirts-even in the summer(sun has ben hard on my potato eater skin- so I'm playing catch up sun protection wise)
    yeah no short sleeves ans sure as hell no flip flops for me

    It was right across from fire station-nice guys-didn't actually see it-and they literally drove the FIRETRUCK to me-instead of just walking the 50 feet-guessing they have medical gear on it-
    They called ambulance and cops-told them to call off ambulance
    and we agreed to leave before cops would arrive-
    just not interested in wasting time with LEO insurance crap
    Soft tissue injuried can't be "medically fixed"-despite what various scam artists claim-
    time and NSAID are about it-and luck of course
    but I didn't have any of that either-despite having a gimpy neck-no stiffness soreness-nothing but the scrape
    thanks to whoever forced the car corps to use spring loaded mirrors

    One nannie GOV thing I would fully back-
    a TECH solution to texting or using cell phones while driving-engine on-phone off
    yeah CELL PHONES are killers and car wreckers
    heck they might approach murders by guns in respect to deaths per year

    Thanks for the kind wishes-looks like no job today-so off to feed 3.5 cats and 1 leggy dog
    then off on bike-maybe I will get a 1/2 day-get me out of house-
    hope rotor cap arrive today-
    will do plugs wires rotor cap-cross fingers-
    I expect to find out that it is the injector nozzles-but the ignition stuff needs to be done anyway
  2. basjoos

    basjoos Well-Known Member

    That 100 at 60 was based on what the SuperMID was showing when driving a few miles along a fairly flat road at 60. When I did a more scientific run (6 miles long flat road with only a 53 foot height variation, 700 foot elevation, no wind, 91 degree F air temp, 2 runs in each direction) I got:

    50 mph 95mpg
    55mph 87mpg
    65mph 77mpg
    70mph 71mpg

    A 92 Honda Civic CX weighs 2100lbs and the aerocivic is the same length as the older Ford Explorer.

    The easiest way to determine a car's aeromod potential is to note what your mileage is when you are drafting someone. When drafting, the only thing that has changed is that your wind drag has been reduced (tire drag, engine rpm, drivetrain losses are unchanged), which is what aeromods are doing for your vehicle. On the aerocivic I see only a slight improvement in mileage when drafting.

    The interior mirrors are also nice when trying to get close to a mailbox to pickup/drop off mail.
  3. phoebeisis

    phoebeisis Well-Known Member

    I looked up older EXPLORERS
    surprised some were just 175"- same as my prius
    Your civic was 160" more than a foot shorter than current Civics

    When I am squeezed into following-too closely- a large truck(by their passing me cutting in) the MPG on the 98 suburban spikes quite a bit-despite being at least 60 feet back at 55 mph-
    wouldn't have guessed an 60 foot draft at 50 mph would make much difference
    but it does-heck my guess would be the turbulence would hurt-but it goes up 2 mpg or more


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