Building a Grid Charger?

Discussion in 'Honda Hybrids' started by HCH2007, Jul 10, 2015.

  1. HCH2007

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    Exactly how would I build a homemade grid charger? I'm all about saving money especially on a fixed income (Veteran Disability Compensation). I'm very handy at building electric and electronic devices and would like to give this a shot. Does anyone in CleanMPG have any input, ideas, specific directions? Any help is very appreciated.

  2. S Keith

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    The 2X LED PS output are wired in series to give you 56-200V and the inputs are in parallel to AC. The 12V is for a fan solution, but you need a PWM controller to run the fan on the HCH2 (can find them on eBay). Board to mount it to. If you're willing to pull the pack every time, you can get adequate cooling with a box fan blowing through it.

    Fuses, diodes/rectifiers, etc. as you see fit. I don't bother. I like to live dangerously.
  3. HCH2007

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    So Steve,
    You don't cool your packs at all? That is definitely living dangerously, LOL. I have auxiliary cooling from 2 12VDC computer fans for my pack while driving, so all I have to do is implement them into this charger circuitry and bam cooling is set... :-D
  4. S Keith

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    Yes. I pull them from the car and blow a box fan through them.

    I would not rely on the 12V 120mm fans to provide adequate cooling with the pack installed. The pack is insulated in styrofoam behind a foam seat. Your 12V fans are working against the entire IMA bay. I have a spare IMA fan that I've played with. It moves about as much air as TWENTY 12V 120mm fans.

    The only way I would regard that as acceptable is to have temp probes at the 3 inlet vents at the top of the pack. If you had a fan for each exhaust duct, I would be okay with one. Without drawing from the entire exit, there is a high likelihood that you will just recirculate air through the pack vents and never draw in fresh.

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