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Discussion in 'Start Your Journey Here' started by Jpuracchio, May 31, 2015.

  1. Jpuracchio

    Jpuracchio New Member

    Thanks for offering this site and a wealth of automotive knowledge. I will intently read and learn from this vast pool of experienced motorists and perhaps be able to add to it. Our car is a very well cared for and maintained Turbo Diesel. Although it has 125,000 miles , you would never assume so by its outward appearance or drive ability. And , I am totally un accustomed to driving for nearly a month on one tank of fuel . My wife and I drive school buses, yes we are Sr Citizens, ha, and our car does not see many miles on our daily commute, sometimes not even reaching operating temperature. I've been told this car needs to be driven hard from time to time, for me that is a reversal in motoring mentality that will be a hard fix. I'm not an "old fuddy" behind the wheel but have never redlined any of my vehicles, ever! Trying to get my wife to visit her folks in Buffalo, about 360 miles round trip just to "see what she's got" so to speak. Any spin on "drive it hard"? Also, if anyone has info on what brands of diesel fuel get the best ratings it would be great to log that as well. Thanks for membership, Jim!:flag:
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  2. Harold

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    Welcome . H
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  3. seftonm

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    Hi Jim, that engine does like to see some boost and rpms every once in a while to keep things clean and to keep compression up. You do not need to redline it, but don't be afraid to accelerate somewhat briskly up to 3000 rpm or so through the gears once the engine is warmed up. This will burn a little more fuel than being gentle, but will keep the engine in better operating condition.
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  4. Jpuracchio

    Jpuracchio New Member

    Thanks Mike for your reply! I will certainly follow your will be no problem Revving this little Dynamo Up... It is like a jackrabbit! There is a sport shift function on the transmission which enables you to drive through the gears in a manual mode....this would achieve the rpms you are suggesting. Much obliged for your time in writing back!
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  5. garyk

    garyk Member

    Nice to see another TDI'er! With regard to "best diesel", you might find this thread useful at TDI club (starting with the first post, but discussions further in as well).
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    I'm looking to buy a 2000 jetta diesel with 357,628 miles. But am concerned with the high miles. I was also wondering how much it is worth with the broke grill, faded paint, 5 speed manual, ratty interior and a good ac/radio. I have a 93 ford e-350, 7.3 diesel with 356,424 miles and it needs a shot to start on cold days which makes me have concerns about the VW.
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