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    I don't know about any gay bashing link with the flight crash. What I don't understand is how the party which purportedly stands by the ideal of personal liberty doesn't see the irony in government intervention in what should be a free market matter, or at worst, cases for civil courts to decide individually if/when a suit is brought.
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    The Tomato Andy deal is only being mentioned by the Euro-press
    It certainly might explain why he was sooo angry
    Depressed patients-usually aren't angry
    and frequently they are almost inert
    It has been suggested that the anti-depressants cause that inertia to lift
    enough so they feel "active" enough to commit suicide
    The "young people/kids are at increased risk to commit suicide in the first few weeks of certain anti-depressants" warning speaks to that.
    Homi-cide occasionally has been linked to drugs-amphetamines cocaine etc
    But this sort of thing-can't be blamed on a medication
    This guy was poisonously angry
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    Hi All:


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    Most of those folks
    wish they hadn't insisted on this law
    It wouldn't have accomplished anything WORTH accomplishing
    Preventing a mildly bigoted florist from being sued by a gay couple who
    would have had one hell of a hard time demonstrating any harm
    Gay folks are claiming this is equivalent to "The lunch counter" in Black Civil Rights
    But food-is a necessity
    Flowers for a WEDDING???

    We have actual problems in this country-
    Flowers and florists-aren't one of them
    Dumb busybody A H's have screwed themselves in indiana-
    Is Arkansas immune from this-so few tourists
    or are their tourists(brother went duck hunting there recently-no I don't hunt-I have guns-but they are strictly for self defense-)
    anyway Arkansas hunting Tourists-might favor such laws-
    So do the gay folks have plans to boycott Arkansas??

    we really have far too many busybodies(both sides) in this country
    people need to learn to MTOMFB
    20 ounce cokes no vapor cigarettes making drugs illegal so we have to imprison MILLIONS-and have many many corrupt cops and judges and a prison/cop/guard/lawyer complex all making $$ on it
    We really are STUPID prohibition taught us NOTHING
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    ^^ that.

    My real problem is this argument that this protects freedom of religion. Hmm. Prima facie argument sounds good, but when it comes at the cost of hurting the freedom of another non-criminal group, I don't see where government should be involved. If it comes to it, let it play out in the free market and/or civil court.
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    Doubt any religion has any specific rules on flower selling.

    Anyway FREEDOM of Religion- doesn't mean religious "rules" trump the GOV laws
    Certainly Not the USA GOV
    Of course that is EXACTLY how Muslim GOVs work-

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