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    WOW, I had no idea my comments have really affected you. Chill or take some medicine or something man. Lighten up, this is just an online forum. To think that you would bring up long quiet threads that I have not even thought about for months might make you want to pause and consider getting some help. I am not saying this lightly.

    Seriously lighten up.
  2. bestmapman

    bestmapman Fighting untruth and misinformation

    OK, I saw that. Since you were so adamant about what they said, I thought you had actual quotes of what they said instead of relying on what others say they said.
  3. phoebeisis

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    It is hilarious how quickly the Republicans
    who wrote this bill to 'PROTECT RELIGIOUS FREEDOM"
    Toss "RELIGIOUS FREEDOM" under the bus
    and toss their "base" under the bus
    give them their marching orders.
    Yeah tossed the religious right under the bus-
    This should be an object lesson to the religious right
    they are being used-more or less the same way blacks are being used by the deems
    Not as if there is any likelihood they will vote for the other side
    so they are manipulated -laughed at-then tossed
    Now why they-anyone on either side-
    would get SOOO WORKED up about some florist who dumped his gay customers over flowers for a wedding??
    And the gay couple getting soo incensed-they sued??
    So little going on that they waste their life on this Shi%?
    Can't find a gay florist??Really??

    People are big time busybodies-20 ounce cokes-no vapor cigarettes-who you have sex with(in private)- drug laws
    all busy body- ism
    People need to learn to Mind Their Own Mo Fo-ing business

    We-USA- have actual challenges- and no flowers for gay weddings-both ends-is sooo unimportant-and gay marriage is just a $$ deal anyway-tax break job benefits -inheritance health benefits- Frankly not sure gay marriage should be viewed as being "good for society" in the same sense male female children marriage is(unless they have children)
    Whole point of marriage being assisted by the state is "FAMILIES ARE GOOD"
    Kids raised without families-father at home-not sooo good
    So if the gay couple has kids-marriage probably is good
    But not good enough to waste much thought on it

    But Republicans screwing their base-that is funny
    as funny as President Bush walking arm in arm with that Saudi Queen
    that should have convinced us we needed a better energy strategy
    our Texan president thought it important enough to sashay arm in arm -in camera range-with a saudi tyrant
    The same SOBs who are SPIKING our current energy freedom by tanking the price of oil-to kill domestic production(yeah it is a 3 FER for Saudis 1) screw our domestic oil production 2) screw iran 3) screw russia
    Yeah the saudis aren't comfortable not having our armed services at their beck and call-
    we have been acting as mercenaries-because of oil-for the saudis and kuwait for 30 years

    For the Saudis-who actually do produce the most terrorists-Al Quaida etc
    Iran hasn't been much of a problem since mid 1980-'s Lebanon
    We handed them Iraq of course-
    when we democratized Iraq- 65% or which is shia- we handed control of Iraq to shia iran
    Shia trumps being an Arab-just as being a Kurd trumps being a sunni
    Stupid SOB Neocons who NEVER LEARN wanting boots on the ground-AGAIN(of course their kids are rarely boots on ground being blown up-they were trying to act as shills for israel despite the israelis wanting no part of the arab spring deal-since they actually have to live in the ME -and probably figured ARAB SPRING would go badly sideways)
    The Israelis aren't taking sides in the syrian civil war-sure as hell weren't looking for "moderate sunnis" like poor senile McCain and the rest of the republicans are)

    The ME is a mess-sooner we have an energy future that doesn't include the ME- the better
    And if Israel and Iran want to mix it up-well that is THEIR PROBLEM
    Iran stupid enough to keep yelling DEATH TO ISRAEL- while winking at us-USA-insisting it is "just for domestic consumption"
    well they deserve what they get-since Israel is understandably paranoid-
    they might NUKE IRAN-
    Iran stupid enough to howl DEATH TO ISRAEL- well Darwin award might be 20 Hbombs
    Death to USA- not much of a threat-we are 2000x2000 miles
    a nuke in a harbor city would just be a jobs program-a giant 9/11
    and 1/2 the load on one Triton sub-100 H-bombs would kill most of Iran-so they are no real threat to the USA
    I am losing any sympathy I had for Iran-taunting Israel is sooo damn dumb-all those sophisticated MIT based nuclear diplomates can't undo DEATH TO ISRAEL

    Oh well once again I am off the rails-spring break
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    I'm am very calm. Not at all affected by your comments. You are fun to prod.
  5. booferama

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    Um, it's pretty standard in an online thread to assume people have been, you know, reading the thread.
  6. bestmapman

    bestmapman Fighting untruth and misinformation

    OK so you don't have the actual quotes then.
  7. bestmapman

    bestmapman Fighting untruth and misinformation

    I'm seriously concerned about you man. That's all.
  8. booferama

    booferama He who posts articles

    Again, pretty standard to assume people have read the thread. But here you go. Took me all of a minute to find, and I'd read the quotes elsewhere prior. Not that hard to find.
  9. ALS

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    Hidden camera where Muslim Bakeries are turning the Gay man down over and over for a wedding cake. Many of these bakeries did agree to make the cake but not a peep out of the always outraged crowd condemning the Muslim bakeries that refused to bake the cake. What afraid these people will kill you for being an infidel.

    We'll be waiting until hell freezes over before we see the main street media parking their asses in front of these Muslim businesses condemning THEIR religious beliefs on Homosexuality.

    Political Correctness and the war on Christianity on display.

  10. EdwinTheMagnificent

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    Well.............. yeah.
  11. booferama

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    Non-sequitur theater at its best. Let me see if I understand your argument: people are only pretending to be outraged about the RFRA because it's part of the "war on Christianity"? And we're at war with Christianity because. . .we support Islam?

    My girlfriend is Episcopalian. She'll be devastated to learn we're at war.
  12. ALS

    ALS Super Moderator Staff Member

    Well the donations to that Pizza Parlor who said they would never cater a gay wedding and were ponced on by the media including death treats from the gay mafia are making out like bandits. Latest numbers over the last eighteen to twenty four hours is donations to them are running over $535K. Yep looks like being bold and going against the ridicule is going to make them millionaires. Aren't you guys so proud of yourselves? :p

    To quote Quinn's first law of Liberalism, Liberalism always generates the exact opposite of its stated intent.
  13. phoebeisis

    phoebeisis Well-Known Member

    Muslims DO and ARE killing christian civilians
    NOT in the USA
    The latest horror story in Africa
    Al Sabazz-attacked a university in kenya
    Made the students recite some muslim prayer
    if they could do it-they were let go
    If they couldn't- then the Mo-Ham-i-dans assumed -correctly-that they were christians
    and they shot them-
    I'm not sure what the demographics of Kenya are-obviously plenty of christians/Muslims
    Of course christians have done similar things-the balkans war etc-
    but CHRISTIANS then hauled the bad guys into court*(after bill clinton bombed the crap out of them-bombed them to their knees-yes you CAN win a modern war with VERY FEW boots on ground-the idiots who say otherwise are stuck in another century-typical-fighting two or three wars back)

    Perhaps someone could give an example of MUSLIM states punishing a Muslim state for killing christians or other religious minorities??
    Give up yet??

    The new testament-which is the christian book-contains absolutely NOTHING that supports 1)suppressing
    2) murdering
    3) taxing
    5)well POISONING??(WHO DOES THAT?) this is my favorite it is sooo 8th century-
    anyway Muslim writings-Koran and sayings of Mo-ham-id absolutely filled with "bad stuff"
    yeah-positively Old Testament

    There isn't a muslim nation on earth that allows religious freedom-not one-they are all theocracies to one degree or another-

    sunni muslims-are our enemies-simple as that
    We can-and should-make a peaceful arrangement with the Shia-just as the Rooskies have-because Sunni are enemies of the Shia
    1)Halls of blah blah Shores of Tripoli- those pirates SUNNI-roughly 1800 or so-SUNNI
    2)1900 Philippines Moros/Huks-were/are Muslims-they are the reason the 45ACP was developed(too late)-SUNNI
    3)Present day Philippine -the revolt kidnappings MURDERS of foreigners-usually foreign do gooders medical aid etc-MUSLIMS the same MOROS/HUKS-SUNNI
    6)Taliban SUNNI
    7)1972 munich olympics SUNNI
    8) 12 Paris cartoonist murders-SUNNI
    9) 4 jews killed in supermarket-Sunni
    10) Somali Pirates SUNNI
    11) BLACK HAWK DOWN-SUNNI- drag bodies thru streets-typical sunni 3wd world behavior
    12) burn pilot to death-SUNNI ISIS
    13) Saudi =SUNNI-most of Al Quaida follow a saudi-ish BRAND of Sunni- ism -
    I could go on and on-BUT THE SUNNI MUSLIMS are generally the bad guys

    On the Shia side
    pretty much just
    1) car bombing of marine barracks-mid 1980's shia-hezbollah-something we sorta brought on ourselves by interfering in ME butchering one another with BOOTS ON GROUND- meaning TARGETS on ground
    2) Some problems with Iran-mainly our fault-1953 stupid CIA coup -deposed their elected president-IMPOSED the Shah on them- caused a lotta ill will
    and eventually changed Iran from a Turkey like trajectory(sorta secular but not really-but the most secular Muslim country-very low bar) to the current theocracy-pretty much all our fault-CIA morons-
    so iranian ill will toward USA is understandable-mostly our fault for interfering(because of oil of course-but it would have been MUCH CHEAPER to just buy it from them at market rates but our BIG BUSINESS brought this on us to some degree-OIL BUSINESS-blood and treasure for oil)
    We-USA politicians CIA never seem to learn that when we interfere in the middle east
    it ends badly
    The freakin idiot-Charlie Wilson's war-stupid bastard-arming religious fanatics-what could go wrong with that??
    ARMING the "brave freedom fighters MU-JA-HA-DIN" against the USSR in afganistan
    is a GOOD RECENT EXAMPLE of how that SHI% turns out

    Yeah WE caused Iran to become the Iran it is- installing the Shah made iran what it is

    We caused AL QUAIDA and ISIS with our stupid meddling
    If we hadn't armed the MU-JA-HA-DIN the Rooskies would still be stuck in afganistan
    and there would be no AL QUAIDA -

    Our ARAB SPRING -which the neocons predicted and wanted-and brought about by deposing SADDAM
    Brought about

    Oh the neocons predicted those dictators would be deposed by toppling saddam-they wanted JUST THAT
    They thought wished that once the ARAB MAN IN THE STREET WAS FREED FROM THE DICATORS they would immediately develop democratic feelings-love the USA love israel
    and all would be well
    Stupid arrogant bastar$s were half right
    and they are trying to blame obama for their laughably failed policy
    which was predicated on their belief that the ARABS didn't hate jews or the use
    they were just being TRICKED into hating jews and the USA by their evil leaders

    President obama is trying to clean up their mess-but those dumb baster#$ are persisting in insisting the failure was in removing our BOOTS from the ground

    They are remarkably slow learners

    Our domestic oil industry is the ONE area the Republicans got right
    it should give us breathing room until we can switch to renewable energy
    we have the MOST potential wind power-more than any other country on earth
    plenty of solar
    plenty of tidal (distant future) waves etc also-distant future
    and NUKES should make a come back
    and perhaps SOMEDAY fusion

    Yes I'm off today-but this thread was tapped out-gay couples offended by mildly bigoted florists-painfully unimportant-
    we-USA- have a actual problems that produce dead people-gay couple offended by a bigoted florist-who cares??
    we are getting our soldiers killed-
    and probably changing our weather within the CO2
    in any case -real droughts-
    Mildly bigoted florist- gays couples deciding to feel sooo offended they sue him?? who cares??
    That SHI% isn't important-
    just whiners on both sides of the aisle whining-
    being manipulated by BIG MONEY- and the whining industry
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  14. booferama

    booferama He who posts articles

    Hahahahaha! Nothing says "take my argument seriously" like referring to "the gay mafia."

    Ridiculous as that idea is, though, I think someone should remake the Godfather movies, this time called The Gayfather. So many lines from the movie become much funnier.

    • "Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in."
    • "Why can't you give me a straight answer anymore? Was it a boy?"
    • "May your first child be a masculine child."
    • "It's a Sicilian message. It means Luca Brasi sleeps with the gay fishes."
  15. phoebeisis

    phoebeisis Well-Known Member


    2)Roman Catholics=24%
    3)Other Christians=11% ?? Mormons Orthodox ?
    4) Muslims=11%
    so overwhelmingly christian-80%

    with a muslim minority engaging in typical Sunni Muslim behavior
  16. worthywads

    worthywads Don't Feel Like Satan, I am to AAA

    It also standard to give topics at least a little thought before commenting.

    Bestmapman prides himself in not knowing the subject, just telling us what he feels.

    Good luck.

    Global warming good because he feels that way, that's as much as he needs to know.

    No need to take the boy serious.
  17. bestmapman

    bestmapman Fighting untruth and misinformation

    I am sorry that I have really got to you. You are now reduced to ridicule and it appears you are unable to actually talk about the subject.

    That makes for a good civil discussion.

    BTW check this out
  18. worthywads

    worthywads Don't Feel Like Satan, I am to AAA

    You feel like I'm attacking you, but I'm attacking your argument, which isn't much.
  19. bestmapman

    bestmapman Fighting untruth and misinformation

    Have a nice day.
  20. phoebeisis

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    Speaking of GAY
    The European press is implying Andreas Lubitz
    who Flew the A320 into the Alps
    Killing 149 innocent people
    did it Because he was TAUNTED
    Called Tomato Andy by fellow workers-
    a tomato "thinks" it is a vegetable but it is actually a fruit
    Apparently some of his fellow workers thought that he was homosexual-despite his presenting himself as a heterosexual with a girlfriend
    Yeah way too clever a slur-especially considering he held their lives in his hands
    Anyway our talking heads are too PC to even MENTION the gay link
    It certainly explains the RAGE
    Depressed people are rarely HOMICIDAL
    This guy obviously wanted to GET EVEN
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