First fills on CR-V with automatic

Discussion in 'Fuel Economy' started by laurieaw, Nov 23, 2014.

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    while it's not earthshaking, i have at least managed to work a little over the EPA for my first couple of tanks. i have been filling it at half empty, since it makes me cry to see how quickly that comes up, compared to what i was used to before. it's ok, though. i chose it.

    i used the city epa, since i rarely drive on any kind of highway. with that in mind, and the fact that minnesota has been throwing winter at us early, i'm doing ok. first we had 6 inches of snow and then the temps tanked. today it's warm, but going back down again.

    i try to adjust so the RPMs stay at 2000 or less. i can feel it dropping much like it does with a 5 speed.

    by the way, i never heard back from the guy with the same vehicle about trading, but a couple of dealers in town have 5 speeds and it can't hurt to check 'em out.

    i'm at 101.7% of epa, winter and all.....

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