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  1. Dan

    Dan KiloTanked in post 153451

    Seen a few requests for "how to get a signature" started. So here ya' go.

    (Tom... holler if I botched anything up in the procedure)

    1. Add a car to the Mileage Log - Click Mileage Logs at the top of the screen. Once there click the Add Vehicle to add your car. If you'd like, add the correct zip code to your car to get a stick pen on the CleanMPG map. It shows up under the Research section on the left nav bar. If your concerned about privacy, you might consider putting a zip of a location close to you instead.
    2. Add Tanks - If you don't have tank data, you can skip this step and still put a 0/0/0 signature in. Once your done adding the car, viewing the Mileage Logs page should show you your car as the first listed. Click Add Tanks in the row that your car is listed in. Put in as many tanks as you can, and try not to skip any to keep the database accurate.
    3. View Summary - Back at the Mileage Logs under Vehicle Name for your car you should see your car's name linked to a summary page for your tank data.
    4. Write down URLs - If you look at the URL for the summary page, you should see something like "viewcar=311", the number is your cars number. Write it down.
    5. Get the URL to the sig graphic - If you look a bit further down the page you will see the sig graphic you are interested in. If you right click on it and look at the properties, you should see something like {}. That's your sig graphic URL that we will be using.
    6. Edit your User Profile - When reading a thread there will be a top nav bar that has a User Profile link. Click it to edit your profile.
    7. Edit your Signature - Once in the Profile editor, you will see a nav bar to edit your signature. Click it and you get what looks like a small post edit box. This is where you put your sig graphic. While your editing your Profile, it might be a good time to enter location information as well as vehicle information. This shows up at the top of all your posts so people get and idea of where your from and what you drive.
    8. Enter your sig graphic - Easiest way is to just hit the little Insert Image icon in your editor pane (looks like a mountain and sun). You'll get a pop-up for the image URL. Enter the one you harvested earlier (don't put in 311... that's mine).
    9. Advanced - If you want a historical MPG view, put a "his" before the number in the URL. For example {}. This shows progress a bit better and is a nice feature.

    PS... Don't use the curly brackets for URLs, I just typed them so this post would read better.

    Good luck and enjoy.

  2. PaleMelanesian

    PaleMelanesian Beat the System Staff Member

    Which EPA estimates to use for your mileage log?

    First, you can find the ratings from

    If your car is a 2008+ model, there is only one option. Use that one.

    If your car is a 2007 model or earlier, there are two options. The one that comes up by default at is the new, adjusted for 2008 rating.
    You should use the old 2007 rating - the one it was given when it was sold. You should not use the new, adjusted rating. Click on "Compare to Official EPA Window Sticker MPG" to find the unadjusted rating, and use that one.

    This way, everyone is reporting the same statistics and the mileage database is consistent. The Skilled / Expert / Elite Hypermiler ratings are calculated differently for 2008 and newer than for 2007 and older cars.

    To get a table like some of us have, use this code. Just change the curly brackets {} to square ones []. The extra || in the middle is just for spacing. You could do a single | if you like.

    {table}A || B
    C || D

    Gives you this:
    A B
    C D
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  3. Skwyre7

    Skwyre7 Well-Known Member

    Here is another "How To..." thread with some added info.
  4. scottgriz

    scottgriz Well-Known Member

    Ok, I followed the directions above and every time I add a tank I don't get a dynamically updating sig. Instead I have to go back through the step to get my sig to update.
    What am I missing?
  5. Dan

    Dan KiloTanked in post 153451

    Your tag is supposed to look something like:

    Currently yours is:

    Look for the link to the png file from your mileage log page.

  6. brian.ingram

    brian.ingram Sacrifice more than golf!

    Thanks! Took some hunting and pecking, but I eventually got it!
  7. chilimac02

    chilimac02 Bible Professor & Minister

    So, is there any way I could include this in an email signature through outlook?
  8. pjnofrills

    pjnofrills New Member

    Thanks for the instructions, lets see if it works!
  9. Juggler

    Juggler Member

    Looking for more tips -2008 TCH

    I just got my oil changed in my Toy Cam Hybrid (5k miles). All I got before was 34/42 city/hiway. I was using several techniques. Coasting, slow accel and stops, air pressure at max and minimum speeds. After the oil change (and reading one of your posts) I hoped to get better mileage and also adopted the following methods:
    1-pulse & glide method above 42 mph
    2-repeatedly use EV on my short 8 mile commute one-way and for under 43 mph.
    3-Air cond off and crack windows 2".

    All of this activity now has me getting almost 45mpg in town. I will find out this weekend about the long range as I have a 1,300 trip planned. I will try to pulse & glide or cruise (on flats).

    I am using the screen that shows the EV/ICE/SOC conditions. I am not positive if my use of P&G is correct aould really appreciate tips to squeeze out something closer to my girlfriend's 2001 Pruis (45/50). Hopefully I am there, but this is kind of fun to keep maximizing it.
  10. jppII

    jppII Member

    Can not find my vehicle on epa site. Can you help? 05 Dodge 2500HD 4X4 Cummings turbo D auto
    thx, John
  11. Project01SC2

    Project01SC2 Well-Known Member

    That is a hard one to find.... the most I can come up with is a review that says the truck gets 23mpg mixed driving and they got 16-18 mpg while towing. If nothing else i hope this gives a good basis to start from.
  12. Dan

    Dan KiloTanked in post 153451

    Commercial vehicles are not tested for emissions. This is the SUV loophole. Anything over 6000 lbs (I think) is considered commercial (or some similar "not for testing" designation).

  13. gfdengine204

    gfdengine204 Well-Known Member

    I notice some folks signature graphics are clickable to pull up graphs and history; mine does not do this. Am I missing something here?

  14. Dan

    Dan KiloTanked in post 153451

    Here's mine. Basically you encase your "img" tag in a "url" tag.
    [COLOR="Red"][B][SIZE="3"]Currently atempting a  [URL=""]KiloTank WITH AC (1000 mile tank)[/URL][/SIZE][/B][/COLOR]
    [URL=""]Houston Hybrid and Hypermilers Club <>[/URL]
    [COLOR=Blue]Best commute[/COLOR] = 14.3mi @ [COLOR=Red]114[/COLOR] MPG (sg2)
    [COLOR=purple]Best (non-trivial) tank[/COLOR] = 769mi @ [COLOR=Red]85.7[/COLOR] MPG (fcd)
    [COLOR=Red]MPG Centurion[/COLOR]-[COLOR=Blue]Hybridfest 2007[/COLOR]-[COLOR=purple]Prius II[/COLOR]-26mi @ [COLOR=Red]106[/COLOR] MPG (sg2)
    [B]Dan[/B] <11011011>
  15. gfdengine204

    gfdengine204 Well-Known Member

    Thanks Dan......that clears it up! :)
  16. Showbizk

    Showbizk Well-Known Member

    Dan: You are the MAN!!!! I just finished your fairly easy-to-follow sig instructions. As you can see, they worked like a charm! Kudos!!
  17. Dan

    Dan KiloTanked in post 153451

    no problem... welcome...

  18. roxon

    roxon New Member

    test of my sig.
  19. drimportracing

    drimportracing Pizza driver: 61,000+ deliveries

    I did it!!! Thanks.
  20. Pierce

    Pierce Well-Known Member

    Just testing. . .

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