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Discussion in 'Smartphones and GPS Navigation' started by xcel, Sep 4, 2014.

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    Verizon LTE Throttling
    Yeah, I am looking hard right now... As a 1 to 7 GB/month mobile user, it could have an impact.

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    You can thank Wall Street for this. Carriers are pressured to increase revenue every quarter, no matter how much they make. These are thinly disguised ploys to get people to switch to higher cost, lower cap plans. If there is any congestion, and that's a point that most people take issue with, perhaps the carriers need to consider reinvesting some of their dividends in network upgrades instead of sending every last penny of profit to millionaire shareholdersWayne-TMobile offers a plan at WalMart only that's only 100 minutes a month, no free nights or weekends, but has a 5 gig data cap. You might consider this for a second phone to use for tethering. There is no roaming with plan however. If you're not on TMo network you have no data.
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    Hi Nathan:

    Apparently some are getting around an upgrade discontinuance by purchasing a new phone online and dropping in the SIM from their present Verizon unlimited data legacy phone.

    Still debating moving to a pre-paid T-Mobile MNVO deal. Where it is good, it is really good. Where it is bad, it is unusable. Not good for me but the pricing buries anything anyone can get from Verizon. :(

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    Verizon closed that loophole a few weeks ago. No longer works. Sun Times has a complimentary article about improved Moto phones, one of which is only $179 and you own it. You can use it with the carrier of your choice, probably excluding Verizon since they use a different technology for the radio. I have a note 3, where they actually locked the TMo/AT&T 4G band, but I was able to unlock it. It does work on TMo, I tried it with a SIM I had and did get data service.
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    Hi Nathan:

    Some performed the Verizon SIM move trick a few days ago but it was through a certain online vendor and no person involvement. Something about deselecting the 2 GB plan during purchase.

    Looking for a Note 3 myself. Really concerned about T-Mobile. Lots of complaints about no phone when on the road. As in no voice. Data was long gone compared to the big V.

    Once you choose GSM, T-Mobile and AT&T is all you get vs. CDMA and Verizon.

    Prepaid get no taxes but Verizon is trying to add $40 per line plus the $45 to $80 plans. Rip for 1 to 1.5 GB and unlimited Talk and Text for $90 not incl. any Corporate discounts.

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    Some phones have all inclusive radios that work on both CDMA and GSM. The Verizon world phones have this functionality, and as I said they had deactivated LTE band 4 on my Verizon Note 3 (which I bought outright to keep unlimited data.) I had to root it to gain access to the radio menu. If VZW pisses me off too much I want to be able to dump them, keep the same phone, and switch carriers. I am hoping at some point to relocate to Nashville, and I was already told by a local TMo sales guy with relatives in Nashville TMo service down there is spotty.
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    T-Mobile isn't so great around here. The price would be better than I'm paying AT&T now but my wife in particular needs her phone to function anywhere, anytime. I'm as stingy as it gets with these things and even I can't justify the "savings."
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    As a moderator on a cell phone forum ( I must warn you that the carriers in the US are implementing LTE on different bands, so even though the phone is LTE, it may not work with all carriers on LTE. Verizon's world phones do have the capability of using CDMA and GSM, but Verizon disables the GSM portion of the phone in the US. They do not allow GSM roaming in the US.
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    Hi Tim:

    There is a T-Mobile retailer about 1-mile from my home and my parents. I am going to try and convince both to allow me to borrow a phone for 30-minutes to see if it is any good at both IL locations. Over the road, "screwed" is probably a good description. ;)

    Jay, read the first and last pages. It looks like Verizon Unlimited customers can stiil work around it...

    Verizon - Keep Unlimited


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