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Discussion in 'Ford Hybrids' started by woodi, Aug 14, 2014.

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    Hello all, as this is a first post I guess I should introduce myself a bit as well as delve in to all my detailed content. I have a 2009 FEH that just rolled 100,000 miles, it was purchased used last summer and has taken my wife and I from coast to coast and now up to Juneau Alaska all with a 1500lbs camper in tow and all of our life on board. It has been an amazing vehicle for this purpose and we are extremely please with it.

    Here she is resting near the top of Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park

    All along though I have been wanting to monitor lots of system parameters to keep an eye on the health of the vehicle and finally the past few weeks have found the time to delve into it.

    I am using the Torque Pro Android app ($5 in the play store) and a cheap bluetooth OBII reader I bought off ebay several years ago to check and clear CEL codes. The app is a pretty neat little piece of software and for the price it's quite hard to go wrong.

    I started by taking the 2005 FEH PID spreadsheet on google docs and copying the list of scangauge X gauges to my own sheet. I then developed formulas to parse the scangauge inputs and put them into the format that torque uses for importing custom PIDs. The result is a little bit ugly in the formula section but thus far seems to be working pretty well with a little tweaking.

    ScanGauge to Torque FEH

    This file as is can be exported from google docs to a csv file and loaded onto your phone in the directory .torque/extendedpids Once in this location you should be able to open torque got to settings > maange extra PIDS/sensors > ... >Add predefined set and the new CSV files should show up in the list. Once they are there you can edit them and tweak them as necessary, monitor them all with torque scan, or add gauges for them on your Torque dashboard.

    With some tweaking I have managed to get quite a few of them working though I am a bit uncertain as to whether or not they are responding with proper meaningful results.

    One gauge I am particularly interested in thanks to all the towing I do is the transmission temperature. I seem to have two gauges for this and each displays different data. The eCVT temp gauge from the spreadsheet and a transmission temperature gauge loaded from another predefined custom PID list in torque. Of course one is in f and one is in C so direct comparisons are not quite possible but based on my quick in head c to f conversions the eCVT temp gauge reads quite a bit lower than the tranmission temperature gauge, for anyone using the scangauge what is your typcial range for eCVT temp?

    Another gauge I've found quite questionable is the %AWD gauge. It connects and returns a value but almost always is reading 0%, yesterday while driving I was able to get the numbers to move around a bit and peak around 54%. So my question for anyone using this Xgauge does it usually read 0 and only show a number in extreme conditions when the wheels are spinning? I was under the impression that there was almost always some amount of lockup going on that would register on the gauge even in dry conditions.

    Well if you've made it this far thanks for reading and I'll be interested to see if anyone has any input to share or finds any of this useful for their own use. I know there was a thread discussing 2009+ xgauges for the FEH and I would love to get my hands on a list of what PIDs changed so I can get those gauges up to date for my 09, but thus far the 05 list and a few others I've found on the web have been providing me with a good bit of data to play with.
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    SOLD! I'll take everything, the FEH, the camper the phone and the BT dongle... ... umm ... $100 a month okay?

    I understood the FEH AWD system to be more "on demand" so unless you're driving it hard you shouldn't really see it kick in much.
  3. 08EscapeHybrid

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    The FEH's 4wd system activates every time you start from a stop. Ford's logic was its better to start with it on than try to regain traction if it slips.
  4. woodi

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    Makes sense on the 4WD bit. I was getting acceptable readings on a drive yesterday after I posted this. Though it seems like for some reason whatever module it is addressing to get the 4WD data from responds for a minute or two and then stops. It's quite possible that the cheap made in china bluetooth reader I'm using just isn't quite up to the dask of communicating all this data in realtime.

    I'm on to trying to get the traction battery amp gauges working. I seem to have three options, two that are mode 22 and one that's simply PID 0308, I was trying to use the 0308 one last night without success but looking at the PID list i found that the TCM and TBCM both have a current read out, one being the "transaxle current" and one being "Traction battery current." Am I right in assuming that "traction battery current" is always going to have slightly higher draw than transaxle since that's going to include any draw it's using to power the radio, fan motors, head lights, etc?

    I'm thinking this is an interesting bit of info to look at both for learning to drive more efficiently and for when I have the camper hooked up since I have a 12v deep cycle battery in the camper that I charge off the car 12V system while driving. I'm interested to see how many amps that pulls off the traction battery when I switch the charging system on.
  5. woodi

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    Gonna take a lot more than that to get me to give up this rig, I love this thing.
  6. 08EscapeHybrid

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    Well, it sounds like you're experiencing normal operation. It starts with 4wd on from a stop, and slowly tapers off provided it detects no wheel slip. By the time you're going about 20 MPH its usually stopped sending any power to the rear wheels.
  7. aca2983

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    I have Torque and probably the same Bluetooth ODB dongle as you. Haven't set it up in my new wheels yet, but I used it in the old one. Great app.
  8. CarlD

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    Basically almost any PID other than those from the Traction Battery and Transmission are different for 2009-12. Maybe the 4WD module is the same but I don't know. The transmission temp should be the same for the FEH. I know that for the FE it is different. The reading that is returned is the temp in degrees F divided by 8. Strange but true. When Ford switched to the ISO format in other vehicles the trans temp DID became a 2's complement in degrees C.

    The traction battery current with a TXD of 0308 is not a PID, but is a bus-sniffing gauge specific to the scangauge. Don't know if the torque app can eavesdrop on the bus or not.
    The other currents are in 2's complement form, which was a problem for the scangauge early on. Eventually the SG firmware was fixed so that 2's complement PIDs display correctly but I can't remember exactly which version fixed this.

    I have been meaning to get the torque app and play with it but haven't gotten around to it yet.
  9. woodi

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    What should I be seeing as a normal number for transmission temp? The gauge I've got running is showing less than 100f all the time...seems quite cool. Looking at the math I'm using it looks like it's treating it as two's compliment divided by 8. ((A*256)+B)/8 in torque terms.
  10. CarlD

    CarlD Well-Known Member

    That sounds about right. My eCVT temp is rarely more than 30F degrees above ambient, even when ambient is 115F. If your MECS pump starts to fail you will see it much higher very quickly.

    2's complement won't make any difference until your eCVT temp gets above 4,096F:rolleyes:
  11. woodi

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    Thanks carl, seems like the gauges I'm using at the moment are all working pretty well. I've got torque setup to read out inst mpg, avg mpg, ecvt temp, cht, %awd, soc, %load, and transaxle current. That's as much room as I've got on my screen for small gauges, been quite helpful in driving more efficiently so far.
  12. palmtree

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    This should be very helpful for me. Thanks.
    If I only want a couple of the PIDS can I just enter them manually? I really only need SOC, AWD% and maybe a few others.
  13. woodi

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    Yeah you can key them in manually from the database if that's easier for you. The CSV just makes it easy to toss them all in there at once. Some of them aren't working for me, others work great, though quite a few tend to stick. I.e. you get readings when you first start torque but after a few minutes a bunch of the values will just stick and not refresh, a quick unplug and replug of the adapter will get everything cruising again but it's kind of annoying. I suspect this is an issue with my old super cheap adapter not torque itself.

    I may have made some changes on my phone and not pushed them back to the google doc so if you run into any issues with the gauges you want to use, post em up and I'll see if I've made any changes to those gauges on my device.

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