Tesla will launch a $30,000 Model E by 2017

Discussion in 'BEV or Battery Electric Vehicle' started by JohnM, Jul 4, 2014.

  1. JohnM

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    Owning a Tesla is a tempting proposition. The cars are marketed as zero emission and recharging your battery is free at Superchargers, so over the long term it’s a very cheap car to run. The one barrier to entry? The high cost of buying one in the first place. The Tesla Model S costs $70,000.

    Tesla isn’t standing still when it comes to making its cars more affordable, though, and intends to introduce a Model E compact saloon for just $30,000. There’s still a while to wait before the Model E arrives, with late 2016-early 2017 being the time frame for its introduction, but it’s coming and it’s all thanks to Tesla’s Gigafactory.

  2. NeilBlanchard

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    Not to quibble, but I think the target price is $35,000. And I don't think they can call it the Model E - Ford apparently has dibs on that name.

    This is what will break open the EV market. a 150-250 mile range EV with a reasonably affordable price. Go Tesla! I hope they are joined by 3 or 4 competitors, too.
  3. rfruth

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    Hope too many corners won't be cut to get the price down (less expensive batteries won't do it all) sure do hope its successful ((but not so much that the competition is scared off )) !
  4. NeilBlanchard

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    With good engineering, they can get they price down. If they can lower the aero drag to say a Cd of 0.20, and if they can reduce the losses in the drivetrain, from say 15% to <10%, and if they can use thermal insulation to passively stabilize the temperature inside the car, and also if they use a heat pump, and a direct heating defroster. Heated seats, low-E glass (to reduce heat gain in the summer), and even things like thin seats - that save a lot of room inside the car, so you either get more room and/or the car can be smaller and lighter. We seem to see a lot of cars that fill up too much interior space with overstuffed seats. Good ergonomic design can make theem much more comfortable, but keep them slim and light.

    If they can do these things, then it would lower the energy consumption enough to have a smaller battery pack, that keeps the price of the car to their goal.
  5. WriConsult

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    Tesla could achieve major cost savings on the wheels and tires alone. When I first saw the Model S on the showroom floor my very first thought was "wow, I sure wouldn't want to have to pay to replace those!"

    And I'm sure there's a ton of other stuff that's expected on luxury cars, which the Model S is, and is not expected on more sensible cars, which the Model "E" will be. No doubt the profit margin will be lower - after all, Mercedes and BMW make their money on margin, not volume - but Honda and Toyota still manage to stay in business, mostly selling non-luxury cars.
  6. rdprice64

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    I think they are going to be very caution to ensure that the "mystic" and brand image of the Tesla remain in tact, even with the model E.
  7. xcel

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    Hi All:

    As of today, March 16, 2022, a new base 267-mile Model 3 can be purchased for $48,490 + TTL. So much for a $30k automobile.


    2022 Tesla Model 3 Long Range: $55,940 + TTL
    2022 Tesla Model 3 Performance: $63,440 + TTL

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  8. Trollbait

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    If a "$30,000" Model 3 was available, what would the wait time be?
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  9. EdwinTheMagnificent

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    Infinity , plus 12 weeks.
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  10. BillLin

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    I could not think of a witty reply using imaginary numbers. I like your infinity plus 12 weeks.
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  11. xcel

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    Hi Edwin:
    Best reply to a post I have seen in forever + 3.14159... days. ;)

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