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Discussion in 'Ford Hybrids' started by CarlD, May 25, 2014.

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    This is an x-gauge that measures the current drawn by the A/C compressor for 2010-12 FEH. Might work for Fusions and C-Max but don't know for sure. A rough estimate for power would be to take the displayed value of amps multiplied by 300 to get watts or 0.3 to get kW.

    Have seen 8 amps highest so far, roughly 2.5kW of power for an FEH or MMH. Fusion and C_Max have lower voltage batteries, if the x-gauge does work for them.

    TXD: 07C722406F
    RXF: 04628540066F
    RXD: 3008
    MTH: 000200010000
    NAM: Iac

    Saw 10.8 amps yesterday when it was 108. That is over 3.5kW....or almost 5 horsepower. That is enough power to pull the FEH along at 25MPH in EV.

    New high of 12.6 amps - over 4kW!
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    Awesome CarlD--thank you so much for posting some of these PIDs for late-model FEH/MMH. I will try out this X-Gauge today.

    I have some more questions about 2009+ X-Gauges but will post that in your more general thread rather than go off-topic in this one.

    Thanks again.

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