real savings on HCHII are 32 Dlls a week, 3328 Dlls every 2 years compared To

Discussion in 'Honda Hybrids' started by fileaudio, Mar 5, 2014.

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    after Calculate the real cost of ownership of the HCHII and real fuel savings, the civic hybrid gave me 32 Dlls per week compared to my Highlander 4cyl that waste 44 Dlls every week the HCHII are using 12 Dlls a week normally used averaging 49 mpg, city 80% highW 20%.. almost 5000 in 3 years that's a bargain in my opinion I purchased the car for $7650, for the car with 43000 miles,
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    Wow you did get a bargain, and you really cut down on cost and gas usage, nice

    I used to have a Jeep Wrangler 6cyl which I bought in 1999 when gas was 99 cents/gal. When $4 gas hit in 08, I was hurting, and bought the HCH II

    I went from 230 miles per 19 gallons to 500+ miles on 12.5 gallons!
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    Well considering that New the car cost 5000+ than a regular civic, and that honda installed a new battery pack... then yes it is a bargain.. I'm happy with the last tank avg 54mpg, I almost forgot when was the last time I put gas and where... 22 days aprox with the same tank 4 of those days in the honda service for new battery install. I'm reading some Edmunds forum where people claimed only getting 26/38mpg and Don't believing that the HCHII can get 46mpg .... then I'm Happy with my car this 40 days with it.. cheers
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    In 6 years I've never had a tank below 42MPG even in the winter when it gets low. In the summer its always close or above 50MPG

    Also, the Honda MPG gauge is very conservative. When I used 'Fuelly' and tracked my MPG using actual fuel fill-ups and mileage, I always had better mileage than the Honda display by about 2MPG more
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    Ohhh well that's good to know! I know I'm beating the Epa right now, my mpg is on 54.2 and is still winter, and mostly city..... . the day I travelled only on freeway, I avg 69mpg and take a pic,

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