Following Up on the Mazda’s SKYACTIV-D Continuing Release Pushback

Discussion in 'Mazda' started by xcel, Jan 9, 2014.

  1. xcel

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    [​IMG] The much anticipated turbo diesel is delayed yet again. Possibly indefinitely? I hope not. :(

    [​IMG]Wayne Gerdes - CleanMPG - Jan. 9, 2014

    Mazda’s 2.2L SKYACTIV-D

    Anyone remember the conversation that Wxman brought up regarding the 2.2L SKYACTIV-D is meeting Euro VI but missing Tier II/Bin5 NOx emissions targets in late 2012? A little refresher as it was reveled in the UKs detailed automobile emissions profile that the Mazda6 with the 2.2L SLYACTIV-D was easily meeting Europe’s Euro VI regulations, it was still falling significantly short of our own Tier II/Bin5 hard targets.

    In the Euro 6 Mazda CX-5 2.2 SKYACTIV-D (175PS) AWD, NOx emissions are certified at 68 mg/km (0.068 g/km). That would be about 0.11 g/mile, which would exceed the Bin 5 0.07 g/mile limit for NOx.

    The caveat is that the test duty cycle (FTP) is not identical in the U.S./Canada.

    Mazda this morning announced that it has again delayed the 2.2L SKYACTIV-D launch for North America which could be the death knell to its availability in the US. We have spoken with Mazda on numerous occasions and the first setback was the removal of any 6-speed MT availability last year. After that another delay was announced with the last release time table said to be summer of 2014 at the earliest.

    In a short PR, Mazda announced that the launch of its SKYACTIV-D clean diesel engine in North America is being further delayed from its spring 2014 announced debut timing.

    Mazda said the SKYACTIV-D can meet Tier II/Bin5 in detuned form without the use of a NOx after-treatment system – read SCR with DEF -- it was decided that further development is required to deliver the right balance of fuel economy and performance.

    Fortunately they said it was not a close the door and batten down the hatches type situation

    2014 Mazda6 with the 2.2L SKYACTIV-D in Europe


    Here are a few of the stories following Mazda’s 2.2L SKYACTIV-D progress from early discussion through today.
  2. PaleMelanesian

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    I'd be happy with a gasser with manual and wagon out back. That or the new Civic wagon. Pretty much those two are the only things that would bring me in to buy today. A diesel would be icing on the cake but I can make gas work.
  3. seftonm

    seftonm Veteran Staff Member

    I'm starting to think that we'll never see it.
  4. xcel

    xcel PZEV, there's nothing like it :) Staff Member

    Hi Mike:

    With the new 2.0L EA288 TDI almost here, I do not think it will matter much even if it does arrive? Mazda has spent a lot of money to promote both the Mazda6 and the SKYACTIV-D in their racing and it sure would be a shame to see half of that effort go to waste.

  5. Jay

    Jay Well-Known Member

    Nothing wrong with the 2.2 D if it can meet tough Euro VI emissions. The problem is with the EPA. They've set the emissions bar absurdly high. They don't want Americans to have these clean, very fuel-efficient cars.
  6. WriConsult

    WriConsult Super Moderator

    Hmm ... a long and eagerly anticipated diesel engine not making it here after all.

    How many times have we been through this before? Honda .... Subaru .... Ford .... now Mazda. :(

    So could they at least send us a SKYACTIV-G engine for the Mazda5 already?

    BTW, just checked the website ... in the past year they have finally upgraded the gas engine on the Premacy (Mazda5 here), and it's rated at 16.2km/l on the JC08, just a hair shy of the 2WD CX-5's 16.4km/l. Now a Mazda5 that gets the 26/35 mpg of a CX-5? That's what I want!
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  7. SI_Prius

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    Re : Re: Following Up on the Mazda’s SKYACTIV-D Continuing Release Pushback

    Apparently not so clean. Why doesn't VW have this problem, It looks as Mazda is to stubborn to add additional NOx treatment, or they are not seeing many units sold to be worth it, too bad.

    A car manufacturer will always make a car that is just good enough for the emissions on the target market. VW is selling Euro5 Passat TDI with 94-143 mg/km NOx in Europe, but in US they can easily make it LEV-II ULEV with additional treatment.
  8. EdwinTheMagnificent

    EdwinTheMagnificent Legend In His Mind

    If all it needs is SCR with DEF to make it legal , MAKE IT SO.

    There , that wasn't so hard, was it ?
  9. PaleMelanesian

    PaleMelanesian Beat the System Staff Member

    Amen, brother! Mazda, you have all the parts to do this, just make it happen already!
  10. xcel

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    Hi All:

    2014 Mazda SKYACTIV-D powered LMP2 Prototype

    In action at Daytona.​

    While nobody knows when or if we will ever see the SKYACTIV-D here in the US, Mazda's turbo diesel US racing program continues into its second year. With the GX-Class eliminated, Mazda moved to LMP2 prototype using a new vehicle design and layout while the engine is nearly identical to that used in last year’s Mazda6 race car.

    [fflash=right][/fflash]Mazda’s 2014 SKYACTIV-D powered LMP2 Prototype in action at Daytona.

    Everything from the flywheel to the wheels however is all new. Over the course of the 2013 season, the team broke more than a dozen racing driveline components, but no stock Mazda parts.

    2014 Mazda Prototype Specifications

    As part of its challenger frame of mind, Mazda is the only car company racing in the TUDOR Championship with a diesel engine. The SKYACTIV-D Clean Diesel race engine is a true production-based engine and a carry-over from the development work done with the championship winning Mazda6 GX-class racing cars. The engine is 51 percent stock by parts count, and 63 percent stock by weight. Mazda chose this path as it is the most honest way to demonstrate the performance, quality, durability and reliability of Mazda powerplants.

    Engine Displacement: 2.2L
    Bore x Stroke: 86.0 mm x 94.3 mm (3.39 in x 3.71 in)
    Engine Weight: 315 lbs
    Horsepower: 450 bhp
    Torque: 580 lb-ft
    Max. Engine Speed: 5,200 rpm
    Engine Block: Production Mazda SKYACTIV (Aluminum)
    Camshaft: Dual Overhead
    Valves: Four Valves per Cylinder
    Cylinder Head: Production Mazda SKYACTIV (Aluminum)
    Valve Train Components: Production Mazda SKYACTIV

    Transmission: Xtrac 6-speed sequential with paddle shifters

    Chassis: Carbon-fiber monocoque coupe

    Weight: 1984 lbs – Without driver or fuel

    Length: 182.4 in
    Width: 78.3 in
    Wheelbase: 113.8 in
    Top speed: Approximately 186 mph in Daytona aero trim
    Fuel: Dynamic Fuels Renewable Diesel
    Fuel Capacity: 18.5 gallons

    At this year’s 52nd running of the Daytona Rolex 24, Mazda’s Clean Diesel-powered racing Prototype went wheel-to-wheel with some of the world’s fastest sports cars.

    The two Mazda SKYACTIV Prototypes started the 2014 running of the endurance classic and over the course of the race, they covered 2,826 miles. The No. 07 car came within an hour of the finish before an oil-pump belt failure caused a loss of oil pressure. The No. 70 car covered over 1,300 miles before it was retired due to overheating caused by a clogged radiator.

    While the racing SKYACTIV-D Clean Diesel engine itself was a carry-over from the championship-winning 2013 Grand-Am GX Mazda6 racing program, the greatly increased performance demands of this year’s TUDOR United SportsCar Championship Prototype Class, the top class in the series, meant that it was an entirely new program in terms of testing and development.

    The car was within 10 percent of the leaders on pace and has a 35-percent advantage in range due to the efficiency of the SKYACTIV-D engine. The car also has a high “clean factor,” using a renewable synthetic diesel fuel supplied by Dynamic Fuels. Mazda Motorsports engineers will now address the radiator and belt issues that sidelined their cars this weekend, and turn their attention to dialing in even more speed as the season progresses.

    #07 started 17th and finished 13th in its class, During the race, it suffered cracks in the intercooler resulting in several lengthy pit stops. The death throe arrived when it threw an oil pump belt. With oil pressure lost, the engine was done. It completed 445 laps for a total of 1,584 miles.

    #70 started 16th and finished 14th in its class. It was retired due to overheating due to a clogged radiator from track debris. It completed 369 laps for a total of 1,314 miles.


    If Mazda is continuing to push SKYACTIV-D here in the US under its racing program, surely we will eventually see it in consumer form sometime in the near future?

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  11. EdwinTheMagnificent

    EdwinTheMagnificent Legend In His Mind

    Unless they are just teasing us.

    C'mon , Mazda , do what Honda promised years ago and make a diesel car happen !
  12. tribosessive

    tribosessive Well-Known Member

    Love that 580 lb/ft of torque for hypermiling.:D C'mon Mazda bring us the diesel. What a sweet set up for a CX5 or a 3 hatchback. Hey we can dream. They must be working on a cost effective smog strategy.
  13. xcel

    xcel PZEV, there's nothing like it :) Staff Member

    Hi All:

    While we wait for word of a 2.2L SKYACTIV-D in a 2015 6 or 2015 CX-5, Mazda is releasing a 1.5L SKYACTIV-D in Europe. The much anticipated 1.5L will probably go into the new 2 out of Mexico for European consumption. I am guessing on the last part.

    Maybe someday we will get to see one too?

  14. EdwinTheMagnificent

    EdwinTheMagnificent Legend In His Mind

    I'd almost be happy with the SKYACTIV-G engine in a new 2. But 1.5 litres is too big for this car ; a 1.2 would be better.
    I know , don't hold my breath.
  15. PaleMelanesian

    PaleMelanesian Beat the System Staff Member

    If they would even offer us a Sky-G wagon with a stick, I would buy it tomorrow. I wouldn't wait for the diesel. I would replace the Fit with that. My driveway has two "wagon" style vehicles. As long as they keep it sedan-only, it's a second tier option to me.
  16. xcel

    xcel PZEV, there's nothing like it :) Staff Member

    Hi All:

    Not that this means anything to us here but…

    2014 Mazda6 diesels chase speed records

    At Mazda’s ATP test oval in Papenburg, Germany, the company bested 20 FIA speed records (subject to FIA homologation). Three of the carmaker’s Mazda6 flagships powered by 173 hp 2.2L SKYACTIV-D turbo diesels completed a 24-hour run on the high-speed track this past Sunday. The lead car had an overall average speed of 137 mph with the others close behind. The current record for diesel-powered production cars (2.0-2.5L displacement) is 130.1 mph. Each of the three Mazdas also set several other average speed records over a variety of distances (subject to FIA homologation).

    2014 Mazda6 Turbo Diesels at speed


    The cars, which covered more than 3,286 miles in the 24-hour period, were driven by 23 drivers from seven EU countries. They included professionals as well as journalists and car enthusiasts, who could apply to take part as part of a campaign started by Mazda last May. During their 1.5-hour stints behind the wheel, they were not allowed to follow in the slipstream of a preceding car and needed to be exceptionally careful in the steeply banked curves at each end of the oval to avoid losing speed. Nevertheless, only .5 mph separated the three Mazda6s after 24 hours.

    And the wait continues...

  17. EdwinTheMagnificent

    EdwinTheMagnificent Legend In His Mind

    Nice publicity stunt to get diesel drivers on the Continent more aware of Mazda.

    Key word is "continent" , they(Mazda) know/think Americans don't want diesel cars.
  18. jcp123

    jcp123 Caliente!

    Ick, def. If government wants to foist that on us, they should pay for it, not the consumer.
  19. xcel

    xcel PZEV, there's nothing like it :) Staff Member

    Hi James:

    I am of the opinion that the Tier II regs are a benefit to the American consumer. Tier III regs are overkill. Considering Jet planes have no exhaust treatment (no way to include them), ramping up ever more stringent emissions beyond what makes sense even locally - Southern California comes to mind, the EPA may be getting out of hand.

    That said, SKYACTIV-D has to meet Tier II-Bin5 and without SCR, it cannot with any kind of reasonable performance. Mazda's chiefs are to proud to add SCR for the U.S. at this point.

  20. xcel

    xcel PZEV, there's nothing like it :) Staff Member

    Hi All:

    Bringing this one back... Along with what we heard in LA and Detroit, I was told in Chicago an even more modern 2.2L SKYACTIV-D with SCR is coming to the US and is scheduled for the CX-5 very soon.

    There will be some new tech in the piston wrist pin - maybe it was the connecting rod sleeve bearing - if I overheard the conversation correctly which will surely make other OEM engineers say, "Why didn't I think of that?"

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