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    James Davis - CleanMPG - Dec 16, 2013.

    Winter is here, and driving a Volt we all know what running the heater does to the range. Winter also seems to keep me outside, in the cold way more than I'd like.

    What to do?

    Meet the Dewalt DCHJ060!


    Back in July Dewalt® announced its new line of heated jackets that can be powered by DEWALT 20V MAX or 12V MAX lithium ion batteries. The jackets are capable of providing hours of core body warmth and continuous heat. There are 4 different styles available: a soft shell work jacket, a hooded work jacket, a True Timber® camouflage jacket, and a True Timber® Blaze Orange camouflage jacket.

    Each jacket offers a water- and wind-resistant outer shell, an LED controller with three temperature settings plus pre-heat mode, and three core body heating zones: left and right chest, and back. The soft shell work jacket and camouflage jackets offer a fourth heating zone in the collar.

    The heating power is transferred from the batteries to the jacket by a USB power source that is also capable of charging up to two electronic devices that are USB-compatible. “Professional contractors work and play in all weather conditions. In cold weather, DEWALT heated jackets will provide warmth and protection from the elements,” says Sean Templeton, Product Manager, DEWALT.

    Jackets can be purchased kitted (jacket, 20V MAX/12V MAX USB power source, 20V MAX battery, and 20V MAX charger) or bare (jacket and 20V MAX/12V MAX USB power source only). The jackets (bare and kitted) will retail for between $149.00 and $229.00 each and are available in sizes S-3XL through distributors. The new heated jackets come with a one-year limited warranty and 90-day money-back guarantee.

    With a 90-day money back guarantee I said, "why not give it a try?" I made my way to the Shell Fuel Rewards Network Online Mall and found the Dewalt products offered thru Home Depot with 2X Rewards. Home Depot was also offering $25 off select Dewalt products and free shipping.

    I went with the Soft Shell Work Jacket with a retail price of $209, minus $25 off from Home Depot and $1.20/gallon in fuel savings from Shell Fuel Rewards Network ($1.20/gallon with 20 gallon max = $24 off my fillup in the Express van). The Soft Shell Work Jacket won my attention because of the 4th heating zone in the collar.

    The Good:
    - Upon picking up my box at Home Depot, I found everything included as promised and a bonus candy cane on the box. :) This jacket kit came with the jacket, battery, usb adapter, and battery charger.
    - The jacket has a nice fit and is thin enough that I can wear it under my other winter work coat.
    - The heat provided is excellent! All 4 heat zones (left chest, right chest, back, and neck) seem to provide equal and nicely balanced heat.
    - Battery charges fairly fast. Instructions say 30 minutes, but I havent timed it yet.
    - Adjustable cuffs on the arms and waist are nice too.
    - Openings are included in the jacket so you can route your USB charging cords inside the liner.

    The not so good:
    - Battery is a bit bulky and heavy for a jacket. It is placed in a pocket just above the left hip. While I have had no problems driving with the battery in place, it does hit my cell phone clipped on my left side. I have gotten used to the battery hanging back there. Most of the time I dont notice it until I take the jacket off
    - The heat has randomly turned off while driving the van. I think the seat belt is pushing the on/off button. Next time in the van I will watch where the belt hits.
    - It would be nice to be able to see the battery level gauge without unplugging and reattaching the battery.
    - Adjustable collar would be nice to help snug it up and keep the heat on your neck.
    - I could not find a size guide anywhere online before I ordered it. The only sizing information I could find was to order it snug so the heaters are heating you and not the air inbetween you and the jacket. A simple sizing chart would be easy for Dewalt to add to their site. FWIW - I usually wear a 42-44 jacket and ordered a large from Dewalt. It fits me nice.

    So far I have only went out in the cold with this jacket under my winter coat. Even on low heat I have ended up too hot. Tomorrow I will venture out without my big bulky winter work coat. It is supposed to be about 14F when I leave the house and walk 2 blocks to get the car. I am confident that my upper body will be plenty warm enough for the walk, and 15 mile ride to work (without the heat on in the Volt)!

    Approximate battery run times I've experienced:
    On high -1 hour 54 minutes
    On medium - 2 hours 45 minutes
    On low - 5 hours
    Recharge time from completely dead - 28 minutes

    I'm not the type that usually drops $200 on a piece of clothing, but so far I am extremely satsified with the purchase and performance of this jacket.

    Over the next couple weeks I will try to get some battery life times posted on each heat setting.
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  2. Carcus

    Carcus Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the review.

    I've already got the 1.5ah (20v) batteries. I'm curious if this might work for winter motorcycle riding. With 2 batteries I would hope that's enough for a day's ride utilizing medium or high (?)
  3. I left the house on foot a little after 6 AM. Walked the 2 blocks down to the shop to get the Volt out. By the time I got inside I was a little chilled. Checked the temperature outside, it was -9F. Just had the Dewalt jacket on over my long sleve shirt.

    I noticed with wind hitting the jacket directly you dont feel as much heat. But with the dewalt jacket under another coat, I've been sweating.

    I did email dewalt to see if they would tell me the elec pull and watts of each heat zone.

    Doing a timed trial now. Fully charged battery, jacket on medium. Will post results as I get them.
  4. Carcus

    Carcus Well-Known Member

    I figured the dewalt coat would have to go under my road coat. The coldest I ride in is about 20 deg F, ...but, of course, 70 mph wind is a huge factor. I'm pretty sure it would be plenty heat on for the full fairing Goldwing, the challenge would be winter riding on my klr 650.

    /-9? ....that's just not right
  5. I know. Forcast was saying teens for the temp at 6am. I was hoping the ice wouldn't run in the Volt. So wrong! 26F inside the garage and plummeted as soon as I pulled out. 'Engine running due to temperature' message before I got off my street. Uggg, only 68mpg for the drive in this morning. :D
  6. NeilBlanchard

    NeilBlanchard Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the review. I bought a couple of battery electric heated vests; one for my brother and one for my father, who each drive an i MiEV. I got the "Best Heated Vest":

    I was concerned that the heated areas are fairly small, but my brother says it works pretty well. They prevent the accidental switching by making you hold the switch in for 2 seconds, but this makes it slightly less easy to use; for my Dad in particular. The battery is fairly small, and it sits in the front lower left pocket. I think it is a 7V lithium unit.

    Can you post some pictures of the inside of your jacket? Is the wiring hidden? Can you add a second battery?
  7. EdwinTheMagnificent

    EdwinTheMagnificent Legend In His Mind

    We had +9 deg F here this morning. A regular heat wave.
  8. Same thing here, 2 seconds to turn it on or off. I think my seatbelt in the van pushed it off the other day.

    Here are a few pics:

    Outside battery pocket:

    Battery inside its pocket. This is the only wire you see. There are openings to feed your own usb charge cord from the pocket to the inside of the jacket:

    Battery pack in my hand:

    Inside left chest area. Power button and a pocket:

    Approx 2hrs 45min from full charge to dead, on medium heat today.
    Approx 28 minutes from dead to full charge.
  9. NeilBlanchard

    NeilBlanchard Well-Known Member

    Thanks - that is a pretty large battery pack.
  10. bestmapman

    bestmapman Fighting untruth and misinformation

    I need one of these for my bike.
  11. Updated the op with run times.
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  12. I feel like I'm on a 'stuff not performing as it should' trip this week...

    Heat still works great. Battery life seems great still. Even tried the usb plug to charge my phone the other day - What a cool feature!


    The stitching is coming undone, the velcro has detached off one pocket flap, and doesnt hold on the sleeves. I only wear this while driving the volt, and out walking. Never while I'm working, so I havent been hard on it like most of my clothes.

    I contacted DeWalt by phone. They instantly said, "We have an issue with the stitching and velcro. We will send a prepaid shipping label, and a new jacket."

    Will update when the new jacket arrives.
  13. EdwinTheMagnificent

    EdwinTheMagnificent Legend In His Mind

    That's good news. Maybe Chevrolet will give you a new Volt , too !
  14. I wont hold my breath on that one.
    Still waiting for my cell phone to be replaced - 5 months old and it died Jan 1. :(
  15. I'll start by saying I dont respond well to poor customer service or stupidity.

    Dewalt received my jacket Monday Feb 17th.

    I called this week (2 weeks after they received mine) to see if they had shipped the replacement.

    The guy on the phone said - it takes a day or two to process the return and ship out a replacement.

    Me - You got it 2 weeks ago
    Rep - yes, and it takes a couple days to process, so call back later in the week
    Me - But you've had it 2 weeks already. It takes 2-3 days to process, so what is the status of my return?
    Rep - Well, we had bad weather yesterday. So I dont know if the mail showed up or not, then it takes a couple days to process.
    Me - It already showed up, 2 weeks ago.
    Rep - Sir, we had bad weather yesterday. Most places were closed. The mail shows up around noon and I dont even know if we got any mail yesterday
    Me - UPS shows it was signed for 2 weeks ago. Its not a matter of if the mail showed up yesterday, or bad weather yesterday. You got it 2 weeks ago.
    Rep - how about you give me the tracking number and I will call you back in 2-3 days so I can see if it has shown up and process the mail
    Me - It has a 90 day money back guarantee - I'm a few days away from 90, how about a refund.
    Rep - I will process that and get back with you in 2-3 days

    I'll be shopping the other brands for a replacement - Bosch - Milwaukee

    Replacement for my bricked phone finally showed up - that only took 2 months
  16. Dewalt rep called Friday. Apologized for the first guy and asked where to send refund. Told him I really want the jacket, just got peeved at the nonsense answers.

    I got the impression they might have lost my return, Idk. He needed my shipping info to send the jacket. Then he called back to ask what size.

    Supposed to have the replacement Tuesday.

    Good timing too. Temps have been getting back above 15F so now more Engine Running Due To Temp. Time to leave the heat off and maximize my range. :). I can see some round trips to work on all electric again
  17. Replacement jacket just showed up.

    Took it out of the box and noticed stiching on the pocket is already coming undone.

    oh well. I'll wear it until it falls apart.

    Bonus - they did send another charger and battery, even after I told 2 different reps I only returned the jacket and I still have the battery and charger.
  18. Gord

    Gord Super Moderator Staff Member

    You'd have thought they'd have checked the stitching :rolleyes:

    Result with the extras though :D
  19. did a mod to the jacket today. The yellow piece that plugs into the battery has a female type M 5.5 MM dc power Jack. it says 12 volt, 1 amp output, and this is where the jacket plugs in for power.
    Went to radio shack and for $6 bought a 12 Volt cord and the same power Jack. Ran the jacket heaters off the 12 volt plug in the van.

    I guess, just bored and saw another option vs carrying around the battery. I'll probably forget it's plugged in a break it in a couple weeks. :)

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