Mercedes-Benz Gets Serious About North American Fuel Economy with Diesel

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    [​IMG] 2014 Mercedes-Benz E250 BlueTEC sedan is certified for an eye opening 45 mpgUS highway!

    [​IMG]Wayne Gerdes - CleanMPG - Sept. 20, 2013

    2014 Mercedes-Benz E250 BlueTEC sedan - $51,400 plus $925 D&H to start while sporting a 28/42 mpgUS city/highway rating. This is a whopping 45 percent more on the highway than the 1.8L gas engine variant currently being offered in the smaller C-Class! When equipped with optional 4MATIC AWD system ($53,900 to start plus $925 D&H), its fuel mileage numbers are still impressive at 27/42 mpgUS city/highway.

    Like all of the recent turbo diesel offerings, the E250 BlueTEC sedan will surely provide that and a whole lot more without effort.

    When a 2014 Mercedes-Benz E-Class pulls up to your home, a hotel, or the golf course, it says something more than this is just a car. It says “I have arrived”. As a stalwart of all things Mercedes, the E-Class just received something else that is far more exciting in my book. That is a European I-4 Super Diesel offering North American Mercedes customers something they have not experienced in quite a few years. That being exceptional fuel economy to rival and even best that of the best hybrids on the longer road trips while providing all of the panache that Mercedes Benz owners have come to expect.

    The Drivetrain

    The high-efficiency 195 hp and 369 lb-ft of torque 2.1L turbodiesel engine that powers the E250 BlueTEC consists of an all-aluminum block and head, in-line four with four valves per cylinder and dual overhead camshafts with variable valve timing. To smooth out the vibration of an in-line four, Mercedes has added two Lanchester balance shafts spinning at twice crankshaft speed.

    Fuel pressure for the BlueTEC direct fuel injection system is 28,400 psi. Higher ignition fuel pressure means the four piezo injectors can be adjusted even more precisely as engine load and speed change.

    The 2.1L I4 is mated to an advanced 7-speed automatic with both an Economy and Sport mode.

    With the base P245/45R17 ContiProContacts, .73 7th gear ratio and tall 2.23:1 final, this little beauty is running at just over 1,275 RPM at 60 mph! Yet another manufacturer who really gets it! :)

    With its 21.1 gallon spec tank, the 2014 E250 BlueTEC will pop out over 900 miles without trying and should punch out 1,300 miles without refueling when pushed! This from a full sized luxury sedan? Damn!

    2014 Mercedes-Benz E250 BlueTEC engine bay

    The all-new (for North America) 2.1L Super Diesel from Mercedes.​

    Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) or AdBlue

    The E250 BlueTEC meets exhaust emission regulations in all 50 U.S. states thanks to the use of DEF injection into a Selective Catalyst Reduction (SCR) system. The water-based urea solution is carried in its own small tank and metered into the exhaust in exacting quantities. The tank is large enough so that it only needs to be refilled during a standard oil change interval.


    The new E-Class offers more than 30 standard and optional active and passive safety systems under its Intelligent Drive comfort and safety portfolio. The Driver Assistance Package ($2800) includes the following:
    • DISTRONIC PLUS with Steering Assist: A radar-based cruise control system with semiautonomous steering inputs that can work from 0-124 mph depending on road conditions

    • PRE-SAFE Brake with pedestrian detection A radar and stereo cameras detect vehicles and pedestrians in front of the vehicle and can adjust braking according to the situation, and apply full brakes if necessary

    • PRE-SAFE PLUS: A rear-facing radar that senses possible rear collisions and prepares the vehicle to help reduce the injury risk for the passengers in a rear-end collision

    • BAS PLUS with Cross Traffic Assist: reads cross-traffic encounters with stereo cameras and adds appropriate brake assistance

    • Active Lane Keeping Assist and Active Blind Spot Protection: The system assists by corrective one-sided braking
    In addition, along with ABS and Brake Asssist (BA), the E250 BlueTEC arrives with Adaptive braking technology. If you lift off the accelerator quickly, Predictive Brake Priming sets the pads closer to the discs for more immediate response when you apply the brakes. In the rain, Automatic Brake Drying periodically applies the brakes just enough to sweep water build-up from the discs. During uphill starts, Hill-Start Assist helps prevent unwanted rollback. And a brake HOLD feature can make long red lights or stopped traffic a little easier.


    The full-sized interior of the new E-Class has been fitted with premium materials with a modern.

    A new feature is the two-part trim extending across the entire soft-touch dashboard, which is available in two wood finishes – burl walnut or black ash. Also new are the 3-tube instrument cluster, the trapezoidal head-unit display, the air vent design and the analogue clock between the two central vents.

    Inside the 2014 Mercedes-Benz E250 BlueTEC sedan

    The 2014 E-Class provides the "Lap of luxury".​

    The new 2014 E-Class is sized appropriately for its class with a comfortable 109.1 cu. ft. passenger volume and very generous 15.9 cu. ft. trunk.

    Early Conclusions

    I do not know what to think. 2-years ago, the first European turbo diesel offerings were really good but they were not about to upset the low fuel consumption and pricing of hybrids and conventional vehicles of the era. Today with the availability of the 2013 VW Passat TDI, 2014 BMW 328d, Audi Q5 TDI quattro, A6 TDI quattro, A7 TDI quattro and A8 L TDI quattro, and now the Mercedes-Benz E250 BlueTEC sedan, my old favorites are fast becoming green washed embarrassments. Especially considering that a turbo diesel’s EPA certification is so conservative by comparison to a hybrids or non-hybrids. I mean really, this is almost scary how good these German turbo diesels are!

    They will make mince meat of every other offering on the road other including the Prius Liftback in some drive scenarios and they are much better vehicles to drive at that.

    While some have predicted the days of the internal combustion engine are numbered, the German’s said screw that and here is what we have provided European’s for years. It is about time and it is great to be able to choose from a vast array of super cars that all just so happen to limit the damage at the pump by comparison to their gasoline fueled counterparts.

    Diesel in America is back. Any questions?
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    I applaud the achievement. It is about time something costing twice a Prius rivals a Prius in fuel economy on the highway. Town is another matter, of course. MB has always excelled in luxury; glad to see them bring diesel back stateside.
  3. trogecj

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    Like you said, diesel offerings are matching and exceeding hybrid numbers and price. Is it possible to make a diesel hybrid? If not, why? Does a diesel engine just work that much better by itself? I do understand that there are differences between gasoline and diesel engines in the way they operate, I just don't understand them that well I guess.
  4. brick

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    I guess if you have the funding to own one of these beasties then it's a great way to go. I'm starting to think my MIL will never trade hers in (a '99 E300TD). It has cost her an arm, a leg, a foot, an eye, and one hemisphere of her brain to maintain but it still delivers the goods on the open road.

    I, for one, do not have the funding. (Low on brain cells as it is.)
  5. EdwinTheMagnificent

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    Yeah. Where's my Civic (or Polo) with 1.6 TDI ? Or ANY non-VW diesel with manual trans ?

    Oh well.......... eventually , we'll see them here.
  6. ItsNotAboutTheMoney

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    All hail the mighty Euro VI! The diesels are coming.
    (The hybrids are coming.
    The plug-ins are coming.
    Just gonna keep squeezing demand.)
  7. 08EscapeHybrid

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    I'm ready for the Audi/Mercedes MPG Challenge.
  8. ALS

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    Hi Wayne did you check out the specs on the new CLA250 Coupe ?

    2.0L DI Turbo four

    7-speed DCT dual-clutch automatic with shift paddles

    Weight 3262lbs

    208 HP torque 258 lb-ft with 0-60 times in the 6.9 sec range.

    26 city and 38 highway.

    MSRP 29,900 :D

    I'll take their entry level gasser over the E Class $51K diesel any day.

  9. xcel

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    Hi Al:

    The C-Class coupe is smaller than a Rio. Do you really want to pay $30k for a smaller than Rio sized anything?

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  10. tortillasoup

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    Anyone else bothered by the fact that the car uses urea at a rate of an oil change interval? I mean how much is that urea for this car? Did they lower the price of the urea for these vehicles???? Also surprised to see the addition of variable valve timing on a diesel! I think that's a first!
  11. xcel

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    Hi Tortillasoup:

    DEF is about $2.50 per gallon and 2 or 3 gallons last 10K + miles. Variable has been used in TDs for years too.


  12. 08EscapeHybrid

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    Think about it this way... Urea is a byproduct of metabolizing beer... :)
  13. ALS

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    Hi Wayne,

    Are we talking about the same car? A Rio? The CLA250 is larger than my Prius.
    Six inches longer, 1.3 inches wider and a slightly longer wheel base by .3 inches.

    It also sports a .23 Cd. :D

    The Prius is considered a midsize if I'm not mistaken.

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  14. xcel

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    Hi Al:

    The C250 Coupe has 81 cu. ft. of passenger volume and 12 cu. ft. of cargo volume. The B-segment sub-compact Kia Rio is 88 cu. ft. of passenger volume and 14 cu. ft. of cargo volume.

    By comparison the Prius is 94 cu. ft. of passenger volume and 22 cu. ft. of cargo volume.

    The C250 is actually closing in on the Micros. More along the size of a Mini or Fiat 500 than a midsize. Adding the gas engine vs. TD... The EPA differential is a lot higher than the Monroney.

  15. Jay

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    Diesel-electric hybrids having been moving trains, ships, and heavy machinery (like huge cranes and mining trucks) for decades. I think Volkswagen makes a diesel-electric hybrid in the Jetta.
  16. ALS

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    Hi Wayne,

    Thanks on the interior volume numbers I couldn't find them when I did a quick check.
    I was only going with the exterior dimensions.

  17. xcel

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    Hi Al:

    Thanks. MB hid them pretty darn well ;)

  18. xcel

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    Hi All:

    The new C-Class' new Apple CarPlay demo. I am not seeing anything new here???


  19. EdwinTheMagnificent

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    Remember when people used to get into their cars and DRIVE ?

    I like to play, too , but I play with my toys at home.
  20. xcel

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    Hi All:

    First measured drive of the 14 MB E250 is complete…

    Our first Mercedes review in the form of the 45 mpg highway rated 2014 E250 BlueTEC. $51,400 to start and $63,609 as driven. Adds special paint, leather, and wood, Command NAVI with embrace2, high end audio, LEDs, 17" sport wheels and tires, rear deck lid spoiler, and all the advanced safety equipment that will practically allow the car to drive itself!

    From LAX parking to the LA Coliseum, it allowed 45.2 mpg indicated running stop light to stop light down Manchester Blvd. and a little of the 110. Way harder than any city test!

    I think Mercedes changes all the controls and control actions to confuse most. Takes a while to figure things out...

    No proximity key which I find strange for a car costing this much?

    2014 Mercedes Benz E250 BlueTEC Review

    At the Los Angeles Coliseum.

    At the California Science Center.

    Initial top off at Shell near LAX.

    Los Angles Shell to San Diego Shell Google map route – 109 miles.​

    Leaving LA on the 405 was a bit crowded but it opened up after Irvine heading south.

    I selected a Shell with Diesel just off Ted Williams Freeway and the I5 in North San Diego. When I got there, there was no diesel so I had to find another. Using the NAVI, I came back one exit to Del Mar Heights road and found the most expensive fuel in all of San Diego County I think.

    2014 Mercedes Benz E250 BlueTEC - First Measured Fill Results

    Final Fill – 109.0 miles on 1.801 gallons = 60.52 mpgUS.​


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