Want to buy a used 2nd gen FEH, buying tips?

Discussion in 'Ford Hybrids' started by RoadWarrior222, Aug 16, 2013.

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    Otto cycle engines are inherently inefficient, which is why Ford put an Atkinson version of the motor in the hybrid model.
  2. RoadWarrior222

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    Neither the FEH or Prius version is really full atkinson cycle though, it's an atkinsonised otto cycle. Bumps efficiency a bit, but still has some of the same problems.

    Here's a good reference demonstrating that it's not all on the mechanics, but is a function of the fuel (and exhaust composition) also ...
  3. RoadWarrior222

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  4. 08EscapeHybrid

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    Not a hybrid. Wrong instrument panel.
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    That dude is smoking something good if he/she feels that they'll get almost $7k for a 10 year old Escape. Not gonna happen. Half that amount is even too high. It's missing the dealer tint, running bars, fog lamps, better alloy wheels, roof rack cross members. It has a towing package (maybe) so might include the extra cooling radiator.
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    You do realize, that's Canadian dollars, right? Still a tad bit high though, but the plan is to probably knock $1,500 off and make the buyer feel like they got a deal.
  7. RoadWarrior222

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    Yup, you can definitely get something 5 years newer for that.

    Our market is a bit weird though, banks lend on only about 6-7k up, and anything above 3k up to there for cash won't move, you get a lot of lipsticked pigs on the backstreet lots priced up so they qualify for a loan. Then you've got some with "Anyone accepted in house financing" with 2 seconds late repo clauses, meaning they basically rent cars for a couple of months for a thousand or two bucks (depending what penalties they can get away with also) then repo and sell to the next sucker.
  8. Ophbalance

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    I did not, as I read the listing as being New York for some reason. However, if google is correct in their US dollar is .95 to the Canadian dollar, it's still $6.5k. If that's typical for a Canadian vs US price on a 10 year old car then color me happy to not reside in the great white north ;).
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    No Joy
    The above link is not for a Ford Escape Hybrid - it is missing the center hybrid display screen.
    What referenced in the above link is a regular Ford Escape SUV.

    IIRC a FEH only comes with a 4 cylinder ICE Atkinson cycle engine - with the 2wd getting better MPGs than the 4wd versions.

    if u really have your heart set on one - here are two listings...

    here's a 2007 FEH for $10K
    http://www.usedcarscanada.com/2007-Ford-Escape Hybrid-Kemptville-Ontario/view/3279850

    here's a 2005 FEH for 8K
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    The dealer is just pricing it hi because it give him some wiggle room for price negotiatiion - but if the buyer needs a loan and has bad credit or doesn't know any better -the dealer will suck the buyer's wallet dry :rolleyes:
  11. 08EscapeHybrid

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    Not all FEH's have the navigation system with the hybrid information screens.

  12. RoadWarrior222

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    Well, the commuter has been got... http://www.cleanmpg.com/forums/showthread.php?t=50258

    So shift of focus now, no longer need to have a nearly new low mileage 2nd Gen FEH

    I still lub me the package and still have a need for a larger vehicle and one that the wife can borrow in the nasty bits of winter, when a bit of ground clearance tends to get necessary.

    So the Note is replacing the Escort, and the Voyager, fond as I may be of it, is very long in the tooth. MPG is important, but not so super critical, since the not-a-commuter-but-only-sometimes-maybe-in-the-winter vehicle will do about 5000 miles a year vs 20,000, so I can quit worrying about the last 2 or 3, but still want to be up there. So 30mpg SUV or crossover with auto under $4000 is the target now.

    Obviously therefore I'm going to be considering first generation FEHs I've come across some 2005s at $3000ish while I was looking for newer ones (Gone now of course) Potentially cheapest one around right at this moment, which having drained the kitty for the Note, I might have to wait a few weeks see if it's still around, is supposedly having a transmission problem. Now I'm actually finding reasonable availability and pricing on used FEH transmissions and I've managed a tranny swap before, so keeping that under consideration.

    Given spottiness of FEH availability (You watch, there will be tonnes of 11s and 12s around at good prices now I'm looking 1st gen) I will also bring other vehicles into consideration to pounce on should a good and cheap one turn up.

    Shortlist of those so far...
    Lexus RX400h
    Chevrolet Equinox (certain years)
    Saturn Vue Hybrid (hmmm)
    Jeep Liberty diesel (05ish, needs chip tune for 30mpg)
    Jeep Grand Cherokee 07-08 3.0 Diesel (Also needs chip tune)

    An outlier might be Dodge Magnum AWD, should push it's way through winter, and 30 hwy is meant to be doable, but I've gotta check into that some more.

    A requirement is that it can tow 2000lb... I am satisfied in my mind that a FEH can do this... even if Ford only say 1000
  13. 08EscapeHybrid

    08EscapeHybrid Moderator

    I'd say if you can afford a Magnum in decent condition, get it. I believe those are likely to go up in value as they age.
  14. RoadWarrior222

    RoadWarrior222 rockit serjun

    Now you say that, I went and looked and yah, they stopped dropping so fast, apart from the 2.7s that everyone wants rid of like a hot potato. Very few AWDs around anyway, even fewer are the R/T with the active cylinder management that I would be trying to get the most out of and possibly add overrides to... and from looking around at what the "normal" drivers are getting that 30mpg is sounding a tad legendary. If I want to go to lots of trouble for one though, the Euro version came with a 3.0 Merc diesel like in the 07/08 Cherokees 44mpg... hell yeah!

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