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Discussion in 'Ford Hybrids' started by GaryG, May 5, 2013.

  1. GaryG

    GaryG Well-Known Member

    Seriously thinking about selling my '09 FEH and getting a C-Max Energi. The Energi has a aux battery cooling system, unlike the '10 - '13 non plug-in Ford Hybrids. Two public charging stations have been installed in my wife's work parking lot, and I already have a dedicated 120V outlet in my garage.

    Any comments?

  2. dr61

    dr61 Well-Known Member

    We have had ours for two weeks now; I really like the car much better than I thought I would. I was leaning toward a Volt, but my wife liked the Energi more. I've done mostly EV driving so far and it is easy to surpass the rated 21 mi range, with light AC on (mid-80's outside). We will be doing a 400 mile road trip next week so we should get the ICE somewhat broken in.

    The car has good steering, decent handling and ride, and I have seen no flaws yet other than a software glitch getting the MyFordMobile web site to communicate with the car. Solved it after a couple of calls to Ford support.

  3. ItsNotAboutTheMoney

    ItsNotAboutTheMoney Super Moderator Staff Member

    Depends on the driving profile and the required utility.

    If you don't need the utility of the 5-seater wagon I'd check out the Volt, especially given that
    - a Flatlander highway driving in the Volt should above-EPA gas fuel economy and the superior aerodynamics help at higher speed.
    - you should be able to get total $6k under MSRP from a volume dealer plus the additional $3,750 in Federal EV Tax Credit . Some people have got good Volt deals from Stingray in Plant City. (Try contacting via the Internet) and with the inventory rising you should expect a dump.
    - you might prefer driving it
    - you can get great lease deals, if you prefer that route.
    - the greater EV range and that means more charging at home overnight and less charging at work during the day. (I'm a big on NOT encouraging workplace charging).
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  4. dr61

    dr61 Well-Known Member

    The Volt gets a $7500 Fed. tax credit and the Energi a $3751 tax credit. In CA the Energi gets a $1500 rebate (mine should arrive soon). Not sure about the Volt. Both can get HOV stickers (can drive in car pool lanes with any number of passengers), a big deal here!
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  5. rmcmast

    rmcmast Well-Known Member

    My wife and I are seriously considering going back to 2 cars and would like to get a plug-in. The Energi and Volt are on our list. I haven't driven an Energi yet because local dealers aren't getting very many.

    We had a 2013 Escape for a few months last year and I can say driving the C-Max feels a lot like driving the Escape and the headroom in the front is the same. Where the C-Max differs is in the cargo area (quite a bit shorter) and the a little less room in the back seats. Neither are issues for us. The C-Max is great to drive and I'm sure the Energi is too.

    The cargo area in the non-Energi has about a 4 inch raised floor to make room for the HV battery, and the Energi's battery pushes that rise up to 9 inches. If the Energi were our only car that would be a problem for us.

    Right now with low availability for the Energi and the extended EV range of the Volt, the Volt is looking more likely. My round trip to work is about 60 miles.
  6. GaryG

    GaryG Well-Known Member

    Just talked to my local dealer and the salesman I use. He confirmed they would except X-Plan on the C-Max Energi. He said he would try to locate one with the 302A package in Plat White starting Monday.

    I test drove the C-Max Energi today with the 303A package which has the auto parking option for $800 more. That's the only option the 302A package doesn't have and I don't need it. The in stock model was dark grey, and not a color I would buy.

    The C-Max Energi comes with the 120V convenient charger and I have a 25A 120V outlet. The public charging stations at my wife's work will cost much more to use, but the Town Of Jupiter has 2 charging stations for free if I need a fast 240V charge. The Town got a green grant for those charging stations, so I guess you must be a resident to use them. I'll check on that ASAP because that's near my home and work.

  7. GaryG

    GaryG Well-Known Member

    Got an X-Plan PIN today, so I know I will pay a little over invoice with that discount. Confirm the X-Plan PIN # and my Ford private $750 cash discount # with my salesman, so I will be getting about $500 under invoice on the C-Max Energy. Not forgetting the $3750 tax credit I can really use next year.

  8. GaryG

    GaryG Well-Known Member

    My Dealer found a C-Max Energi with the 302A package in Platinum White just like I wanted. It has been shipped by rail to one of their stores in Orlando (about 180 mile away). I put a down payment on it today, so it's sold to me. I put in a tracking request at blueoval.com to confirm it's location and status. I did get X-Plan pricing and the $750 private cash from Ford, which was $1780.15 off sticker for X-Plan and $750 off for private cash. This brings down the sticker of $36,355.00 to $33,824.85. Invoice on this vehicle is $34,437.60, so I got it for $613.60 under invoice. With the $3,750 tax credit, that bring down the cost to $30,074.85. Not bad for a plug-in hybrid capable of going 85mph in EV.

    The Credit Union pre-approved my loan today also and gave me NADA amounts for my '09 FEH. Retail is $23,000, trade-in value is $18,500 - $19,500. Wow!

    Also, I confirmed that both the Town Hall and the plug-in stations at my wife's work have free parking and free level 2 charging. This will give me a 2.5 hour charging time from a drained battery. Does anyone know how to get KWH from a charging station that has no gauge? How would I log this in our mileage log?

  9. rmcmast

    rmcmast Well-Known Member


    Congrats! I have the 302A on my C-Max and I think they are about the same options on the Energi. I got used to things like the backup camera and I really miss it when I drive a car without it. The kick open hatch is great too.

    I'll be interested to find out how you like it. I'm still leaning towards the Volt at this point for our 2nd car but that may not work out. The main reason for me is the extended EV range on the Volt.
  10. msirach

    msirach Well-Known Member

    Surely Ford has something set up like Nissan or OnStar from GM. Onstar gives all kinds of data that I see at OnStar, MyVolt.com, or VoltStats.net.
  11. GaryG

    GaryG Well-Known Member

    Yes, it's called My Ford Touch and my '11 Explorer and this C-Max Energi I'm getting has it also. There is no monthly charge except for Sirious radio, and I don't pay for that. Ford gives you 6 free months for sirious radio, but I don't renew.

  12. GaryG

    GaryG Well-Known Member

    Hi Rick

    Yes, the 302A packages are much the same. I have to have the rear camera and the rear kick open hatch is a bonus for me. I've looked at the Volt since it came out, but I need more cargo room and seating height. I'm sure my hypermiling abilities will give me all the distance I need with the C-Max Energi between charging.

    I have a good relationship with my dealer and Ford, so why change families after 45 years. It's nice walking into my dealership where everyone knows my name. I have the top salesman, top service manager, top parts manager and they all know how to treat me and I treat them the same way. No game playing, just open conversation about the truth. I got X-Plan and $750 private cash before they found my C-Max Energi with the options I wanted. I feel good about this vehicle as I've felt good about most of the Fords I've purchased.

  13. xcel

    xcel PZEV, there's nothing like it :) Staff Member

    Hi Gary:
    Not to break the bubble but they are being dishonest with regards to any claims about fuel economy and the owners including you will pay for it.

    You have purchased with your eyes open and if you are willing, then good. Just know when you run out of juice, you are driving a lesser capable hybrid than others.

  14. GaryG

    GaryG Well-Known Member

    Hi Wayne

    Ford's dishonesty has hurt sales of the C-Max and other models which I have taken advantage of. My salesman was shaking his head as to why Ford is getting sued over their mileage estimates. Months ago, I ask this same salesman if I could get X-Plan on a plug-in, he said no way. Last Sunday was a different story because they had a sales mess on their hands. Two weeks ago, I got the first private cash offer in the mail on a Ford hybrid ever. It included even the plug-in models. Ford also halted orders on the '14 model C-Max Energy until December this year. That tells me Ford screwed up on EPA estimates.

    I'm striking while the iron is hot here Wayne. I need to get a decent tax credit this year before they go away. Free level 2 charging stations are popping up all over the place here, and no one is using them. Bottom line, I plan to drive this C-Max plug-in like a all electric vehicle. I'm a Ford man and can't see switching to Toyota, Chevy etc. right now.

  15. dr61

    dr61 Well-Known Member


    Congratulations; I think you will like the car.

    The web site & phone app to monitor the car's status, control charging, etc. is MyFordMobile (MFM):
    You set it up after you get the car and the car's cell data link communicates with MFM. When you take delivery, check at the dealer to make sure the Cell Phone Passport is initialized correctly on your car. In the center screen press gear icon, Help, system Information, and make sure that CPPM ESN has a value (not Unknown). If it is 'Unknown', have the dealer to pull fuse 67 (passenger footwell) and reinsert. Then, after you register on line with VIN, MFM should communicate with the car . It takes a couple of security confirmation signals to get MFM functional. You need to be in range of a cell tower of course to get MFM to communicate with the car.

    The car's energy screen (center screen 'leaf' icon) give the battery's % charge, so you can calculate an estimate of KWH needed to charge assuming about 5.5 KWH is a full charge. The KWH used at the wall is 20-30% more depending on the charge efficiency.

    I use a Kill-a-Watt meter with the 120V charger in my garage to get actual KWH used each time I charge there.
  16. xcel

    xcel PZEV, there's nothing like it :) Staff Member

    Hi All:

    Rumor has it that the 2014's (C-MAX and Fusion Hybrids plus both Energi's) are being delayed due to a drivetrain changes. I am not sure what the details are but we can all guess as to why they are being implemented.

  17. GaryG

    GaryG Well-Known Member

    Hi Dave

    Thanks for the MFM information and I should be happy with the C-Max Energi based on reviews and specs. Got a locator post on Blueoval.com today and my vehicle is in OH on CSX. The ETA is May 17 in Orlando.

  18. rmcmast

    rmcmast Well-Known Member

    Lets hope thay don't up the EPA to 57/57/57. :) Unless it really can deliver.
  19. GaryG

    GaryG Well-Known Member

  20. rfruth

    rfruth Well-Known Member

    I can't imagine what the new power train the 2014's could have, they just started using the 2 liter gas motor and the ecvt is new, whats left, different size traction battery ?

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