Prius Owner’s Saga Totals More Than 500,000 miles And Counting

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    [​IMG] The next question is how far can the 2010 go?

    [​IMG]Jesse Rudavsky - CleanMPG - Feb. 17, 2013

    2005 Toyota Prius -- Out with the old and in with the new…

    The 2005 Prius was the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned having spent exactly $0 on unscheduled maintenance. I replaced the rear pads at 270,000 miles with the front pads making it all the way out to 294,000 miles. The wonder of regenerative braking!

    The shocks and exhaust were original and I was fully expecting the car to easily surpass 400,000 miles. The car had the original hybrid battery and was operating like day one when I picked it up with just 84,000 miles on the odometer some five years ago.

    This second generation Prius has been to Florida numerous times, Alabama, Illinois, and even one lengthy trip from the east coast out to South Dakota and Wyoming along with much of Northeastern Canada.

    The Accident

    On 2/10/13 at approximately 5:20 pm, my fiancée Kaitlyn was driving back to Providence, RI with her little sister after picking her up from her home since there was no power after the last week’s blizzard.

    Traveling with traffic on MA 3 North at about 65 mph, Katie was passing a slower driver when she noticed a patch of ice and slush ahead. As she entered the slick spot, the car began to spin. The front of the car hit the guard rail and continued to spin and then the left side of the car was hit by a minivan.

    Given the violent nature of the collision, all airbags including the front, side and side curtains deployed. Fortunately no one was seriously injured although observation and check up at a local hospital was mandatory.

    When I arrived at the tow yard, the car would not boot up but the final odometer reading was a little over 336,100 miles. Anyone who has been following this vehicles history here at CleanMPG knows the 2004s and 2005s had a strange quirk in that the odometer stopped accumulating miles at the 299,999.9 mile mark? I kept track of the additional 36,100 miles with the Trip meters.

    Gen 2 Prius Keeps Going and Going and Going

    If I add the generation one 2002 Prius with 349,531 miles on its odometer (The hybrid community loses a special vehicle …) and now the generation two 2005 Prius with 336,100 miles on its odometer, both provided over 675,000 miles of point to point driving with 520,000 trouble free miles of my own behind the windscreens.

    The Aftermath


    The next generation

    In its place a used 2010 third generation Prius package 3 with 42,500 miles on the clock is on its way. The price? $16,350. Hopefully we’ll see this third generation reach 400,000 miles this time around.


    I look forward to continuing to promote the technology with my Generation three Prius.

    Having convinced numerous people to buy a hybrid vehicle over the previous 9 years, I look forward to this long Toyota Hybrid journey to continue well into the future.

    2005 Toyota Prius on a jaunt though RI.


    So the next time I reach 335,000 miles or thereabouts, steer clear as lady luck seems to run out about that point in time ;)
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    Nice story..
  3. ALS

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    I was a hybrid skeptic until around 2007 when I started reading about Prius's with 150-200K on the odometers with their original battery packs. Stories of battery packs dying by 100K were just that old wives tales. At 31K all I have had is a loose window switch plug and I lost a rubber bumper on my driver door. It has been the very best car I have ever owned.
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    Wow! I love hearing about these stories! Glad no one got hurt.

    My goal is to reach 500,000 miles on my C with $0 on unscheduled maintenance as well.

    Amazing cars! I loved that I don't even have a single belt to worry about on my C!
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    Last fill-up was about 60.5k miles. 2010 Prius II purchased on 12/26/2009.

    - A window lost sync and needed a re-learn
    - I needed a new skid plate when the crappy plastic hinge broke and it eventually came loose and dangling, fortunately only 1/2 mile from home. This is a known weakness in the design in the Gen 3. When I had it replaced I had them drill some holes and secure it with plastic ties to try and take some stress off the hinge.
    - A wheel well liner came loose and needed a few clips replaced. That was shortly after the worst snow conditions I'd driven in (a day where it snowed so fast the plows couldn't keep up and I95 was down to 35mph) and I'm guessing it wasn't a coincidence.

    There are signs I'll need to replace my 12V soon, but it might just have been a bunch of short trips in poor conditions and non-hypermiler-scale heating.
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    I'm only at 41k on the clock, and the only items I've had done other than routine maintenance was the TSB for the ABS and knocking after a cold soak. I also had to have the spoiler replaced because the original had cracked inside where the bolts are that hold it in place. I had to convince TMC USA to cover that one with some describing my situation and circumstances around it. Otherwise, it would have been $500 out of pocket. If that was the determination, I was fully ready to get a pack of JB Weld and some washers to use in an attempt to fix it. I write the spoiler to some weird fluke or something, so really other than items that Toyota determined needed fixed, I've only done the routine stuff.

    I do have a 12v Optima in the garage on a trickle charger, because the weather on weekends when I'm able to work on the car has sucked lately here.
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    Re : Prius Owner’s Saga Totals More Than 500,000 miles And Counting

    Just picked up my 2010 tonite. Pics coming soon.
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    The car in the accident was your 2005?.. start being careful around 300k :)
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    I sounds like the 12v has gotten too sulfated. It has can be restored but you need to either use a unit that which works very slowly over time, that you leave attached to your battery. The other option is a much stronger unit off that can do it in a matter of days but more expensive.

    I waiting for my strong unit to come in soon to test. I can't wait!!! Ill make videos of before and after show both states of the battery and how well it recovered.
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    Hi All:

    Just this morning I received an Instagram response to a pic I posted of the 2016 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid on Lake Michigan at dawn.

    2016 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid

    On Lake Michigan for the dawn of a new day.​
    My reply:
    How appropriate given Jesse Rudavsky just breached the 200k mark on his 3rd gen a few hours before.

    Jesse's Prius Saga continues...

    2010 Toyota Prius

    As of last night, 200k miles and still going.​

    Jesse has cumulatively placed 676,000 miles on his first, second and now third gen Prius.

    Gen 1 - 84k to 350k = 266k miles
    Gen 2 - 84k to 336k = 252K miles
    Gen 3 - 42k to 200k = 158k miles

    Let's see if his Gen 3 can make it to 350k as well. :)


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