dpf delete? get out your checkbook.

Discussion in 'Diesel powered automobiles' started by TheStepChild, Jan 17, 2013.

  1. ALS

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    One Question, Why would anyone sell a device to by pass the emission system on a street worthy Diesel vehicle ? They were going to get caught sooner or later and nailed to the wall by the EPA. Personally I feel they got off cheap.

    I remember people by-passing the Cat with a By Pass Test Pipe and anyone that did it usually found out in short order their car didn't run as well as it did with the catalytic converter on. And that was back in the mid seventies when catalytic converters were not the greatest when it came to exhaust flow.
  2. herm

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    What are the diesel forums saying?.. any links?
  3. Ophbalance

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    Holy crap... I didn't know yosemite was still online! Gobless the EPA and their many diverse CMS systems ;).
  4. I haven't seen any threads on this yet - been busy thus week with the show and my half dead work van. Got it off a friends FB post.

    I did start a thread a month or so ago, when we were discussing dpf s here. Thread was "did you delete your dpf". Last I looked it was 60% of respondents had deleted it
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  5. 2RR2NV

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    well, that'll leave out South Dakota. no emissions laws. i doubt those folks will send or sell back their Edge products especially if they see no additional smoke or they are the type that likes to "roll coal".
  6. herm

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    Good point, and probably lots of clean air there.. those edge kits may get quite valuable
  7. ItsNotAboutTheMoney

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    Maine has no emissions rules either. Well, Cumberland County (contains Portland) does but, wait for it, wait for it, diesels and motorcycles are excluded.
  8. WriConsult

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    You sure you want to have a high-maintenance VW out in South Dakota? There are only two dealerships in all the Dakotas (one in Rapid City, one in Sioux Falls), and I would bet darned few competent VW mechanics.

    When we drove cross-country last summer, we found our Golf TDI low on coolant in Chamberlain, due to what VERY fortunately turned out to be a slow leak. We later learned this was caused by a leaking coolant tube, a common problem on aging VWs, but I'm damn glad the part didn't fail outright in the middle of South Dakota!

    BTW, my wife drove the return leg without me, and at one point stopped in a small town somewhere in central North Dakota (Ok, not SD, but close) for a tank of diesel and another gallon of coolant. Upon chatting with the folks in the truck stop, she was roundly ridiculed, first for having filled her car up the diesel pump, and (after they realized that was OK) for driving such a weird "furrin" car anyway. The tone of the humor was definitely not benevolent, and had more of a "serves you right if something goes wrong, idiot city girl" tone to it. The a-holes involved included the local sheriff, slapping his knees and guffawing maliciously, louder than the rest of the crowd.

    Needless to say she GTFO of there as fast as possible once she'd gotten the car's needs taken care of.

    Now ignoring the unfavorable reflection of the quality of the human beings inhabiting (hopefully just) that particular county and its elected constabulary, that incident was a pretty stark reminder of how on your own you would be driving a VW in the Dakotas, at least outside SFSD or the Black Hills. If I lived there, I'd get a freakin' Ford Focus and be done with it.
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  9. herm

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    Wri, no Obama campaign stickers on the back of the car?.. SD is very conservative
  10. WriConsult

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    No "O" stickers. Seems the mere act of driving a Volkswagen was enough to stir up the ole "not from 'roun here, are ya?"

    I should add that in our big trip across Red America, we almost universally ran into people who were nice, and helpful and kind. The above incident was the exception. I cite it not trying to make ND folks out as being jerks (except maybe that county), but as an example of just how unusual it would be to own a VW there, and how difficult it might be to get help if something should go wrong with it.
  11. Isn't EPA and exhaust laws federal stuff, not state. Fed trumps state?
  12. herm

    herm Well-Known Member

    but the state does the inspections for compliance
  13. seftonm

    seftonm Veteran Staff Member

    I go through ND a few times per year, haven't had any comments or anything. There was one douche on a motorbike though that insisted on taking the one combo gasoline / diesel pump when there were 5 other gasoline pumps available, even though I asked him beforehand if he could move.
  14. ItsNotAboutTheMoney

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    Yes, the law is that it's illegal to remove emissions controls, but since many states don't check emissions or have emissions checks that are no more than plugging a device into the OBDII port, people can easily circumvent.

    Unless cops have the ability to spot telltale signs and examine the vehicles or direct these c**ts for immediate testing of their vehicles it's near impossible to stop them.
  15. xcel

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    Hi All:

    The EPA did the best thing. Go after a manufacturer/distributor and this will stop the practice right here and now.

  16. There's rumors Edge had to pass on their customer list to the EPA too.
  17. herm

    herm Well-Known Member

    a little bit of waterboarding really motivates people
  18. EdwinTheMagnificent

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    I'm hoping the EPA shows up at the door of every one of those ass-clown customers.
  19. ALS

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    I'd give them the opportunity to do the right thing by selling the device back to the manufacture and repairing the vehicle over say the next 12 months. A year from now, those who have not sent the device back and still own the vehicle, you send out an EPA Gestapo type to visit them and inspect the vehicle. The device still installed and the filter not installed hit them with a fine on the spot.

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