Dude, I Out Pulled Your Chevrolet Duramax with My Moms Car

Discussion in 'Diesel powered automobiles' started by xcel, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. xcel

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    Hi All:

    While it is a bit old in the tooth, it is a good showing of this big @$$ lifted Duramax getting owned by a std. V10 TDI VW Touareg.


    The 4x4'er should have never placed what appears to be off road tires on his Duramax.

  2. priusCpilot

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    Re: Dude, I Out Pulled Your Chevrolet Durmax with My Moms Car

    An act of god? Did the VW make it without breaking anything???
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  4. Re: Dude, I Out Pulled Your Chevrolet Durmax with My Moms Car

    One of these days I'm going to be dumb enough, or have enough booze to try a tug of war. But I'm going to be in the van, loaded with all my equipment, water tanks full (200+ gallons) and a high height hitch insert.
  5. EdwinTheMagnificent

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    Re: Dude, I Out Pulled Your Chevrolet Durmax with My Moms Car

    But, dude , a guy has to look cool, ya know.

    That Touareg was a monster , but a bit too expensive for their intended market.
    Remember the Phaeton ?
  6. ILAveo

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    Re: Dude, I Out Pulled Your Chevrolet Durmax with My Moms Car

    The Duramax had more torque than it could put down. That's typical for the way most vehicles are put together. You really don't have to break anything for that to be the case in an unloaded pickup.

    What it looked like to me was when the Touareg let off the brake the truck bounced a little, momentarily taking some weight off the rear wheels which let the wheels start spinning. Of course with a lifted truck it's pretty easy to believe something wasn't put together right too.
  7. Logans07HondaFitty

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    its not Touareg it's DO-Rag [​IMG]
  8. herm

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  9. phoebeisis

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    The Step is dead on
    Nice low van-LOADED to the gills-street tires
    torque doesn't matter without traction
    The VW had decent traction
    sitting tall-unloaded pickup- heck look at pickups hard and they lose traction
    Bet that VW has fancy performance type tires-tires that brake well-corner well

    Tuaregs are/were busy fighting the French in Mali-
    but they switched sides-now they are on the French side
    In any case that wasn't a great name choice-no ones knows what/who they are
    and those that do might see them as typical violent backstabbing 7th century 3rd worlders
    Should stick with more general names-Nomad-that is a name that should return
    Cruze Spark Sonic sissy names ??
    Nomad- muy macho
    Nova- not bad
    Duramax ok
    Ram- great!
    Powerstroke- maybe not so good-I can see an off color joke there
  10. carrmann

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    while I find this video funny. some people think its fully legit. the VW also has Im guessing a MUCH more sophisticated traction control type of system, vs the trucks zero traction control. once the truck started spinning traction is all but gone, and the taureg could easily walk away.

    there is a vid of a diesel ram towing a chevy around a parking lot. funny, but again not a good comparison.


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