Hurricane Sandy

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    James-no luck huh.

    I don't hunt-brother does-but hunting season is kickin in louisiana soon.
    I noticed the gun show had ripoff sucker prices-$500 for a 700 ADL
    But Academy Sport had it for $379-Cabela about the same. Pretty good price-maybe on $30 more than 1990 or so(but wood vs syn stock)

    I just restrained myself and deleted a nasty political rant Dems vs Reps habitat protection
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    In Shana- Alan Ladd -in referring to a revolver-said you only needed one! Jack Palance-the bad guy-wore 2 six guns -Shane plugged him!! Great movie!!
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    Well, I am back online since this afternoon, but since getting home, I have been on the phone with everyone (still mostly cell only) to confirm everyone is ok.

    On Monday, I lost power about 3pm and it was out for the duration of the storm. At that point, winds were gusting to 45-50mph. The worst of the winds were from 6pm to 10pm, gradually calming through the middle of the night. I lost deck railing, an aluminum awning, and some vinyl siding. The house next door lost a bunch of roof shingles. Cars were covered in pulverized leaves but otherwise unharmed.

    I have a brother out further east in Port Jefferson, but on high ground, and he had a tree knock down part of the backyard fence, but otherwise no damage.

    I also have family down on the south shore and they evacuated the area to stay farther inland. In my mom's house - closest to the water - they had three feet of water in the basement. It's unfinished concrete, and my brother had removed the oil burner and placed it on top of the furnace to keep it dry. So nothing was lost except the washer/dryer. And they were older units and no big loss. My brother was there Tuesday morning with the generator running pumps to remove the water, and as of tonight, it's just damp concrete and getting aired out until dry. The top of her neighbors huge tree broke away and squashed her garage, so it looks like she's getting a new one. Nothing damaged in the garage, but the structure will be replaced.

    My mom's block has never flooded in all the years she was there. The water came up the front lawn and about a foot and a half up the foundation. Any cars that were parked in the street were flooded to the window sills. My mom's basement windows were closed and so no water got in that way - it all came up through the floor/wall joints. Her next door neighbor did not evacuate - they stayed in the house. Monday night, they heard a loud thud, a crash, and then a roar. They opened the basement door to see water swirling in. They have an outside access door under one of those storm-cellar flip-up sheet-metal access doors. That outside staircase flooded and then the entrance door failed from water pressure and the basement flooded within minutes to about six inches below the floor joists. Finished basement, too, so it will be a big clean-up and rebuild job.

    My other brother who is also in the evacuation zone had no flooding at all, but an outdoor tubing-n-canvas carport got twisted up. Nothing to complain about.

    My power came back on Tuesday around 1:45pm, having been out a little less than 23 hours. The internet/television/telephone came back about 24 hours after that. There are still thousands without power, but the crews are out in full force - I saw lots of them today.

    Two of the people I work with lost their house. One of them literally lost the house - it was washed into the bay, and only pieces of it remain in neighbor's yards.

    I have lived through six hurricanes, with Belle, Gloria, and Bob being the three notable storms. When Irene came last year, I was driving in the Kia Optima Hybrid 48 State chalenge, but there was very little damage and minor flooding, and I missed the storm altogether. But I can say with certainty that Sandy was the worst of all I have experienced. Anyone who has lived through a hurricane can tell you how unnerving it can be. The roar of the wind is amazing, and during the gusts, it just gets louder and you hear things breaking outside - glass shattering or the loud snap of tree branches or the thud of flying objects hitting homes or cars or trees. And hour after hour, it just doesn't stop. You go into the bathroom and water in the toilet is rising and falling as the wind changes the air pressure in the plumbing system that's ventilated through the roof. The sinks gurgle. The house moves from the wind load and it's enough to notice if you're standing. With winds from the east, the door on the eastern wall would move within its frame.

    At one point, I went outside to make sure everything was still holding together. My wife said that they were recording 95mph gusts at Islip airport, so I wanted to make sure the roof of the house was still there. I walked bent forward with my back to the wind, figuring that if anything was going to hit me at 95mph, it might was well hit me in the ass, where there is more padding than on my head. Also, don't try standing up in a hurricane because you will just get knocked over. On the west side of the house, there was a swirl of junk - leaves, twigs, pieces of roof shingle, general litter, and other small debris that gets stuck to you because it's wet. Going around through the back, I crawled up the stairs to the second story deck, with my hands gripping the treads. Everything looked good, so I turned to go back down and I saw a plastic garbage can flying east to west - maybe 20 feet above ground level - tumbling at maybe 40mph above the yard behind me. It disappeared into the darkness so I don't know where it went or what it hit. At that speed, it was there and gone in seconds, but I decided that it was time go get back inside since I wouldn't want to get hit with something that size.

    Yes, I know that Sandy was not at true hurricane strength over LI. Sustained winds were 60mph, I heard, and a Cat-1 is 74+mph sustained. But this storm had very erratic wind gusts that were clocked up to 95mph, and it appears that gusts can cause more damage than sustained winds. The storm surge was one for the record books, with people who stayed at home because "we never flood here" scrambling to the second floor of the house as the water poured in.

    During the storm, we all kept in touch via texting on cell phones, since texting uses far less battery power. I am not very good at texting - probably because I have thumbs the size of bowling pins. So trying to concentrate on typing simple sentences on a number pad probably kept me sane throughout hours of relentless wind noise and annoying flicker of candle light. It was a scented candle (creme brulee), which made the evening more bearable. One thing I learned is how dangerous texting and driving must be. I almost killed myself three times trying to tap out a simple phrase, and I was seated at a desk. If I were driving, I would have caused more damage than the storm.
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    That's an impressive report! Glad you came through intact, mostly.

    No word yet how it turned out for my brother-in-law's 90(?)-year-old mother in Jamaica, Queens.
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    Heard from my wife's brother in Baltimore last night. Power's out, lots of rain, but otherwise fine.
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    Glad you and your family are OK. I don't think I'll ever experience what you've just been through being in the UK. The worst we've had was the Great Storm of 1987 which I remember as a 21 year old when 18 people were killed in England and the Burns' Day storm 3 years later when 97 people were killed.
    Such weather is very rare for us so I feel for everyone who has been affected by Sandy. Good job the cell phone network was working to keep people in touch with each other.
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    Some Before/After pictures showing the results of Sandy (with 'before' courtesy of Google Maps street view).

    West end of Long Beach, NY - on a barrier island south of Long Island

    Island Park, NY - Just north of Long Beach, NY - Before the storm

    ...and after the storm

    Out in Suffolk county - the National Guard on patrol
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    I glad you're alright and got through the storm pretty much unscathed.
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    Is that the same Ford SW-looks like a different color-Taurus-has a flat in before picture.

    On Mike and Mike this am-"Greenie" said a friend on Staten Island was having to "fight off" looters?? Not sure exactly what that meant.
    Can you own a pistol in NYNY with being "connected-a cop rich guy who got permit etc)?

    What about a shotgun-can you own a shotgun without some hard to get permit?
    Rifle-same story-can NYNY folks own protection guns-
    or even hunting guns-bolt action rifles 3 shot Shotguns-without some hard to get permit (meaning you are connected /rich/both)
    How do they-"fight off looters" here-NOLA- we are armed to the teeth in many cases(I have just 2 defense pistols-1 defense rifle) plenty of folks have many many more-and hunting guns will kill you dead very effectively also-DEADER in fact!
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    Looks like a late 90's Elantra wagon. Is that the same car? The color looks very different, but there can't be too many of them around, right?

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    Look at the house with the two chimneys, the paint has been sandblasted.. the paint on the cars must be the same way.

    I was talking to some friends in the house remodeling business, reconstruction will be a big boost to the economy everywhere.
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    In the Broken Window sense, yes. It'll be business and work for these people and their suppliers. To the economy as a whole it's a lot of work to get back to zero, with no net progress. If not for Sandy, that production could have build new houses somewhere else.
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    The insurance companies will have to give up their fair share of profits.. I'm sure the rates wont go up for either cars or houses.
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    I remember after Andrew that every house was pale green from being blasted by the leaves getting ripped off trees.
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    This ws a HUGE surprise to these folks I guess.

    When is the last time NYNY had significant storm flooding?-Significant enough to fill some of the subways for example?
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    It shouldn't have been a surprise. NWS was predicting 6-10 ft storm surge on top of high tide 48 hours before. 9 ft surge is what actually happened.

    Unprecedented, yes. Unexpected? Only if you weren't paying attention. (Bloomberg, this includes you)
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    Although the harbors are cleared and opened, and the barges of fuel are arriving, the locals are still restless and in a panic over the "shortage". I took these pictures about 3pm today - Friday, while the storm's highest winds and rain came Monday night.

    People standing in line with gas cans. You're allowed to fill up to 10 gallons of gas in containers only.

    The line of cars waiting to get into the parking lot to find a spot to then get in line to wait with their gas cans.

    Note the disproportionate share of FSPs in line for fuel. The pigs are lining up at the trough.

    Punch line - one of the guys on line asked me as I was taking the photo, "So when are you getting in line to buy your gas?" I said, "I only buy gas once a month. I drive a Hyundai." And I told them to go to to find out how to make each gallon of gas last twice as long. :)
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