Loosing weight for better mpg

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    I need a "like" or "thanks" button for that post! Good stuff!

    I'm mostly sedentary, so it looks like I'm at about 2100 calories break-even.

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    Just to chime in here,
    According to studies Dr Mercola & others quote, not all calories act the same once in the body. Out of 100 calories in a can of pop they say one calorie goes to fat IF it is made with cane sugar. Forty calories goes to fat IF high fructose corn syrup. So, is it any wonder we all have been developing what used to be affectionately referred to as a “beer belly” since the 70’s-80? Diet pop still causes the drinker to gain weight, just look at the ones who guzzle it. HFCS is in so many foods, even your loaf of bread.

    In our area, Pepsi Throwback, Mtn Dew Throwback, Sierra Mist Natural varieties are available if you look hard enough. Keep in mind that white sugar is more expensive than HFCS, so you know which they are going to push if retail price is same.

    OK, back to cars…
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    Gotta be a wrestler-right?
    Possible it is MMA or another Martial Art
    But wrestlers are absolute Fanatics about weight!
    I'm 61 yo-still weight myself SEVERAL times a day-pointless, but wrestlers are compulsive bunch-can't turn it off.
    You give good advice-crazy wrestler probably!

    Andrew-great improvement-
    It is REALLY REALLY REALLY hard to add lots of actual muscle mass-over what your genes have in mind for you.
    Heavy weight lifting-5-8 reps 3-4 sets- 6-8 or so different exercises- can add maybe 20 lbs of actual muscle mass over 3 years on someone as tall as you.
    20 lbs of actual muscle mass is a HUGE difference-
    And when you aim to gain muscle mass-you ALWAYS add some fat tissue at the same time- if you eat exactly as many calories as you burn- you'll will be fighting MILLIONS of years of evolution which is telling your body-don't add more mass to feed-you are only getting "just enough"
    So you have to eat "more" if you want to be bigger. You can then cut the fat off after you add the muscle mass-"get cut" as the body builders say.And you ALWAYS lose some muscle mass when you lose weight-go catabolic.Not much if you are careful- but some.

    So eat more high quality protein-at least 1.5 grams per KG- some suggest MUCH more.
    Get some weights-a bench-Smiths type with captured bar is reasonably safe-
    Kick sand in their faces on your next trip to the Pacific!!
    Dead lift
    Power clean
    Lat pulldown- but do it with a narrow grip- not that stupid body builder wide grip
    One arm row
    Upright row-high pull
    Bench Press
    Some sort of other press-dumbell presses are reasonable safe
    Curls-yeah just for flash- but why not!!

    Do the lighter weight stuff first-warm up etc- them the "hard stuff"
    Crunches also-daily- or whatever abd exercise you like-some do bent leg lifts hanging from bar-good for back etc
    Keep records- how much-how many reps you did-FOR EVERY WORKOUT-
    Push yourself to get One more rep!! Yes your form will suffer slightly-be careful you don't "cheat' too much.
    Records are good motivators.
    Since you are an adult-work, wife kids- you will have "bad days" where you'll go backwards-expect them-ignore them. Try to schedule on Fridays-Sundays when you can really really concentrate on the workout. Hard to do on work nights.

    PS-Every other day is fine-all exercises 3.5 days a week-or just 3x week. Wed-Fri-Sun
    If you work fast-little rest between sets -circuit training- it will give an aerobic effect- but will hurt muscle mass increase some.
    To get max muscle mass-long rest between sets- maybe 5 minutes.Yeah 3 sets 8 exercises 24x5 + 24x1 150 minutes- 2.5 hours!! Not practical-less rest fewer sets, fewer different exercises- 6 exercises 3 sets each 2 minutes rest 18x2 + 18x1= 54 minutes
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    ANDREW, Here is Part II

    Today, let's see what the healthy weight range is for your height, decide where you want to be and calculate a new daily calorie target.



    BMI Formula: weight (kg) / [height (m)]2

    Example: Weight = 68 kg, Height = 188 cm (1.88 m)
    Calculation: 68 ÷ (1.88)2 = 19.24

    OK, so at 68kg and 1.88m tall you Body Mass Index (BMI) is 19.24. This is very healthy but on the lower end of the "Normal" range. In this case "Normal"= healthy NOT as in normal, average American.

    The normal range is a BMI of 18.5-24.9. For your height that translates into 65.3-88kg (144-193 lb)


    OK, so pick a new weight you would like to be at and go back and do the BMR calculation for your height at the new target weight. This is what I would suggest eating each day and eventually your weight will converge to your target.

    This works obviously if you are trying to lose or gain weight. Rather than focusing on cutting x number of calories per week to lose y number of pound, just focus on changing your intake to the new level you will need to sustain the rest of your life.

    DISCLAIMER: Everyone's metabolism is a little different so you might find toward the end you may need to add some extra calories or shave some off to balance things out.


    So that is all well and good but if you are not stressing your body adequately the extra calories will turn into fat, rather than lean muscle mass. Obviously it is better to stay skinny and healthy than put on fat.

    The Surgeon General recommends 300 minutes of moderate activity per week or 150 minutes of more intense workouts. This is a minimum commitment we need to make to ourselves to keep our bodies in good working order.


    I my experience 60 minutes x 3 days per week is about the minimum for getting everything in and feeling great. Is that something that you can find the time for? Will you be working out at home or in a gym?


    For those who would like to lose weight it is very easy for our body to go into "starvation mode" when we start to cut back on the calories. This is when the body decided a famine is coming on and it starts to partially shut down as to preserve calories and the fat just does not come off. Moderate exercise, even a brisk walk at your lunch break each day, will help keep your metabolism up and weight coming off.
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    Wow again. Thanks.

    I ate about 1900 calories yesterday and it was a typical day for me. So that explains things. If I want to gain 10, to 160 lb I need 2147 a day.

    I'm hesitating on committing to a serious workout plan. What I've done so far was just "drop and do xx pushups" during my morning routine. Do 1 set, make coffee, do another set, set out breakfast, do another set and then eat. I know it's good to do but...

    I'll be doing everything at home. I have no equipment (that's why I started with pushups). I'd like to put in a pull up bar and add that to the routine.

    Oh, and I tried declined pushups with feet on the sofa. That knocked me down from 33 per set to 22. That's a good thing, right?
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    When I was younger I could starve my weight off easily, now forget that happening. Like I said before, I love my new tread mill. Every night after work I set it for an hour at 3.2 miles per hour with a three percent incline and a TV remote control. An hour later according to the display I've burned off 750 calories. I keep my caloric intake at 1,000 or slightly less per day.

    I've been on this work out routine about three and half weeks and have lost eighteen pounds.

    It still comes down to how many calories you're putting in your mouth each day. You have to be persistent on knowing pretty close to how many calories your eating and especially drinking everyday. It isn't going to help you lose weight if you're working out two hours a day at the gym, yet you are still sitting down for dinner with a two liter of Coke and a large pizza with everything on it.

    The toughest part is the first two weeks of starting a major diet or exercise program. Once you get past that two week point it is almost like running on automatic. It all starts when you have seriously decided it's time to do something about your weight.

    Four weeks ago I could pull into a Wendy's drive through and look at a picture of a half pound double burger with cheese combo and think oh I want that right now. Today I have absolutely zero desire for one of those burgers.
  7. And another thanks for posting the calorie calc thingy.

    I clean the floors in one Dr office every 2 months, so I watch my weight on their scale. Hanging right around 195 for over the last year, except one time I didn't weigh in because my pants felt tight and I didn't want to see an over 200 #.

    Down to 186 yesterday. :)

    Was 155 when I got married in 2001. Idk what happened. Oh wait, I do know
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    Something else that's really helped me is getting a food scale. Guessing the weights on your foods kinda sucks for accurate reporting. I portion my lunches out ahead of time and then just grab my baggies when it's time to eat.
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    :eek: That's impressive!
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    I was talking to a dietitian at a party probably twenty five years ago and remembered her telling me that when you're dieting you shouldn't go below 1,000 calories per day.

    Otherwise your body sees a drop in nutrition and goes into starvation mode making it a whole lot harder to lose the extra weight.

    Let me add if you also exercising while dieting and consuming <1,000 calories per day your body can and will burn muscle as well as your fat reserves for energy.

    You'll end up still losing weight but not just from the loss of fat but from the loss of muscle also.
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    ALS, first of all congratulations on your decision to change your habits and lifestyle for the better! 18 pounds is a huge accomplishment and you are on the right track with the exercise!

    That said, I would suggest backing off the calorie restriction a bit unless you are under the direct supervision of a doctor and qualified dietician.

    You don't want to run your engine that lean for too long or else you can do lasting damage to your body. Most doctors recommend losing no more than 1 pound per week. You can probably push that a little bit especially if you have a lot to give, but 3 to 4 pounds per week is too much, too fast in my opinion.

    Our bodies adapt very quickly to new conditions and you are training your body to expect only 1000 calories. Once you reach your weight loss goal and stabilize your diet to what should be your normal BMR, you will probably gain some weight back because you body is only expecting 1000 calories.

    A better approach is to calculate your present BMR including your exercise as I have outlined above and then cut 500 calories off of that, and that should result in 1lb weight loss per week. As you lose weigh keep tapering down your caloric intake to match BMR-500 and then taper to your goal BMR as you approach your weight target.

    Also, as an aside, your treadmill is grossly exaggerating the calories burned. This is typical of fitness equipment and for some reason it is tolerated. I suspect you are more in the 400-500 cal/hr range.
  12. Kurz

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    Best way to lose weight is through Weight training.
    Look up Stronglifts 5X5, for me I am using it to gain weight (By upping my Caloric Intake)
  13. ALS

    ALS Super Moderator Staff Member

    I have a lot to lose so as the pounds come off, the numbers lost per week will drop accordingly. Right now it might be 4-5 lbs a week but by September it will probably drop to down to three to four a week and a month out from there probably two to three a week. I expect to be just outside my normal BMI range by Jan 1st. The last fifteen to twenty pounds should come off by the end of February.

    Health wise I needed to take off sixty pounds yesterday and can't be playing around taking two years to get my weight down into my normal range. The excess weight is doing far more damage to my body than what I could possibly do taking off on average of three to four pounds a week over six months. At 6'4" I might not look like I was carrying around an extra 135 pounds. In the last year or so I was really starting to feel it. I'm not having any health issues YET and I don't want any in the future due to something I can avoid like being excessively over weight.

    It's going to take me eight to nine months to get down to a healthy normal BMI

    Next year I'm going to have a life again doing the things I use to enjoy. I'm going back into the Martial Arts after the first of the year. I studied Kenpo and Jiu Jitsu in my twenties. Come January I'm starting that back up in the martial arts with Krav Maga. Scuba diving, snow skiing and some traveling are all in my plans next year after I get this weight off.

    Edit Oh don't worry weight training is being thrown into the mix once I get three fourths of this excess weight off. I have a bench and 300lbs of free weights just waiting to be used.
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    How do you guys feel about low carb diets?.. I think a diet limited to 40-80g of carbs a day is effective and painless.
  15. CRT1

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    ALS, I don't wish to be augmentative but I am concerned about your well-being. I think what you are doing is awesome, but also very, very dangerous. If you have not already, PLEASE talk to your doctor and develop a plan that will not do lasting damage to your body. After checking you out they can refer you to a dietician who can put you on a nutritionally complete diet and at your size you could probably lose 2-3 lbs per week.

    At a net of 500 calories a day (intake - exercise) you are starving yourself. Your body is getting 80% of its calories from your fat stores and that is not nutritionally complete. It probably took a long time to put on all this weight, there is no reason you need to take it off so fast. Be smart and safe about it and if you want to be this aggressive do so with the help of professionals.

    This is the right idea. Remake your lifestyle so the weight does not go back on.
  16. phoebeisis

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    Herm- bear with me!
    EAT BALANCED DIET-fruits veggies whole grains lean meats lower fat dairy-avoid processed meats(hot dogs ham bacon) or eat them with VIT-C containing foods(OJ Lime in tea oranges cranberry juice grape juice)
    The above is essentially your mother's Granny's and the USDA suggestions for last 50 years.It is right.

    The below is long winded history lesson on diet/fads/wrong MDs wrong researchers
    There was- a Lotta controversy about the really low carb diets-
    Because LOW CARB meant HIGH FAT PROTEIN.
    Only three general classes of foods(if you don't count ethanol 7cal/gram)
    These calories are actually kilocalories- but hen speaking of food energy the kilo-1000x- is left out.
    Rounded off-
    Carbs 4cal/gram
    Protein 4cal/gram
    Fat 4cal/gram
    ethanol 7cal/gram

    A researcher/MD/or PHD?? Dr Pritikin ?? -popularized a diet that was extremely low in fat-
    did studies (researchers always do studies) and HIS STUDIES- showed his extremely LOW FAT diets-partially REVERSED- atheroscleroisis-( partial blockage in arteries especially coronary arteries).IT WAS EXTREMELY HIGH IN CARBS(only 3 food types and EXTREMELY HIGH PROTEIN MIGHT BE HARD ON KIDNEYS/LIVER-in any case it is EXPENSIVE to eat 80% protein)
    This was BEFORE STATINS were available(they will drop cholesterol and can partially "open" partially blocked arteries)
    Now it took MONTHS AND YEARS of a very very rigorous untasty low fat diet for this to happen- and maybe those studies were slanted-they were-.
    He opened a HUGE Clinic-ran 1000's of very affluent pts thru clinic-MADE PILE OF $$
    Claimed you didn't need CABG- his way was better cheaper!

    Nearly the same time-couple of other guys- probably MDs-one of whom might have written
    The Scarsdale Diet (was shot by girlfriend for running around on her younger woman-famous trial-)
    IT WAS THE OPPOSITE-HIGH FAT LOW CARB- they claimed eating LOW CARBS put you in acidosis-induced fat mobilization-you would pee out tiny numbers of short chained fat like molecules bodies( which contained calories)-BUT MAINLY- you lost weight- AND WERE not TOO HUNGRY (this seems to be somewhat true-even currently seems true)

    Well-the high fat high protein guys mainly claimed-EASIER WEIGHT LOSS-LESS HUNGER-
    and no evidence of INCREASED ATHEROSCLEROTIC BLOCKAGE despite the HIGH FAT!!

    NOW- many many years down road-this stuff was in the 1980's and earlier- turns out
    HIGH FAT HIGHER PROTEIN DIET-along with EXERCISE- doesn't adversely effect heart health.
    And HIGH CARB diet-CAN at times-increase unfavorable types of "lipid" because the carbs-strings of various sugars-can get converted to Fat(both fats and cholesterol are lipids)
    Lipids are molecules with very little oxygen- but lots of Carbon and Hydrogen.

    As you can see-DIET AND WHAT TO EAT- is faddish-MDs have been wrong( man made trans fats made from vegetable oil-ARE NEARLY POISON- but most MDs RECOMMENDED eating margerine from Corn oil-hydrogenated to make it more solid-sticks-Fleishmanns corn oil margarine for example)
    Suggested it was better to eat that-than butter.
    DEAD WRONG- butter not great- but man made Trans fats are the worst "fats".

    BOTTOM LINE-EAT A BALANCED DIET 30% 30% 40% -lean meat-fruits veggies-lower fat milk cheeze WHOLE GRAINS not too processed whole wheat bread not "bleached bread" -just like your mother-and the USDA- probably said 50 years ago.

    I would PASS ON both the low fat and the low carb diets(despite ther being evidence that the low carb high fat will let you lose weight with less hunger)
    The super low fat diet is inedible-

    Sorry to run on-diets-Granny-Mon-old USDA-probably had it right 50 years ago-fruits veggies whole grains-lean meat lower fat Dairy
    EXERCISE!!!! 6X per week.
    AVOID perserved meats(nitrosamines stomach cancer-from nitrates in hot dogs ham bacon)-or eat them with vit C containing foods-OJ cranberry juice-grape juice
    I still eat them-with oj or oranges lime in my tea etc.

    BUT-saying bad things about Brit Olympics- heck it was true-they screwed up by outsourcing security ( cheap-rent a cops-typical conservative strategy)
    Yeah Romney got that right-slam the conservative Brits-
    And WHY didn't the rent a cops show up for work-economy or safety net that good in GB?

  17. phoebeisis

    phoebeisis Well-Known Member

    That is a rigorous diet-
    MDs usually recommend no less that 900-1200 cals day for an adult diet
    EXCEPT for grossly obese-100 lbs overweight when rapid weight loss to save joints difficult to control diabetes risk of heart attack-outweigh the risk of the

    Now if you are burning up 3000 cal day(so exercising 1.5 hrs a day-700 extra cals burned up)-taking in 1200 cals-balanced diet-carbs protein fats veggies fruit whole grains lean meat diary-
    You will lose-ON PAPER- 1/2 lbs of fat a day.
    60lbs lost is just 4 months-120 days
    In real life-it will actually take maybe 6-8 months-our bodies become HORRIBLY efficient when we near starve-MILLIONS of years of evolution.

    900-1200 carefully chosen calories a day-lotta aerobic and weight training type exercise(circuit train)- it could be safe-will take 6 months-8 months
    Even walking briskly for 1.5 hours-5 miles=500 cal-

    You're an adult-listen to your body-you will "know"(extreme fatique) if you are going too far.It is hard for an adult-who isn't purging puking etc- to actually overdiet in the USA.
    So I don't worry about USA adults actually starving themselves into ill health- it is VANISHINGLY UNLIKELY-too darned hard to do with food everywhere!!
    In general 900-1200 cal per day is the lower limit of conventional diets.
    Luck-keep us posted-exercise!!
  18. CRT1

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    Charlie, I like a lot of your other advice, but this above is totally untrue. There are many, many people in this country who are starving themselves into ill health and even death, some are skinny and some are overweight trying to lose weight.


    The best thing to do is to get professional help if you want to lose a lot of weight quickly. Get checked out by the doctor and make sure your body can handle the stress and then go to a dietician your doctor recommends. Follow the diet, exercise, develop a new lifestyle to keep the weight off.
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    I wonder how they can call it "homemade" when it is made in an industrial plant, not in a private residence. Also it contains ingredients such as high fructose corn syrup, cellulose, annatto food coloring, and cellulose, guar, and carob bean gums; items that I doubt you would find in the average pantry. Real homemade ice cream has only a few ingredients in it; cream, sugar, salt, vanilla extract, with milk and eggs as possible options. The closest I've seen to this in the stores is Haagen-Daz vanilla, which is only made from cream, skim milk, sugar, egg yolks, vanilla extract. Most store bought vanillas have a MUCH longer list of ingredients.

    Now you really want excellent homemade ice cream, try making it with cream skimmed from the top of 2 day old non-homogenized raw Jersey cow milk and real free range (from backyard free running chickens) eggs.
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    What time shall we drop by? :)

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