What is that in the drive, a Prius v-5?

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    Hi Andrew:

    At the press launch in Half Moon Bay last year, the Prius v chief engineer, Hiroshi Kayukawa spoke to me at length about how he spent many weekends camped out in Home Depot’s parking lots here in the US watching what people were loading into their vehicles and doing the measurements of those times after the fact to ensure they would fit in his upcoming design.

    During the morning launch presentations, Hiroshi had this to say:
    When Toyota designs a vehicle, it will have glaring miscues due to the Japanese mindset leaking into the design (IP and placement of items as an example) but where they focus; those items are darn near perfect.

    Another case in point. The power window switches. They are all Auto Up/Down but with many manufacturers, I have to play a delicate balance between dropping them all the way or just tapping the switch to get the window to lower to my desired position. The Kia Optima Hybrid was like that. The v? It is as perfect as I have ever used in my life. I never missed a window position I did not want and they were being used constantly. The v’s window switches feel stiff to the touch but they are soft in action and you all but will them to go to the position you want whether to drop them a little or have them go all the way down. Same thing when lifting them. The switches are such a very well thought out and implemented design that whatever engineer in Japan was responsible for it should be handsomely rewarded.

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    New version...

    Dropped the interest rate -- Added Mazda CX-5 -- Updated Kia Soul to ECO package -- Added a 6c AWD Espcape (one of the guys is currently driving the Mariner version and thought he wanted to see the numbers :eek:).

    To make the analysis more conservative I upped the assumed fuel economy of every thing but the V (using 90% of combined due to loads, lots of city stops and sitting in conjestion). Although, I think with just a bit of coaching including watching Wayne's recent presentation we could top 40 as a group with the V.

    At three dollars per gallon the Soul ECO is the clear money winner; at four bucks the V takes the title.

    I'm willing to eat the $1500 in upfront opportunity costs and risk the value of the residual in order to save the petrol, so no modifications there.

    Looking at this again, I'm still down for the V or the C-Max if I have to be patient.

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    How about putting in a Leaf?
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    Herm ... can do (maybe Sunday), but we have to take semi-frequent trips to the hinterlands; a leaf would get us way too intimate with roadside attractions.
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    Thanks, you may be interested in 2015 Leaf 200 then :)
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    Wayne, if you still have the V try this on the passenger seat.. remove the headrest and see if it reclines all the way flat.
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    Updated: vehicle prices.

    Ford C-Max Hybrid using best guesses from various websites. Due to its higher curb weight 3274 vs. 3682, I discounted claims of better than V mpg down to on par. Corrections welcomed.

    Nissan Leaf: even though both its range and cargo volume are insufficient, per Herm a mass produced BEV is an interesting comparison. A mythical BEV with 60 cubes of cargo space, 100 mile range and eMPG of close to 100, that with or without tax credits costs +- $30k starts to make a lot of sense to me as vehicle #2 in the fleet. Used my current cost of electricity that includes a wind power offset +-4% of the bill + 5% for future increases. Again, corrections welcomed.


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    Hi All:

    This is my parent’s 2012 Prius v over the last three weeks. Yeah I have driven about 150-miles of this but still!

    60.1 mpg after 331.2 miles -- 56 to 57 mpg actual.​

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    Refreshed 2015 Toyota Prius v

    Hi All:

    The Toyota Prius v receives a refreshed exterior and some interior upgrades for 2015.

    The familiar Prius silhouette makes the v instantly familiar while the revised front and rear styling and new colors including Attitude Black Metallic, Absolutely Red and Toasted Walnut Pearl.

    The new front bumper, grille, available integrated fog lights and available Toyota LED projector low- and high-beam headlamps are the highlights.

    2015 Prius v receives the new Toyota grille design


    Inside, the latest Toyota Entune Audio with new multimedia capabilities. The standard Entune Audio includes a 6.1” touch-screen. Toyota did not say if it was upgraded to a high resolution/high contrast screen. One of the few misteps with the current offering that almost washes out completely in sun light.

    The Prius v Three trim line adds Entune Premium Audio with Navigation and App Suite including the Entune Multimedia Bundle (6.1-inch high resolution touch-screen with split screen display, advanced voice recognition), HD radio, HD predictive traffic and Doppler weather overlay, AM/FM cache radio, SiriusXM All Access Radio with 3-month complimentary trial, Gracenotes album cover art, and integrated backup camera display. A few new features but it’s the screen that needed the real work. Will try and get one soon to find out.

    Inside the refreshed 2015 Toyota Prius v


    A newly available 8-way power driver’s seat with power lumbar is also new.

    An all-new 4.2-inch TFT instrument display screen is standard on Prius v Three and Five and the available Advanced Technology Package has also been upgraded for 2015.

    2015 Toyota Prius Safety

    The Prius v also offers several in-demand advanced safety features within the available Advanced Technology Package. This includes a new Pre-Collision System that retracts seatbelts and can apply the brakes in certain conditions when a frontal crash is unavoidable. The IIHS recently graded this system a fail and I am not sure if this one has been updated or not. It is paired with Dynamic Radar Cruise Control, which is designed to help maintain a set distance from a vehicle traveling ahead. Lane Departure Alert and Automatic High Beams are also included in the package.

    2015 Toyota Prius v


    Not much different but then again, it still is one of the best family vehicles available with its superb low fuel consumption, rock solid reliability, and family oriented utility despite the glaring interior materials and equipment shortfall.

    Speaking with Toyota PR at the LA Auto Show yesterday, the v and the c will not be upgraded at the same time the all-new 4th gen 2016 Toyota Prius will arrive.

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    Man...if it had three rows of seats, it might be the only hybrid I'd be willing to own.
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    Very nice, but bigger than I need or want.
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    Hi All:

    Toyota Europe has introduced changes to the Prius+, Prius v here, which improves the driving experience. The MPV has received updates to its eCVT that provides quieter and more linear acceleration.

    Toyota’s engineers have been able to maintain acceleration performance while reducing engine rpm by around 1,000 rpm, by using more electric power. The result is a quieter drive.

    2016 Toyota Prius v


    The cabin has been quieted further with additional sound insulation and absorption measures introduced in the door frames, the lower sections of the side and rear doors, the dashboard and the vehicle platform. A tunnel silencer has also been added.

    True to Toyota’s commitment to continuous improvement, the Toyota European Touch 2 multimedia system in Prius+ has been upgraded. Using the same, centrally mounted touchscreen, it has been made even simpler and more intuitive to use with new menu designs for both the overall system and (where fitted) its satellite navigation functions. Connection to the My Toyota on-line customer portal has also been made easier.

    The Toyota Touch 2 with Go package includes three years of map and connectivity updates (and the customer option of a further two years’ extension). This ensures accurate routes can be planned, together with support from a wide range of apps providing up-to-the-minute information on traffic flow, parking availability, weather and fuel prices. Toyota’s system allows users to link to a number of on-line resources, including Google Search, Google Streetview, Aupeo!, Aha and Twitter.

    The 4.2-inch color TFT multi-information display in the instrument binnacle is designed for clear communication of vehicle status data to the driver with least distraction. This now includes an initial key lock image that indicates the vehicle is ready to be turned on and a warning when the steering lock is engaged.

    Paint options for the Prius+ includes a new shade for 2016, Phantom Blue.

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