What is that in the drive, a Prius v-5?

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  1. Jough96Accord

    Jough96Accord 1996 Honda Accord 2.2l 5spd

    Ok, I've read and read, but I still have a question. The "V-3" is the same car as the "V-5", it's just a lower trim package, right?
  2. xcel

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    Hi Jough96Accord:

    Yes, the v comes in three trims, the v-2, v-3 and v-5 and all are the same car with different toys added.

    Given the v-3 is only $765 more than the v-2 and comes with NAVI and backup camera, the v-3 is the better value imho even if it does cost a bit more.

  3. EVuser

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    I opened the V's owners manual video online and it seems that yellow just denotes current data and green historic. Apparently not a reward based coloring.

    Thanks for the great review.

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    So the panoramic glass roof still blasts you with rays from that big scary yellow ball in the sky (okay, I'm a northwesterner ... not too much sun please!), but you can't open it to enjoy the open air and/or vent out the hot cabin air on a sunny day? I appreciate the fact that it will never leak, but I guess I don't see the point.

    As for the v-2 vs the v-3, I'd probably agree and go for the 3 if I were paying MSRP ... even though $765 is still a pile of money to me and I consider the extra features frills, I'd be very likely to more than make it up on resale.

    But again, that's assuming I'm paying full retail (I recognize that for your purposes you do have to assume that). But given that the v-2 is regularly going on ad for $25,200 and the v-3 is NOT being advertised at discount, the real world difference may be as high as $2725. If I were in the market for this car I'd go for the 2.

    The cupholder count actually still looks low compared to the minivans I've seen recently. ;) But it's more than enough (for me, 2 in front is the absolute minimum, so my wife and I don't fight over a safe place to set down beverages). The outboard front ones look at least as flimsy as the Subaru and VW ones I've had in the past, which may not be a big deal since they probably won't be extended much of the time. Harder to tell on the rear ones by looking at the photo, but those look like they might be a bit fragile, plus likely to be kicked or stepped on by little feet. I hope replacements aren't as expensive as the $175 VW charges for theirs.
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    Its a visual thing, you see the sky, clouds.. freedom, but dont get your hair messed unless you lower the windows.

    Does it simulate the feel of a convertible at all?
  6. xcel

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    Hi Mike:

    That makes sense and that is what I am seeing. I have to break open the manual tomorrow to pull a few pieces out to finish what is missing on the specs page if the details are in there?

    Dan, the front dash cup holder is reasonably robust as is the lower center console one up front. The two in the rear however are somewhat flimsy. Fortunately all of these stow away back into their respective cutouts so when they are not being used, they will not be snapped off by the kids.

    With Jupiter still shining brightly in the northwestern sky each evening, you can see it through the roof with the shades open through the night time hours. It also opens the vehicle up as it is bathed with light during the day so it has a purpose of “being”. It would not be on my option list but I can see it on others.

    2012 Toyota Prius v Review

    Prius v hauling 400 pounds of Granular Trimec and small percentage of fast release N2.​

    I left with 63.0 mpg on the latest cumulative aFCD reset yesterday morning and arrived home with 63.4 mpg on the same. You could feel the 400 pounds back there and especially with heavy rush hour traffic when leaving stop lights. There was one segment with a 2-mile backup through 5-lights. Typical northern IL suburban rush hour non-sense and the Prius v made it through at over 60 mpg while everyone else was in the 2 to 4 mpg range. Talk about taking a bazooka into a knife fight!

    This is cool. There are (3) aFCD’s plus the trip and weekly cumulative log data within the NAVI Fuel Consumption app display. Quite a bit there in fact although it would still be nice to have a Tach, Ignition timing, Throttle position, Fuel and SoC to +/- 1% showing ;) I am still trying to make up for the high speed SS CC testing and data collection from the other night as the weekly average was over 64 mpg at that point but that will not occur. Boy I wish I did not have to waste the fuel to perform those tests :ccry:

    63.4 mpg displayed (60.0 mpg actual) over last 76.4 miles,​

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  7. herm

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    Trimec?.. you know that stuff will end up in the Gulf poisoning mother earth, it would be better if you grew some local prairie grass.
  8. xcel

    xcel PZEV, there's nothing like it :) Staff Member

    Hi Herm:

    Trimec is better than the liquid 2-4-D Amine I usually use. And the v hauled it all home without much fret while consuming only a little fuel in the process.

  9. Jough96Accord

    Jough96Accord 1996 Honda Accord 2.2l 5spd

    Ok. Now could you put it through the paces? Speed bumps, road noise, stereo, brake feel... Tell us more about the car please. You almost have me sold though.

    Is there anything weird inside? The Mazda5 does not have a armrest for the passenger (I think they added one though). You haven't said much about what you don't like.
  10. all_about_the_glide

    all_about_the_glide Well-Known Member


    If you're taking requests I'd like to see steady state at -+70f actual, just @60 mph would be enough so as not to dump excess petrol.
  11. xcel

    xcel PZEV, there's nothing like it :) Staff Member

    Hi Jough96Accord:

    Bumps: The pitch and bounce control is supposed to reduce the rocking motion and I suspect it does because it does not have a rocking motion as most taller vehicles can when running a speed bump at 15 + mph.

    I took the v-5 through the usual sharp edged curb corner at 23 + a number of times and it did not try to throw me out of the car or feel like suspension parts are going to come through the shock towers as many less sophisticated vehicles do through that corner. The v-5 was very well composed for a relatively simple McPherson strut front end and torsion beam in the rear.

    Road feel is as good as the Prius hatch which is not saying much. The EPS is tuned better and with the 17’s, it is better than I would have expected from a tall and narrow crossover/wagon.

    It is quieter at speed than the Prius hatch but has a different deeper engine tone when accelerating. When driving into a headwind, there is a slight wind noise rushing around the A-Pillar that you can hear but it is not bothersome.

    Road noise is not an issue but when loaded this afternoon, expansion joints made themselves known in a hurry.

    I did a back to back stereo v-3 Display Audio vs. v-5 with GreenEdge. The GreenEdge sounds much better with clear mid tones and distinct but not what I would call tight bass. The v-3 was muddy on the bottom with little clarity as the frequencies climbed. The v-3 sounds a lot like the upgraded JBL system in the Gen II Prius hatch. Not great but acceptable. The v-5 while good does not match that of the Fender system in the VW Passat or the system in the BMW 335d we drove a few years back.

    Kia’s UVO system is better than Entune for voice command and non-specific menu understanding but Entune gets the job done. Entune’s back end processors are also very quick. Menu availability from initial boot up can be counted in just a few seconds.

    Fuel Economy? It easier to best its EPA than the current Prius hatch but after a few hundred miles the last 5-days, the v-5 is not a Prius hatch match. I felt the v-3 was within 5% but the v-5 feels 10 + % off the pace. Getting 65 to 70 mpg locally in the v-5 is tough whereas in the Prius hatch, 80 is relatively easy to achieve in warmer temps and the mid 70’s in these blasted 30 to 50 degree temps the v-5 has been driven in the past few days.

    My pick amongst the Prius family? The v due to the feeling of a lot more room even though it is not that much larger on the outside than the generation III Prius hatch and trim III to trim III is not that much more $’s. Trim pick amongst the v’s? The v-3. I like the v-5’s LED’s even though the factory set cut off is too low for good night vision. There has to be an adjustment for that? The 17’s are only eye candy and not that much candy at that. I would go with the v-2 and v-3’s 16’s over the 17’s any day.

    The v-5 with the Advanced tech package includes the nicer GreenEdge audio system and guide lines within the backup camera display. I even likes the non-opening panoramic roof but the Pre-collision system, radar CC, and Safety Connect are too much pushing the package up to $5,580. I dislike the fact Safety Connect took the place of t the sunglass holder.

    A small disappointment within the entire Prius family from the c to the v and everything in between is the mouse fir on an egg carton appliqué headliner. Competitive rivals in the B and C-segment are today providing full cloth headliners with texture that look and feel so much richer inside. The v’s IP (interior plastics) are just ok but are easily marred and are not all that rich looking. The Prius hatch is a step down since it does not have the soft front dash wide soft insert and the c is a step down even further.

    Even with all of the ticks above, no competitor no matter the segment being considered can match the Prius family’s base fuel economy, possible fuel economy without pulling out all the stops and ease at which that big numbers are available. Adding, the tremendous resale of the Prius hatch and probably the v make either a no brainer when it comes to the TCO or overall value equation.

    I have a Mazda CX-5 with a stick arriving in two weeks and it will be very interesting to compare that to the Prius v given both have approximately the same interior sizing specs. The CX-5’s SKYATIV 2.0L with the taller 6-speed MT will surely provide some decent highway fuel economy when pushed but around town, I can almost bet the CX-5 will not stand a chance against a v and its HSD.

    Colin, I would love to will it to be 70 degrees with little wind tomorrow and redo the 70 mph run. The last I looked, it is going to rain and the press fleet handlers, STI, will be picking up the v on Friday morning sometime.

    The past record is not > 61.0 and Trip B is now at 64.5 mpg. It is climbing ever so slowly. The tank or trip A just broke through 60 about two hours ago with one more day of driving to go before saying goodbye.

  12. xcel

    xcel PZEV, there's nothing like it :) Staff Member

    Hi All:

    I forgot another thing. I absolutely love the single HVAC dial control for three function selections and multiple actions within each function. Absolutely my favorite part of the v and I will ahve to do a vid… Along with everything else ;)

  13. herm

    herm Well-Known Member

    Pitch control must be a subtle thing.. I believe it is done by controlling the timing of the torque pulses in the motors.
  14. xcel

    xcel PZEV, there's nothing like it :) Staff Member

    Hi Herm:

    Pitch and bounce control is accomplished just like that. A reduction of torque at the front wheels to reduce pitch up and an increase in torque to the front wheel to reduce pitch down. This addition and withdrawal of a small amount of torque over a few ms is imperceptible from the driver’s perspective.

    A few other additions. The driver’s wheel is not leather wrapped and it should be in the v-5 and I lost th efiwrst pip at 248 miles from an absolute top off after the aFCD offset and measured FE drive.

  15. herm

    herm Well-Known Member

    I think they have wheel leather covers at Pep Boys :)
  16. all_about_the_glide

    all_about_the_glide Well-Known Member

    Here's the Prius V TOC spreadsheet I'm working on...suggestions/corrections are welcomed, please. The also rans (at least in my mind) are suggestions from the other potential drivers.
  17. ItsNotAboutTheMoney

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    Does your calculation take opportunity cost into account (by adjusting the residuals downward, for example)?
  18. WriConsult

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    Which Kia Soul are you looking at? The reason I ask is the base MT model gets the best mpg, is still reasonably equipped w/PW, PDL, AC, etc., and often goes on sale in the mid $13ks. Also, I think you can do better than 6% financing. I'm paying 3.5% on my Hyundai.
  19. WriConsult

    WriConsult Super Moderator

    Wayne, while you still have this car would you mind taking a couple more measurements of the cargo area? Maybe the widths of the cargo floor at its widest point and between the wheel wells; and the length with rear seats down, as well as the length with the seats up but slid all the way forward on their tracks? In addition to the measurements you've already given, those would all be really useful for comparison with other haulers.
  20. Jough96Accord

    Jough96Accord 1996 Honda Accord 2.2l 5spd

    Good to know, I'd much perfer the 16's myself.

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