Hypermiling the Sonata Hybrid

Discussion in 'Hyundai Sonata Hybrid' started by owlmaster08, Oct 3, 2011.

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    BroncoGuru, it's a great car.
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    Hello all, I just got a 2016 HSH Limited Ultimate. First hybrid and pushing to see what I can get for fuel efficiency. I've never heard about hypermiling before I got this vehicle last week. Still on first tank. So far my best was an 18mile drive to work and had 48.5mpg with 35 degree F temperature and very light drizzle. Today was poor 41.1mpg for 35mi trip while actively snowing and 32F outside temp. :-(

    I have a couple quick questions for those that have the 2016. Taking from Bob's screenshot in the HSH first tank post, when you guys are accelerating, how much power do you give max? Do you only go to 20% or do you go all the way to 40%?


    I tried to see if I could warp stealth and since I'm a newbie at this I'm not sure if the '16 HSH can even do it. My guess would be when the system says it's idle charging when you are moving, say any speed but I saw it at 60mph. I tried neutral gliding but it kicks in the ICE, never turns off the motor like I was reading Prius people get when they feather the gas. Has anyone ever gotten the entire system to show that it's not providing power while moving?

    I have also read / listened to Wayne talk about warp neutral on Prius causing damage at >62mph on Gen3 Prius. Is there warp neutral limits on the '16 HSH?

    Last one (that I can think of for now) for my hypermiling attempts on '16 HSH, do you use sport mode for acceleration? It seems that when using this mode, you get more Gs pushing you into your seat even though the instantaneous MPG seems to be the same, is this due to the engine hitting higher RPM? I tried manual shifting in ECO mode but I don't get the acceleration like I get in sport mode. Should I be avoiding sport mode for accel when trying to hypermile?

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    Hi Azeiku, now if your HSH is the Graphite blue pearl with tan interior, we are in trouble. ;-)

    I try to accelerate as gently as possible, around 20% if surrounding traffic allows. I'm kinda lazy, and I'm not into a lot of button pushing/mode selecting, so I just leave it in Eco and try to manipulate the gas pedal pressure to try to coax the tranny into the lowest gear possible as soon as I can. That and I'm usually really enjoying the Infinity audio, so it's a bit of a distraction. ;-)

    Not sure what warp stealth is, I come from the Honda Civic Hybrid side of the house where DWL and coasting reigns supreme, IMHO.

    For what it's worth, your numbers in those cold temps are great as far as I'm concerned. Below 50 degrees and the MPG's drop like the mercury.

    Keep it up, and with warmer temps, things will even get better!


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  4. Azeiku

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    Thanks Bob for your comments. I was trying something new the other day that didn't give me as good of results as I was hoping for. I would use 20% for accel until my speed limit or +5 of speed limit and then sit at around 10% power as I cruised. Worked well for speed management but the efficiency wasn't superb.

    This morning on the way to work I just watched my power usage and didn't go over 20%. I also used normal driving mode for accel and then kicked back to eco and went to neutral for down hills. It was high 40s with drizzling rain during my 18mi commute and I got 52.4MPG so I think I'll use that technique some more, see what else I can get. I got 59.7MPG in 51 degree weather about a month back on my 18mi commute. I had a slight tailwind of 9mph winds so I think that helped boost me. :)

    I agree that the Infinity audio is pretty good. My wife is really enjoying it as well. I like having the satellite radio for the first 3 months, it's fun to have different choices although I seem to come back to FM radio.

    As for the warp stealth, I'm sure it doesn't apply to the HSH but thought I'd ask.

    Another question for everyone would be, when you know you have to stop at a stop sign for example, do you coast up to it do or do you use the regen of the brakes to charge? I'm guessing neutral coast would be used because you can go further without gas. But if you are heading down hill and you know even coasting in gear will get you there, will you still go to neutral?

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    For what it's worth, I try to accelerate as slowly but as reasonably possible. I don't find myself watching the power meter as much as the iMPG. Unfortunately, it doesn't show anything above 50 mpg, so it's not the best. Usually it's seat of the pants for me.

    I try to coast as much as possible, but if I have to brake, I try to do so as gently but as long as possible. My thinking is a longer, slower charge into the pack is more efficient than a shorter, higher pulse.

    Excellent numbers Azeika, especially given the temps.

    Don't forget to check on those tire pressures. I try not to get the pressures up too much - I want to enjoy that Infinity system. :cool:

    Keep up the good work - looks like you are doing very well.


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  6. xcel

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    Hi Azeiku:

    You are beginning to show signs of a great driver!

    Definitely as low as reasonable for power given traffic conditions. Warp Neutral does not apply to the HSHS as N will fire up the ICE. Do not use it. Force glides with the Ice-Off as much as possible on any descent or coast down.

    Cannot wait to get back into a 16 HSH in just two weeks myself.

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  7. Azeiku

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    Thanks Wayne for the tips.

    I did notice that going into N does cause the HSH ICE to fire up, it seems to happen even if the battery is really charged. You can get a little glide before a stop if you go into N in very slow speeds. I use it when the electric changes from charging to powering the wheels at idle speeds.

    I also got my best trip a week or so back. 61.6 MPG in the rain on the way to work. I also had the family out for a 150mile trip and was able to get ~51 MPG. I can't drive the same with my wife in the car, she gets too frustrated with my "driving like a grandpa." hehe.

    Wayne, did you get to drive the 16 HSH again? What did you think? Did you learn anything more about the car you can share? I don't have any extra hardware to plug in and have to rely just on the car's instruments to tell me how I'm doing.
    I did learn that in ECO mode and when the ICE is running, the HSH gets around 50MPG at 10% power and 25MPG at around 20% power. So I try to keep it at 5% during ICE operation and then kick up during EV.

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